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Social Network Safety – Part 2 | Business-Informations and Clickbank Products

Social Network Safety – Part 2

(AJ Martin). Alright, so like I was saying, try to make these settings as strict as you can. Don’t let people into your profile that you don’t want in there. If you guys don’t have Facebook, I’m not saying it is a bad thing or a good thing, I think it has it’s age. (male speaker). . (Austin). Charlie has got tons of friends. He’s got more friends than some other people I know. Make your Facebook settings as strict as you want or as strict as you can because you really don’t want people looking at your profile. Would you want them looking in the room of your bedroom or into the window of your bedroom? Probably not.

Facebook isn’t much different. Especially not any guy with a mustache, that is true. Nobody has a mustache in here do they? (male speaker). Also, people might fake it and . (Austin). And the thing about the pictures on here, you can save all of these pictures. It is a simple right click and save to folder. Now all of the pictures that you have on Facebook can be saved to somebody else’s computer. With Photoshop, they can do whatever they want with them. So it is good to be over cautious. Now younger guys and gals might not have Facebook. There will be a time where you’ll want to be on Facebook like this young man. I’m not saying it is a bad thing. You can always get on Facebook. Sign up, let your parents keep track of it with you. It is good to have people involved like your parents with you. So you can kind of know. You guys have been, how old are you? (male speaker).

I’m eight. (Austin). See I have been 11. Have you been 26? So I know where you are coming from. You don’t know where I am coming from. You know what I mean. (male speaker). How do you know if I am 26? (Austin). Because you are awful short for 26. If your parents have been there, granted when they were 11 years old, rock and roll was that evil music that their parents didn’t want them listening to. It has kind of evolved into Facebook. Facebook is the new evil rock and roll they don’t want you guys involved in. Some parents but as you get older, it has got some useful benefits. I think it is a great tool for social networking as they call it, keeping in touch with people. Go ahead. (male speaker). On Facebook, say somebody is your friend, can somebody go into your privacy and add them as a friend? (Austin). You mean, can they log in on your profile? The only way they get into your profile is if they get your password.

I really doubt there are kids under the age of nine that are going to be able to hack your computer. There are certain programs out there that can steal passwords without you even knowing it but that is more of a in a library kind of setting where you’ve got wireless connections going everywhere. They could set up in the middle and collect passwords. Go ahead. (male speaker). I heard that if you look up something on Google, how to make a bomb, the government will come after you. (Austin). It is not as clear cut as that. If you do it once, they are not going to come bust down your door and arrest you, they start to investigate it. Law enforcement whether it be university police or federal police, they all kind of investigate things before they get crazy and start making arrests. Go ahead.

(male speaker). I have a question about cops. How much percent do cops use their guns? (Austin). It depends. (male speaker). How about you? (Austin). Have I? I’ve only used it a couple times. (male speaker). Have you ever used your shotgun or rifle in the back of your car? (Austin). We have rifles but I haven’t had to use it. Does anybody have any questions on, I think we’re on our question time. Questions about Facebook, privacy stuff. I got these cool SIT cents. If you ask a question, I’ll give you a cent. A legit question about Facebook, not about copping. (male speaker). . Can you make it only so as Facebook came out, only like if you want somebody to see your birthday, not just your friends, but a single person in your friend? (Austin). I don’t think so, well, actually I shouldn’t say that. They do have it set up to where you can have certain friends see a limited profile. I’m not really for certain how to do that. (female speaker). That was in the Facebook privacy.

(Austin). Is that in the other class? Yeah, there are ways you can make. Like my profile is not that outlandish because I am a police officer now and not a goofy college kid. I kind of made it a little more conservative so that my grandmother-in-law doesn’t freak out every time she opens up my Facebook page. You can make it so they see what is called limited profile. I think that was touched on in the other class. So they can only see like your status updates, maybe some pictures. I don’t know because I honestly don’t do that. I don’t befriend Facebook people I don’t know.

I don’t trust them seeing my everything, in the back. (female speaker). If you get tagged in a photo and you have privacy settings on but your friend tags you doesn’t have privacy settings on, can someone still find through that tag? (Austin). Good question, let’s check it out. Oh, thank you. This photo was posted by my mother-in-law, she tagged Charlie. If someone, actually I have a good example of that. You get these little status notification things. Carol Jay Meyers. She’s not a friend of mine, she’s not a friend of Charlies.

I don’t know the heck who Carol Jay Meyers is but somehow she is able to see that photo of Charlie because she is friends with my mother-in-law. So that is an example of if somebody tags you in a picture and you don’t want the whole world to see it, just send them a message. I’ve done it before. Hey man that’s a great picture. I really like it. Can you not tag me in it though because I don’t want the whole world seeing that picture of me.

Do you know what I mean? Did that answer your question? Okay, right here. (male speaker). What if you have more than one friend but you only want one of them to see your statuses. . (Austin). What do you mean? I’m sorry. (male speaker). Like you have five friends but you only want like two or three of them to see your status. (female speaker). I think you’re talking about limiting. (Austin). Yeah, that would be a part of limiting profile. You can say I just want them to see this photo. I don’t know if you can individualize per photo. When you add a photo, you can make it for everyone to see. Only friends to see.

Or friends without a limited profile. That kind of thing. Right here. (male speaker). When people ask to be your friends, how do you get that off of your… (Austin). Like this one? (male speaker). Yeah, because I have some people who are always on there and I want them off. (female speaker). Like if you say not now, does it come back. Is that what you are asking? (Austin). Well, it used to say confirm or reject or deny. I think they just changed it to not now so basically, the pop-up goes away and you don’t see about it. It still kind of floating there waiting to be confirmed. If you don’t confirm it, it doesn’t get confirmed. That is as simple as that.

Or if you want to hit no, I know who that is but I’ll click on him anyways. Cathy Everly Martin wants to be Charlie’s friend. That is not that guy or those two girls. It’s that lady right there with the dog. That is Trish’s, my wife’s aunt or something like that. So I mean if I’m not sure who it is, she’s got her profile set up so that you can only see a limited amount of her profile.

You get a little bit of info and some photos but you can’t see her entire profile. Or she has a really lame Facebook account and that’s all she’s got. It could be both, I’m not sure. Yes sir? (male speaker). On Facebook, let’s say you download a picture. How would you download that picture? (female speaker). I don’t think you do. (Austin). What do you mean download? Like a picture you took with your digital camera? (male speaker). Yeah. (Austin). There is a program. I would have to have a camera to do it. You can do it from your phone even. I don’t kmow if you guys are fancy enough to have a cool smart phones. I know I didn’t when I was 11. My dad had a bag phone. (female speaker). Click on the photo. That is what he wants to know. If you click on the photo upload. (Austin).

Oh, I see. This one you can set a photo as a status. You can upload a photo. You can take a photo. You can create an album. (male speaker). Take a photo. (Austin). Well, I don’t think we have a webcam. But if you take one from your phone and you post it to your Facebook, it comes in like this. The same thing is basically both of these. Uploads it and takes it with your camera. Yes sir. (male speaker). So, I can get on somebody’s Facebook account, can I even if they have their privacy setting on, if I am on their account, can I get on their friends account? (Austin).

It depends. (male speaker). I can see everything that he does. (Austin). It depends on the friend’s settings. If I don’t want you on my Facebook account, depending on what my privacy settings are like, you could possibly get on mine and see my status updates, my info. All of that kind of stuff. Any other questions? (female speaker). If you have a photo on your Facebook and somebody else is your friend and goes there, can they download that photo? (Austin). Certainly. Let’s see if we can find a friend of Charlie that I am not friends with.

I think I am friends with all of these people though. I don’t know who that is. Let’s click on them. Hopefully they don’t have anything inappropriate. (female speaker). I am a little worried that your son is friends with somebody they don’t know. (Austin). Well, my wife and I intermingle with this. See I am not friends with this person, Trish is a mutual friend with them. Ashley has updated her setting. She’s got pictures from her or somebody else’s wedding. I am not sure which one is Ashley. She has got all of these things up here that the whole world can see. I can go in and look at her photos. Let’s not look at her photos. I haven’t prepped this page yet. (female speaker). Click on that profile one though. (male speaker). Can you show us how I got on my friend’s account like Google and google somebody’s name.

(Austin). Yeah, I’ll show you a little bit of that. That is not so much what we are talking about. But I know what you are getting at. . I don’t do anything unless it is triple dog dare, sorry. But this is what I am talking about. I can post something on our wall. I’m not even friends with her and I can post things on her wall. That is not very good. I can share photos on her wall.

That is pretty bad. I am pretty sure I am not friends with her. Let’s say you guys, for example, are trying to friend somebody on Facebook that you don’t know. You guys go home and you try to friend AJ Martin with the little Billy the Panther night stick logo. That is mine. That is my belly button. Sorry, I had surgery the other day. . Ignore my belly button. That doesn’t really help. But anyway. That, I made that. I am pretty awesome. I can’t remember the point that I was getting to. What is that? . Okay, I got side tracked with my belly button. That is not really important. I totally got derailed. Next question anyone? (female speaker). I want to give out some of these, who has a Facebook account with your privacy settings already limited? (Austin).

Hey, don’t give those all away. That’s all I got. . Yes sir. (male speaker). Who gets these? (Austin). I think I have about five of these. I have four of those. Oh, I do have five. You can pass those out to someone. Who doesn’t have a Facebook just out of curiosity? Three of you. Alright. I’m trying to think here. Okay, let’s say I want to change my privacy settings. Where am I supposed to go to to get to that In the back here? (male speaker). Go to account and go to privacy settings. (Austin). Account and privacy settings, alright. Go ahead and give her that one. Good job. (male speaker). Change it to everyone. (Austin).

This is what I was talking about earlier, you can… (female speaker). They went over that in details during the Facebook thing. (Austin). If you have more questions, check out the next Facebook class. I think it is starting about five minutes ago. I’m not sure when it started. Is it time to switch? Okay, well, go ahead and head to your next class.

Thanks for coming guys. Hope it was informative. . .


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