Getting Started – Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started – Affiliate Marketing

Usually, newcomers coming into this market thinks that they’re at a disadvantage, for they think that NOT having their own product, they’re limited. Well, in a way, that is true, but even if one doesn’t have one’s own product, they can be an affiliate marketeer and market other people’s products! What affiliate marketers do is to market and sell OTHER people’s products or services, for a fee or commission. Anything can be sold in the internet, as long as you know where to find them.

Plus point for this is that most of the big players have had already done their research on what the current market trend is, what is sellable and what’s not, so that’d save you some trouble some what. However, what happens is that sometimes many people are banking on these same products that you’re trying to sell as well, so there’s some saturation which may hinder your maximum earning potential, unless you stand out creatively or aggressively.

You can try googling the keyword « affiliate xxxx », xxxx meaning anything. You can find all sorts of things you can market, from caskets, to bags and shoes and laptops and yes, even credit cards. What i like about affiliate marketing is that you don’t need to have your own products (less cost), and you can earn revenue by selling other people’s products! Affiliate marketing is a good ground to start yourself in thinking about business, expansion, costs and profits.

By managing this well, it’d be easier for your next and bigger projects to take off later.

Nigel Chua is a Trainer and Team Leader for Business Planets, a company specializing in hybrid marketing (offline and online) advertising. To view more of his posts on hybrid and internet marketing, visit Just what is affiliate marketing? In this episode of Ask Joel Comm, I provide the answer to a question that is asked time and again.
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