X Factor And The Search For Talent

X Factor And The Search For Talent

It is the search of the unidentified talent to become a champ that the X refers to in the X-Factor.It was started by Simon Cowell in Britain as a singing competition.This TV show is a quest towards finding the most able singers.While this show replaced the famous TV show “pop idol” it happened to make the same kind of impact on the general public.It has been emulated in many other countries with good success.Also the Hungarian edition is known as X-Faktor.

Though X-Factor is originally a search for talented singers, it does not confine itself only with singing; along with singing the individual will be assessed for various traits to be a star.They check how the person presents himself at the stage and also the consistency in his performance.There has been a relay of about seven shows till now with each one lasting anywhere between 60-120 minutes ginal TV channel for this most hyped show is ITV (UK) and TV3 (Ireland).This show running since September 2004 to till date.

The X-Factor game show is carried out in various categories.Age and the gender is the basis for the seggregation.One small change that the earlier series and the 4-5 series had was in terms of the age limit for entry which was earlier 16 and above and was brought down to 14 and above.Now in series 7 it is again 16-27 for boys and girls.The best singer is chosen on the X-Factor competition after they have crossed the five stages in order to be one of the most gifted singers in the lot.The first stage involves the participants performing in front of the producers and then when they are passed by them they will have to perform in front of the judges.Only when the performance of the contestants are cleared can the participants get to be in the next stage that is the Boot camp.As the boot camp sessions that are in the judge’s house there is a very rigorous assessment that takes place essentially to cut down on the participants number.

There are two series that are run on the “live show” as well.The first series is a stage performance and the second series has the judgement by the judges as well as public voting.It’s a hi-fi drama with more emotions and celebrities performing at the middle will be a huge surprise as well.The participants that get the least amount of public votes are bid good bye are this stage with the results being essentially based on voting alone.After all the stages, winner and will be awarded a huge recording contract along with Sony music entertainment.Despite all the controversies and criticism still X-Factor is considered the Most Entertaining and Most Popular Talent Show.

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