Photography Careers?

Photography Careers?
You may or may not know that there are really 3 areas in which you can pursue a career in photography. Your skills as a photographer and the training which you may have received will most likely influence which area you choose to pursue. These areas will be General, Commercial and Advertising Photography.

The general area is more dominated by covering such opportunities as weddings, senior portraits, family photos, you know the general sort of stuff. A good example of this is David Wadley, who provides Birmingham Wedding Photography. Most of the photographers in this area will not be using this income as their primary source.

Commercial photographers will work for businesses rather than the community. This will be shooting for the likes of magazines/catalogues, newspapers, architectural business, any type of corporation that require photographs to be taken. This could mean that you will be a staff photographer or working as a freelance. Freelance means that your hours are much more flexible but you’re generally not able to rely on a steady income. If you do work in this area then you will probably specialize in a specific area, such as food, concerts or motoring.

And as for advertising, well it’s a bit of an obvious one really because the clue is in the name. These photographers will help companies to advertise. This area is hard to break into, but when you do, you will find your name pretty much everywhere from magazines, tv shows, billboards and other types of media outlet. To get into this area you will have to find out how to climb the ladder to success and be prepared to spend a lot of time and effort doing so.

So before choosing what area you want to get into in your Photography career, make sure you know what it’s going to take and which would be best suited for you.

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