sales scripts, sales script, sales conversion

sales scripts, sales script, sales conversion
Being in sales is a tough business. Regardless of if you are selling real estate, computer software, copiers, or manufacturing equipment being on the front lines “selling” is tough. The company looks at you to bring in the revenue and they usually give you a shoe-string budget to work with. You get stuck trying to justify taking a prospect out to lunch, even when the sale is worth 10’s of thousands of dollars.

In a tough economy many people are now looking for the killer sales script.
It’s harder to set meetings with clients, companies have less money, and now more sales professionals are looking for that script that will get them the sale. You might not get a second meeting which means everything has to be right. With no time to waste, you have to “close” the prospect on that first meeting…right?

Most sales professionals, even the seasoned ones, are falling victim common problems. People are trying to use outdated sales techniques that were used in the 1980’s. The justification is that now we have to go “back to the basics”. Before I share with you sales script methods that will get you the sale, I invite you to consider the following 3 challenges to avoid.

1. Stop Closing – You can’t make someone buy something they don’t really need.

2. Stop Rehearsing Statements – No one likes to be told what is good and why they need it.

3. Stop Acting Like a Sales Person – Sales people are broke, act like the Doctor to get more sales.

Don’t fall victim to these 3 sales myths. Just because you can see in the movies that someone “closes” a sale or you have 1 story about that great sale you landed doesn’t mean it will work daily. Instead of using tired sales scripts that you have rehearsed or regurgitating your product/service features, I invite you to consider a different method. Ditch your scripts for interest piquing questions.

By getting into the question asking business you will change how you make sales. No longer are you making a pitch. No longer are you trying to convince someone that your offering is better than the competition. By changing your sales approach to a question asking approach you gain control.

When you ask the right questions your prospect will be convinced they need your offering. By digging deep with interest piquing questions your prospect will identify you as an expert and will ask how they can take the next step (then you know you have landed the sale).
Discover how you can ditch your sales scripts for interest piquing questions in my free 5 day, video powered, sales conversion course

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