SEO ? Significance of the H1 Tag

SEO ? Significance of the H1 Tag

Headings in a web page are usually defined inside the header tags from H1 to H6. H1 is the most important whereas H6 is considered to be the least important one. H1 tag is used to give heading to the website document. Placed in the body of the document, H1 tags are one of the most important factors that affect the ranking of the website in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Higher the rank of the website on these engines, the more popular it shall be among users.

Search engines look out for web documents having correct information for the user. To attain a higher ranking, proper management of the header tags, meta tags, articles and other content like multimedia is necessary. Search engines work on algorithms that find out the authenticity of the website according to the content and provide them rankings.

H1 tag is used to give heading to the web page on the top of the real content. Web Design Delhi They inform the user what the upcoming content and the web page is going to contain. The reason why H1 tag is to be placed on the top of the webpage, either at the left or in the middle, is that search engines look out for these tags inside the document. The keywords and the description meta tags are given lower priority than H1 tags. Other content is also given lower priority than this header tag. Therefore they are to be given valuable text, so that the search engines rank the web page high.

H1 tag is being used since a long time ago and web document writers who have used them wisely have always profited. There has to contain a proper blend of the title tag, the header tags and the links in the webpage to make it really profitable.

Links are not to be embedded within the H1 tags as it affects the credibility of the website. Search Engines may consider the linked website of higher importance than the actual website, which shall surely decrease the ranking of the website. Anchors to the same page, if used, should be properly placed in the H1 tags. H1 tags are to be used in proper co-ordination with the content of the page.

H1 tags produce the text effects of the largest font size until external styling is used. Styling can surely be used on H1 tags to make them look a part of your document as it supports the important and common attributes Class and ID. Other attributes like Style, Align, etc can also be used. They can be bold, italics, underlined or any other style suiting the mood of the content. H1 tags are never to be used just for font effects as they are of large font size, but to identify your web document.

Header tags make the web document structured making it suitable to the needs of the information hungry search engines. So their importance must never be under-estimated.

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