The making of the home theatre par excellence

The making of the home theatre par excellence

Big screens, excellent voice quality and the joy of watching the movies in the theatre is an altogether different entertaining experience. The same experience can also be achieved in your own home, thanks to the technological advancement in the audio-visual systems and greater understanding of the science of acoustics. The technology has already made it possible to have a home office and work remotely without affecting the work in any way. Companies like HTC, Apple and others are coming up with newer touch screen products like tablet PCs which allows for easy user-interaction with your home office devices.

If the works can be done at home, then the entertainment is not far behind. So, you can now have a home theatre system to entertain all of your family members and give you the same experience as that of a traditional theatre.

It is true that the equipments for the home theatre system are a necessity to make the show possible, but there are some other elements as well which make it a complete experience. These are:

1.Audio: Reputed companies like Marantz which make audio/visual systems, lay a lot of emphasis on the quality of the sound. These companies know the relevance of delivering the right sound qualities across the home theatre. The big loud, sound is okay but at the same time the finesse of the audio shall be equally well sound. So, much of the focus has to be on the selection of right speakers, their right placement, the surround sound processing, amplification of the sound and the acoustics.

2.Video: The flat panel video displays used for a theatre are usually large but these actually depend on size of the room in which these are placed.

The set top boxes are used to deliver the content. Ideally, a good quality box shall be able to deliver the best possible signal to the TV, both the digital high definition video streams and also the analogue videos or pictures.

3.Remote: Imagine what all you require to have a great home theatre experience. You need a display, an amplifier, processor, scaler, DVD player, satellite box, set top boxes and connecting wires. Imagine that you have to keep coming to the systems to change their settings. Even if you have remotes for all of these equipments, these will be quite a few to cause you extreme inconvenience in usage. So, the companies selling these equipments in sets also make the remotes which can enable the control of a number of devices from a single remote only.

4.Acoustics: The acoustics are about the reflection of the sound from the surroundings to give you the echoes for the right time. It is usually suggested to have curtains, fluffy sofas and other furniture for achieving the same. The articles which are known to absorb the sound shall not be used in making the furnishings of that space.

The headphones from the reputed brands like Senniheiser can also be had, if you want to limit the audio to your ears only and do not want the full play of home theatre. These shall be able to support the desirable sound quality of the speakers.

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