SEO copywriters

SEO copywriters

SEO copywriting, or Search Engine Optimization copywriting is a means of internet marketing where the SEO copywriters write text for a webpage that includes exact search terms. The well written text targets the websites specific demographic but its real purpose is to rank high in the search engines targeted search terms. 

SEO copywriters also include the specific search terms in the websites title, description, keyword tags and headings.

SEO copywriting has the ability to achieve rankings that do well on all search engines, although no page does equally well on all search engines.

Search Engine Optimization techniques only work with search terms that are not particularly competitive, where many companies are attempting to attain a top ranking with their website. Casino, sex, insurance, health and hotel sights are among the most competitive industries. In these competitive industries more vigorous techniques are required.

If websites don’t have sufficient text on their websites and the adding of more text would spoil the website design or the nature of the site then these websites are not suitable for SEO copywriting. If a website refuses to change the text on their page, or refuses to add more text for the sake of Search Engine Optimization, then these websites obviously wouldn’t benefit from an SEO copywriter.

Copywriting is a skill, a competent copywriter will understand the target market that they are writing for and supply relevant articles, while inserting the keywords strategically and efficiently. A capable copywriter will understand the company’s specific jargon and write the piece using the style that contemporary web articles are written in. Search engine copywriting is different to copywriting, which is a specific field and is used to make a website successful by the specific style which should reflect the company’s particular brand, this of course will be repeated in the website development and website design.






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