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Welcome to Hamilton Equity. Here, you can enjoy a personal relationship with our investment professionals. We see investing from your perspective, and make recommendations based on actually listening to you and understanding your needs.

Experience ease and convenience from opening your account to accessing top research. To all investors, we offer investment guidance and portfolio planning.

Our goal is simple: to give you everything you need to do better. Get Started Today. Hamilton Equity

The Personal Relationship you want

At Hamilton Equity, we believe that no matter how you choose to work with us, you deserve a personal relationship based on respect and listening. It’s the foundation from which we’ll support your financial needs and goals.

Whether you want to manage your portfolio yourself or have us professionally manage it, you’ll receive one-on-one investment guidance and portfolio planning from an experienced investment professional.

Fact-Based Guidance

« I like getting long-term, consistent performance not just the latest hot stock tip. »

Whether you want help managing your own portfolio or want us to manage it for you, you’ll get investment guidance and portfolio planning that’s right for you.

You’ll benefit from our fact-based, company-wide approach not the arbitrary opinions of one broker.

Our objective is to help you achieve your goals. We can start with a conversation to discuss your objectives, review your investments and recommend steps that can put your portfolio on track. Hear our investment professionals discuss the benefits of a complimentary consultation.

Great Value

At Hamilton Equity, you’ll enjoy low, straightforward pricing and great rates on cash you get more for your money here.

Low commissions

Online equity commissions-as low as 0.5 % per trade.


No account service fees or hidden fees.
No account service fees opening and maintaining an account is free of charge.
No inactivity fees on your accounts.
No fees for copies of checks, duplicate statements or trade confirmations.

How much does it cost to open an account? There is no fee to open and maintain an account at Hamilton Private Equity. There is an exception: the Personal Managed Discretionary Account, which has account opening costs. (Please consult a representative for details) The minimum initial deposit requirement varies depending on the type of account. We will waive the minimum deposit requirement for most account types if you establish a monthly transfer into your account.


Success Beyond the Limit

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Hamilton Equity

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