How does our working life look like in 2025?

How does our working life look like in 2025?

Working life as we know it is changing rapidly. People are finding 9 to 5 working days to be tuff and reducing their productivity. 9 to 5 working days originate from far back but are still reasonable due to the regular office hours.

Working life in 2025 is almost impossible to predict. What are our values, what does the next generation bring us, what sort of working day and technology do we have then?

Technology might be the key factor when pondering the future working life. Are we just sitting in our homes, doing everything through computing power. Everything being done by robots that we control through computers. I doubt it. That would be in no-ones interest.There will be a lot of automated actions done by computers, but in 2025 there will also be 8 billion people living on this planet. That requires some real muscle ache as well.

It is estimated that the amount of women in management professions are to increase drastically. Africa, Asia, Europe – all over the world women are more willing to take the stand and start managing. This brings a spice of it’s own when thinking about working life in 2025.

STTK has a big role in painting the sky of the Finnish working life in 2025. STTK is part of coming up with the frame-agreement – that determines how our working life will look like.

Working life in 2025 will most likely be a perfect mixture of augmented reality, remote working, locally produced food and a lot of community actions. Many tasks are done by cloud- driven communities by crowd sourcing techniques. Crowd sourcing is a big part of modern 2025 working life community and tasks are made a whole lot easier due to the huge brainpower being available on line.

Salaries and economy are closely tied to nature resources meaning that working life and the e conomy are in fact for the first time in harmony with nature.

New technologies are working to produce a lot of solar energy which in 2025 is the main energy source.

Some rewarded remote managers are watching out for the employees (in Finnish: palkansaaja) from UK and the Finnish employees can have their lunch break by pausing the activities they are doing and playing some traditional Finnish lunch music while Indian engineers are correcting their work. See you soon 2025.

Do you want to know more about an Employee (in Finnish: palkansaaja)?

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