Selling Ebooks

Selling Ebooks
Selling eBooks is a good way to make money at home. Before you start selling eBooks there are a few things you need to do: 1) get a clear understanding your market and what is in demand, 2) find good authors, 3) figure out whether you are going to sell individual downloads or a service. You will want to know if you are selling downloadable eBooks or if you are going to allow people some access before they buy the EBook.
You could for example allow people to download the E-Book before paying, read part of it, and then either pay to download part two, or get a password to read a second part. You will want to think about what rights your customers get. Is the E-Book just for their personal use – or – can they sell or transfer their copy of the E-Book to other people? You want to make sure you check your website. Double check your site clearly explains exactly what you’re offering.
When selling EBooks you will need to decide on a price. How much do you want your eBook to cost? This is a difficult question – pricing is more of an art than a science. Look around at your competitors and use their prices as guidance for setting your own prices. You could do a market research on selling eBooks. For example ask what people what they would be prepared to pay in a survey.
Getting your price right is very important. If you under-price your product, you will be throwing away money that customers would be happy to give you. If you over-price your product, few customers will buy, and many of those who do, may demand refunds. So it is worth spending some time to research the right price – it can make a big difference to your profits! There’s even a web site that’s been put together as a tool for helping you find the right price – it’s called Make Your Price Sell.
When selling eBooks you need to be ready to accept payment. Putting credit card payment options on your website is not that difficult depending on which method of processing payment you select. There are several ways for you to accept payment. Click Bank is a low cost service, available to many people in many countries. Basically they deal with all the complicated technical stuff required for processing credit cards securely, and they send you checks for your sales (less a deduction which is based on the number of sales you make – this pays their fees) up to every 2 weeks. There are other sites out there like Click Bank. Paypal has online store functionality for customers that you can embed in your website.
Most people are used to using Paypal and seeing that icon gives them a sense of security about their information. Your web service provider or web hosting service usually has eCommerce options for your account. Its usually just a matter of dropping and dragging the widget into your web page.

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