Typo Domain

Typo Domain
What is Typo Domain?
Everyone wants to have a unique domain name for their own website and many people type the wrong domain name and look for the URL. This makes cyber squatters who take advantage of typo domain and create the domain names that will increase traffic to the website and generate the desired revenue. When people pronounce the wrong website name then it takes them to another website that sounds similar and monetizes the traffic getting to this website.
How does making money work in Typo Domain?
When people wish to type a domain name to look for a website, it is natural that there would be typographical mistake while doing so. The cyber squatters take advantage of the situation and create domain names that look similar to the wrong typo domain. This increases the traffic to the domain and the cyber squatters develop Adsense, click per page advertising in this domain that increases the traffic to that specific domain and generates revenue.
What are the resources and skills is required in Typo Domain?
To create the typo domain it is essential that you have the knowledge of the various domains that are popular and also know what is the typo mistake that is made by people generally? This is important as this is used for creating domain names and websites developed in these typo domains attract huge traffic. It requires one to have the skill to research the various domain names and get the best out of them.
How do you acquire them?
It is important to have the basic knowledge of the various websites that are popular and visited by millions of people like yahoo, Google, and msn. By experience the knowledge of typo errors that is made by people while typing these websites and register those domain names and create a marketing strategy for it.
What is the Investment?
There is not mush investment required for getting into this as typo domain needs your time to be spent on research and create domains that has the typo errors. It would not cost you any money to tie up with the various organizations for advertisement. One will have to spent their time and create the various typo domains that will attract traffic to the website.
Who is the competition?
Every cyber squatter is your competitor as they create such typo domains. There are so many people who research on such traffic and create domains and generate revenue from it. It is important to register the domains before others do it.
Level of Difficulty
It is important to do research on this activity as the typo domain is the mistakes that are often made by people and one needs to have thorough knowledge of it. It could be difficult in the initial phase of development but with experience one can create domains that will help them generate more traffic and increase their revenue.
How much money can one expect to make and how fast?
Its important to have tie-up with agencies, companies to generate money from this model of business. As the revenue depends on traffic one will have to have more typo domains to get the revenue. Choosing the right typo domain is equally important for traffic to increase and generate the desired income.

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