Promote With Promotional Lanyards

Promote With Promotional Lanyards

Promotional products such as pens, mugs, hats, t-shirt have been very common staples since the early 1900s until present day. Within the last decade of alone this industry has had an exponential increase in sales and corresponding profits. The Advertising Specialty Institute® (ASI) indicates that the advertising done through companies hit a record high 19.6 billion dollars in 2007. One of those products that has seen a significant jump in its use is promotional lanyards.

Promotional Lanyards have provided a new kid on the block model for companies and organization to market themselves to prospective buyers. They are taking a less common means to advertise and are seeing their desired results.

The uses for these lanyards vary significantly; schools use them to promote get the community around their local football team, companies use them as a mean to help orient new employees into the company culture, large corporations use them as brand awareness for special community events; like cancer awareness month, etc.

Some additional ideas on how you could use promotional lanyards are:

• Sporting Events – Professional or otherwise can give away or sell them to their fans.
• Colleges & University – Give away lanyards for all incoming freshmen.
• Churches – Use to promote a series of messages for the congregation.
• Community Fairs – Get’s the word out during and ahead of time so that there is more involvement.
• Support a Cause – Give other the opportunity to ask questions as more people wear the lanyards around.

There really is no limit on what you can use promotional lanyard for as they become as versatile as you need them to be.

The only thing that you need to do is adjust the message that is on the lanyard. Which bring me to the point of why are lanyards so effective and why are companies and organizations using them?

Promotional Lanyards like all promo products are very easy to personalize or brand to the company that needs them. As there is no real limit with what you can use them for, there is no limit with what a lanyard could say (unless you are trying to brand something extremely wordy). In addition to this there is a natural affinity with lanyards these days that makes it very logical for companies and organizations to use them.

These types of lanyard have seen a steady increase in use over the years as a branding method. Whether that will continue remains to be seen, but if you are a company or organizer for something, consider using them as part of your campaign.

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