ResMed Mirage Liberty CPAP Mask Review

ResMed Mirage Liberty CPAP Mask Review

MASK NAME: Mirage Liberty


MASK TYPE: Hybrid / Full Face


ADJUSTMENT: This Mask is easy to adjust, as I am finding all the ResMed masks have adopted similar headgear designs.

COMFORT: Compared to say the swift mask, I would say this mask is less comfortable. However to be fair we would have to compare it to a standard full face mask, as it provides the same function. In that regard it is at the top of its class for comfort.

SEAL: Again, another good habit from the folks at ResMed, they include 3 pillow sizes with the mask. This allows the user to make adjustments improving the seal. There are many ways to adjust this mask, but the common flaw my experts and I found was that once you got the pillows sealed, the mouth would need readjustment, and vice verse. It should be noted that this was not a major obstacle, just a bump in the road, as I got used to the mask, it seamed to be less of a problem.

AIRFLOW NOISE: Very quite.

MOVEMENT: This mask is ideal for back sleepers. side sleepers can get away with it by positioning the pillow so that the mask hangs off the edge. I was able to move around without much readjusting, our other experts agreed.

OVERALL: John is a full face mask user, he currently uses a different mask. He is excited to be using the Liberty and will continue to give me feedback when he can. We found the liberty mask to be a great alternative to the standard full face mask. ResMed has another full face mask I am very fond of and will be reviewing soon. is an evaluation site for CPAP equipment. The staff is made up of several CPAP users, Clinical personnel, and myself. I am the founder of and my name is Jim. I have been involved in the treatment of OSA(obstructive sleep apnea) for more than 20 years now. My background includes a Bachelors Degree in Cardiopulmonary Science from Northeastern University in Boston, Ma. I have worked as a respiratory therapist for over 20 years, the majority of it in homecare where I routinely set up patients with CPAP(continuous positive airway pressure). It became clear to me in recent years that there is a lack of testimonials on the abundant amount of CPAP machines, masks, and accessories available in the market. The team I have assembled are primarily CPAP users that have some experience with various equipment. In short we are offering our opinions of the equipment so that CPAP users can be better informed of the merits of such equipment. It is my hope, and the hope of my staff that our information will help CPAP users understand the fundamental differences between the equipment, and aid in there successful application of CPAP.

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