Travails Of A Writer

Travails Of A Writer
Among the incessant pressures on a writer, though he may be passionate and true to his craft, are those that put stumbling blocks on his enthusiasm to put on paper what he has on his mind.

Number one reason is known as the writer’s mental block, when there is simply nothing expandable that comes out of his mind. It is during this time that crumpled pieces of rejected initial starts litter up the typewriting table. The advent of the word processor has saved a lot of those papers now, but the dearth of ideas continues to plague the writer.

The word processor has introduced many other advantages that help the writer. One of these aids is the spelling and grammar check (not 100% reliable, though; the proficient writer still trusts his own decision). Formatting is yet another improvement, assisting in producing the desired font register, alignment, enumeration, even color. Copy-paste is another powerful tool when it becomes necessary to place words, phrases, sentences, or whole paragraphs where the flow of idea would be most lucid. In addition, online dictionary and thesaurus, gives choices for the perfect word of the exact shade of meaning. All these free the writers mind to a degree but only on the mechanical aspects.

The writer must still contend with having a germ of an idea, then expound on it so that readers would be interested, and perhaps educated at the same time. He faces a different challenge when, given an article already previously written, he is then instructed to write again about the same thing, There are softwares available to make this easier, as keyword search demands exposure, but this goes against the grain of the true writer. He would really rather spend more time on a new subject than spin around an old one.

Ever-present of all the writers constraints is the ubiquitous on-time submission deadline, which may cut both sides of his penchant or disposition. On one hand, it may cause him to degenerate and just let go; on the other hand it may prod him to go all out forward and drive himself crazy to be on time. This stimulus has produced some the most prolific writers of our times, from Suyuti the Arab encyclopedist. who wrote more than 560 books on almost every aspect of science and literature and whose best-known works are commentaries on the Koran, to Shakespeare who must sustain acting or performing art theater play schedules and bear the foibles of unruly audiences and theatre owners, to Dr. Theodor Seuss Geisel who must keep up with animals, put words that rhyme into their mouths, and make them funny to children all over the world.

Nevertheless, the writers lot is a placid existence. He alone, uniquely among the bread-winners of the world, can take us from the lofts of heaven to the depths of hell, pry the deepest secrets of the soul and skim the shallows of human emotions, describe worlds and planets yet to be discovered, interfere with the fabric of time, realign the warp of space, interpret the thoughts of demons, monsters, and ogres, demystify the songs of angels and babies, all without stirring from the comfort of his seat and using only the power of his pen.

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