Industrial Filters

Industrial Filters
Industrial Filters are made to remove the hazardous foreign elements and provide protection against damages and risk of nation. Industrial Filters and Industrial Strainers are used extensively throughout Major Pipelines, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper Plants, Chemical Plants, Pharmaceuticals, Gas Transmission Companies, Gas Distribution Companies, Utility Companies, and some of the Process Industries. The most popular applications are Boiler feed water, Condensate service, Cooling water, Lubricating, Fuel, Hydraulic & Transformer oil, Naphtha, Water for fire protection system, Compressed air & gases, Steam and many other process Fluid. Filters are designed with extra care using best suitable material for the process fluid, including low as well as high temperature services and sour services etc. Housings are designed as per ASME Sec VIII Div.I, IBR, and other national & international codes on request. Visual or Audible warning system is provided to get alert for clogging of filter element on request. aw material used strictly conforms to the their specification in grades of carbon steel, alloy steel, austenitic steel, high alloy steel etc. in form of plates, pipes, forging & casting etc. Welding is completed in accordance with approved welding procedure and by qualified welders as per ASME sec. IX, IBR, etc. Filters are manufactured under third party inspection, by PDIL, LRIS, BVIS, ABS, CEIL, L&T, EIL, ICB, TPL, NTPC, UHDE, JH & G, and others as required. Our commitment to provide excellent quality at attractive prices. Encouraged by our client support, we expanded the sphere of operation and started manufacturing and supplying filters and strainers to process industries, refineries, petrochemical etc. Stage and final inspection is carried out as per approved Quality Assurance Plan. Raw material is strictly checked for its conformity to its specification. NDT like RT, UT, PT, MP, &. Hydraulic & Pneumatic Test, Pressure Drop Test, Dimensional, Visual, Paint Finish & DFT Check, etc are carried out as per requirement. Filters are supplied under third party inspection, by PDIL, LRIS, BVIS, ABS, CEIL, L&T, EIL, ICB, TPL, NTPC, UHDE, JH & G, and others as required.

Founded In the year 1995, Manisha Industries is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Industrial Filters, Industrial Strainers and Elements for domestic and international market.

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