Marching on Through Promotional Merchandise

Marching on Through Promotional Merchandise

Merchandising in its truest form can be defined as marketing or the promotion of a product by developing strategies for packaging, displaying, and publicising. So by the term Promotional Merchandise, we would get the idea that we are talking about products, marketing, and advertisement rolled into one.

Using corporate merchandise in promotion is like a combination of brand awareness and positive reinforcement, which creates a feel-good impression for customers. It is but part of human nature to feel happy and grateful when we receive something, all the more when it is interesting and beautiful. And it is no wonder why using Promotional Merchandise is still one of the best advertising strategies ever formulated.

It’s History

Corporate merchandise didn’t just pop out like weeds in the garden. They had their roots, and they started awhile back. The first batches of Promotional Merchandise dated in the seventeenth century were commemorative buttons, calendars, and wooden specialities. Then it was in 1904, when the official launch of an organisation that was comprised of 12 promotional items manufacturers was made. It was named Promotional Products Association International.

It was in the 1970’s where many companies have realised the positive feedback of corporate gifts and giveaways that were printed with their respective brands and logos. These days, it still clearly shows that Promotional Merchandise are still at its best in the rapid changing business industry.

Commonly Used Material for Promotional Merchandise

Textiles. From promotional shirt, jackets, caps, and towels. Textiles have been major key players in terms of advertising. They are the easiest material to print on and it has the widest variety to choose from.
Paper. From the earliest stationery to the latest sticky notes and note pads. One of the main stay in office-related products are made of paper. From conferences to school fairs, they have never missed the mark when it comes to corporate merchandise may it be from first-hand production or the eco-friendly recycled materials.
Metal. In this range, it includes key rings, key holders, and bottle openers. By far, this is one of the materials that have been widely innovated due to its malleable yet stylish properties. From car shows to beerfests, metal-made Promotional Merchandise is always in attendance.
Glass. For the more sophisticated touch such as wine glasses, mugs, and paper weights, to name a few, these promotional materials have also been a favourite in the advertising and give away arena.

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