Flipping Domains

Flipping Domains
What is flipping domains?
Domain flipping is a process by which you can purchase a domain, place a website on the domain name and start the process of building traffic to the site. Domain flippers need people to list their sites in search engines and to develop strong web traffic to these sites in order to increase percentage of visits.
How does the process of making money work for domain flipping?
Domain is the word between www and .com. The value of domain increases with the quality of websites located in it. With the increase in traffic the monetary value of the domain goes up. Locating a domain and hosting a website in it, costs very little as compared to the earnings made on sales.
Some of the popular money spinners are domains that end with .com, .info or .net. There are many others like .in, .co.UK and .org which are also domains worth flipping.
What resources or skills do you need?
To successfully flip domains you need basic knowledge and experience in web technology, suppliers who will host websites in domain, technicians who can build and host sites and professionals who can build traffic for the site. Domain flipping requires time, energy and patience. With continuous effort it can turn into a lucrative business.
How do you get them?
First you need to locate domains which are hot sellers like .com and .net. To locate .com domains that are not active and put them up for sale requires creating your own domain trading site. It is essential investing in a good keyword locator to locate domains.
Once the domain is purchased from the original owner it no longer belongs to him but becomes your property which you can sell at a higher price.
What is the investment?
Investment involves spending on creating your own site to sell domain names. Contracting professionals to build websites and hosting them in the domain and if confident about the end result, investing in traffic building can turn out to be very profitable. For this, you must invest a considerable amount of time and energy.
Who is the competition?
Many have been very successful in domain flipping. Sites like Godaddy, Sedo.com, and namedrive sell and buy domains. You can buy a domain and change the name before selling it on sites like EBay.
Level of difficulty
Finding a domain to Flip is not easy and to create value addition to the site is comparatively easy as compared to hosting and building traffic that can be outsourced.
Finding a prospective buyer requires a lot of patience. You can never make big money overnight in domain flipping.
How much money can you expect to make and how fast?
There are registered sale of three letter domains cpc.com to Contract Pharmacal Corp for $ 202,000. Earning money in this business depends on the name of the domain and the market demand for key words. Patience, perseverance and experience are traits that must be developed in order to be successful in this online business.

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