Mlm Opportunity, Opportunity Mlm

Mlm Opportunity, Opportunity Mlm
Hi. My name is Steve Sleeper. I’m an affiliate of Caboodle and a 30 year veteran of the direct mail and direct sales industries. Read this article and I’ll give you a Free Mobile Website.

Caboodle is a great MLM opportunity and a great way to make a living. Why? Because we’re in the social media and mobile smart phone commerce businesses. Both are tremendous growth industries. You see, the Internet beats TV for views. YouTube is the second largest search engine. And m-commerce – is expected to grow five times faster than e-commerce.

Caboodle enables small businesses to have a social media and m-commerce presence. And it’s a great MLM opportunity because of Caboodle’s products and marketplace. Also, we provide everything you need to be successful. There’s a very low price point for start up and no auto ship requirement. And the retail and residual compensation plans are fantastic.

Social media and m-commerce are expected to grow 500% in the next half dozen years. That’s outstanding in any economy – but it’s one of the few growth sectors right now. What’s more, it’s where the consumers spend their time and get information.

So Caboodle is a great MLM opportunity and a great way to make a living. Here’s what we do for small businesses. We set up Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sites. We provide some fans and followers and feed content and produce videos. Then we work with businesses to get their own fans and followers with our first to market – online rewards site. We also drive website traffic with our interactive overlay ads on popular Internet video channels. These ads are an effective branding tool. And our prices are below market levels.

Mobile smart phone commerce will soon smoke e-commerce and Caboodle has a number of products like a mobile website plug in, mobile store and mobile invoicer.

A number of us Caboodle affiliates are repping Caboodle locally – much like a radio or TV rep. But note – social media market shares are growing. TV, radio and newspaper are all flat or declining.

Contact me to find out more on why Caboodle is a great MLM Opportunity and great way to make a living. And just for doing that- I’ll give you a Free mobile website. Call me toll free – 866.433.8501.

Steve Sleeper is a 30 year sales and marketing veteran who owns a successful small business. He’s also an experienced copywriter with a focus on sales letters. He can be reached at or 866.433.8501.

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