Saturn, Planets and Profession

Saturn, Planets and Profession

Saturn, Planets and Profession

The foundation of karma is however related to one’s deeds of past existence, wisdom, intellect, prevision and intensity of character are the results of one’s won past acquisitions. Astrologically the cosmic conditions at the time of birth unfold their subtle links between the deeds of previous birth with the present life. The 10th house indicates Karma (Profession) while Saturn is Significator planet for Karma.

Karma brings forth results or destiny.

When Saturn is well placed in a horoscope it indicates bright and good luck which suppose to depend on an individual’s ability to select right vocation at the right time resulting in minimizing sorrows in mundane life. Again a better destiny gives enjoyment of benefits of auspicious results in life and it is seen that such enjoyment of benefits of auspicious results in life is possible only when Jupiter influences Saturn beneficially.

In the event when Saturn is strong in a horoscope it does indicate bright fortune in one’s avocation while divine grace of Jupiter gives enjoyment of auspicious results and is such case Jupiter is automatically well placed in relation to Saturn.

Saturn with Sun

Persons having this combination will have career connecting with the government, politics, service in government but success comes after great struggling.

Note – Saturn with Sun or Sun in second house (signs) to the Saturn’s position effects will be the same in consideration. In some cases if these two planets are in 7th house to the one another result will be the same but less powers are considered.

Saturn with Moon

The native never continue one career in his life he use to change number of times, who will never be interested to work hard, and who will have interest in the field of arts, literature, liquids, water contents, travel pertaining to his career.

He is not supposed to have proper understanding with his wife and mother but he will not stay in his father’s house and colds and cause effects often bother him. He is a man of imagination, to be a good author and a bit lazy too.

Saturn with mars

Success comes from great obstacles and strugglings where hard word is beneficial. Machinery, factories, engineering works are beneficial. Saturn and Mars combination with Jupiter aspect also leads to Government jobs.

Saturn with Mercury

Major success is found in business activities intellectual works, writing, and he is soft and calm nature, which is his career.

Saturn with Jupiter

This is one of the best combinations and some of the great personalities having this combination are great and who achieve eternal name not only in society and in this earth.

Saturn with Dragon Head

Saturn is black Dragon head is shade or the wheel (Chakra). The native having this combination will have a  career connecting films, vehicles, printing presses or in other words it is anything moving like wheels or chaya (the shade) Chakra – the wheel.

Saturn and Rahu – Door keeper servant of low category.

Saturn with Dragon Tail

The person or native having this combination is desperate in life in career because of maximum work and minimum salary and who will work as a writing or ordinary worker who enjoys saintly thoughts. People of this will lead their life in textiles factory, sewing (tailoring) and medical departments.

M.B.A. in Human Resource Management and International Business from G.G.S.I.P. University, Delhi.


Experience in Administration field in Multinational and International Organization.


Astrology is his Passion, Life, Hobby etc. Social Service through astrology helps him in building Human Relations.


Studying of Human Behaviour through research related to different areas of Human Life Cycle + Providing helping hand to human beings by giving free services of astrology to them through Facebook, E-Mail replies etc. so that they can overcome their problems in day to day life and fulfill their life ambitions.


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At present he is working on the new idea and concept called Law of Astrology. Courts functioning as per the administrative procedures and guidelines defined by the Religious Court of Law can be studied through divisional charts, interlinking charts, transit charts etc.


The impact of the decisions taken by judges of Supreme Court of Astrology in different areas of Human Life Cycle can also be studied through Kaal Chakra Dasha.

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