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Feral Business | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 52

MATT: whats up each person, and welcome to tonight’sepisode of central role, the place a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors take a seat round and playDungeons & Dragons. ALL: We play Dungeons & Dragons! MARISHA: Yeah, we do! MATT: Yeah, ok. Earlier than we get began, we wantto provide a first-class thanks and speak slightly bit about our notable sponsor for campaign Two sincethe very starting: our buddies at D&D beyond. Sam? SAM: D&D past, all people. If you are just joiningus, you could not do not forget this, but i really like D&D past a lot. I love the app, i like theplatform, i really like the corporation, i love the men and women. I find it irresistible so much that I need to be in manage ofit, and run the organization, which is why i am jogging for president of D&D past. I launched mycampaign a month or two ago. It is going excellent. Lots of fundraising. I’m waiting for donationsfrom you guys. TRAVIS: it is in procedure. SAM: that’s what those envelopes have been that Islipped below your chairs. ALL: Oh.MARISHA: concept that was a parking ticket. SAM: those should not tax-deductible. I’m joyful toannounce in these days that i’ve an opponent. A gigantic a part of strolling for place of job is to have an opponent andto understand who you are dealing with. A variety of nominations got here in, a lot of suggestions. Some peoplecouldn’t do it. Marisha was once sincerely technically too young to run. Taliesin, no longer a citizen of theUnited States. Also no longer sure where he is a citizen of. TALIESIN: it’s a country that doesn’t existanymore. SAM: Yep, that is about correct. Travis didn’t go theIQ scan. So what we’re left with used to be the opponent in an effort to be going for walks against me for the presidencyof D&D beyond is: (drumroll) TRAVIS: Oh, is that a drumroll? SAM: Liam O’Brien! LIAM: Oh, man.SAM: We’re buddies, so i am hoping we run a respectfulcampaign. LIAM: The word is frenemies. SAM: Yeah. I’ll do my pleasant to no longer– theproblem here is that i am form of a grasp of media. I’m politically savvy. The folks love me.I have been doing this for a even as. I received Dani Carr as my crusade manager. I’ve obtained it happening. So Idon’t recognize what you’ve gotten received in store for this campaign, but it surely’s now not going to be all that. Butwhatever. I’ll give you the ground. Let’s have a look at what you bought. LIAM: well, all i will say is thank fuck for atwo-celebration method. Sam Riegel, you are adorable. You are quick-witted. You’re intelligent. You are good inbed, but this is the adults’ desk.Roll the motherfucking clip! NARRATOR: (VO) And now a message from LiamO’Brien. LIAM: My fellow tabletoppers, i am coming to youin these darkish occasions to carry feel and reason to the desk. For too long has our first-class sport beensliding into a lugubrious den of iniquity, malfeasance, and ineptitude. We reside in a worldwhere any Tom, Dick, and Harry can come waltzing into the hallowed halls of both dungeons anddragons with half of-baked backstories and Cockney accents in hand, and run roughshod over thetime-honored traditions of fable make-think.My opponent in the race to be president of D&DBeyond has relied too lengthy on appeal, rapid thinking, ingenious character choices, and thatcartoonishly large parasail he calls a smile. Sure, he and his compatriots have peddled you asteady stream of matters like coronary heart, humor, complicated exploration of the human situation, and theplaying of roles on this function-taking part in sport. However at what rate? At.What. Fee. As your subsequent presidentof D&D beyond, i’m going for walks on a platform of accountability, on the rule of law, and the legislation ofthe principles. I promise a new generation of gravity and honor. Now not will Hunter’s Mark be mismanaged.Rages will be raged when it is certainly time to rage, whether you’d like to or no.And so support meLarkin, each rogue will be aware of exactly when and the right way to put into effect the assassinate function. Enoughis enough. My opponent would have you ever think that D&D is set story, journey, magic and beauty.Do not you suppose it, my acquaintances. Don’t you suppose it. With me as your next president, wewill rediscover the genuine pleasure of gaming: systemic memorization. To d4, or not to d4: that’s thequestion. Thanks, and gods bless D&D past. (VO) i’m Sam Riegel’s husband and that i approve thismessage. TRAVIS: Oh, wow. I imply, that’s just– LIAM: I go away it up to the individuals to make a decision. SAM: i don’t like this. I do not like this at all.I should not have a video, I do not have an emblem. I do not need American flags at the back of me, or wheat fields, orwhatever that shit was once.Dani, what are you doing to me?! We need a video! Ooh, you are taking place.Do you remember what I said about a respectful campaign? Fuck that, the gloves are off,motherfucker, you are happening. I will rule D&D past! Again to you, Matt. MATT: thank you, Sam. Thanks, Liam. LIAM: we’ll settle it within the bed room. MATT: And thank you, our neighbors at D&D beyond.Next announcement.Folks who haven’t visible The seek for Grog, our detailed Vox Machina one-shotfrom our are living exhibit in LA, will air the next day night. So tune in to the relevant role Twitch channel at7:00 pm Pacific to watch it. Should you leave out the live broadcast, you can examine out the VOD on Saturdayat youtube.Com/criticalrole. Travis, you’ve received whatever– no longer Travis, Laura, really. LAURA: hello, i’m Laura! MATT: that is you! You are Laura. You’re Travis. LAURA: So only a reminder, the preorders for ouramazing Mighty Nein and Vox Machina artwork prints, those finish tonight at eleven:59. That is signed andunsigned, go to the store if you wish to have them because once they’re long past, they’re long gone.Also, speaking ofonce they are long gone, they may be gone: I’ve bought one other factor that I need to tell you about. Which is– LIAM: Witches. LAURA: So at our reside exhibit for the search forGrog, we had posters for sale for The search for Grog. And we thought we sold out of them but thenwe discovered a further box, so we’re striking them in the retailer. SAM: Oh cool! LAURA: These are in the store correct now. There’snot a entire lot of them, so when you clutch one, go to the store correct now and you can find them. Oncethey’re long gone, they are long gone for actual, since there isn’t any more.SAM: I do not have a type of! MARISHA and TALIESIN: Ed! LAURA: we will seize some out of the box beforethey go to the shop. SAM: No, the people need them greater than us. We canphotocopy, it’s high-quality. TALIESIN: i have a necessity. LAURA: So yeah, in honor of the hunt forGrog. That is my announcement. Travis! Do you have got an announcement? MATT: There, Travis– LAURA: Oh! I will have to say, though, I shoulddefinitely say the art is by Hugo– LIAM: @takayuuki_art LAURA: @takayuuki_art, and it’s so gorgeous, I’mnot showing– ok, i’m stopping.Get faraway from me, digicam. Travis? TRAVIS: yes, correct. So we dropped just a little teaseof matters to return on our Twitter and facebook pages this morning. We were all really blown awayby how fucking speedy you solved our little puzzle. Primarily @TimothyGElsy on Twitter, who was thefirst to crack the code. He made M.I.T. Proud. It can be cool, DARPA’s very proud of you. We’ve got apuzzle if you have not seen it, it should be up. We’re excited to announce tonight that on March 4th,we’re launching a Kickstarter task to create our very possess Vox Machina animated designated. (cheering) TRAVIS: simply let it sink in. Let it sink into yourbody. Let it get in via your skin and your meat and your bones. There will be more important points toshare leading as much as launch day, but considering the fact that you cracked it so quick we just had to let y’all knowwhat’s taking place.So get hype. (singing) Get hype. Get hype. MARISHA: Animated. An-animated. TRAVIS: I do it for cartoons, I dance forcartoons. MARISHA: (laughing) Dance for cartoons! MATT: i do know what i’m getting you for day-to-day,ever. Thank you, Travis. As you guys can have observed, we do have a brand new Twitch overlay that weunveiled tonight. We wanted to spruce things up a bit of and we hope that you adore it as so much as we do,for all of the work we did on it. Little alterations, little aesthetic alterations. We’re additionally working on afew precise things to increase your reside-viewing expertise that we will share more about that justas quickly as we are able to. Some cool optional bells and whistles and we are going to roll it out as we get theopportunity. An important update, commencing this week with episode 52– which you’re seeingtonight– relevant function will air on the valuable position Twitch channel with the VOD to be had forCritical function Twitch channel subscribers over the weekend. VOD may also be to be had on thecritical role YouTube channels on Mondays at 12:00pm Pacific. Talks Machina may also air onthe official principal role channels moving forward.Geek & Sundry’s Twitch channel will stillhost imperative function and Talks Machina episodes on Tuesday and Thursday nights so that you can continue towatch there if that’s where you are subscribed. We just desired to take a moment to thank all thefolks at Geek & Sundry and Legendary Digital Networks for a long and triumphant partnership andwe wish them absolutely the best. Be certain to examine out critrole.Com for the entire important points.And that i suppose that’s the finish of our announcements for the evening. LIAM: can we nonetheless get to play D&D on this show?! MATT: (goofy voice) Uh, Liam? I feel that’swhat we’re doing subsequent.LIAM: Yay! MATT: And on that observe, let’s go ahead and diveinto tonight’s episode of relevant position. [water bubbling] [thunder] [explosion] (chanting) role! Principal! Position! [dramatic Critical Role theme] LAURA: Roll the cube! (singing) The adventurebegins, they were normally beside you, your nerdy excellent pals, and the DM to consultant you. And theyrise from the flames for the battles forward. Villains pay attention ‘intent you’re about to be useless. ASHLEY: (singing) They acquired magic and flair, theygot falchions and foxy. They don’t see over there there’s a monster incoming. Inspiration iswaiting, rise up, do not consider twice. Put your destiny in your arms, take a hazard, roll the dice! (chanting) function! Valuable! Function! ASHLEY and LAURA: (singing) are you able to reply thecall? Diggin’ deep in your soul because the legend unfolds. Now it can be your flip to roll! [fire burning] (laughter) MATT: What?! TRAVIS: it is the steadiness of rational– LIAM: I just tied-in a job I had prior at present.MATT: ok! TALIESIN: I used to be with you. MATT: Welcome back! Welcome again. So, final we leftoff, The Mighty Nein, looking for Nott’s kidnapped husband had made their manner east beneaththe Marrow Valley, skirting the Underdark, below the Ashkeeper Peaks and have emerged into theashen wastes of Xhorhas. You got here in touch with one of the roving scout regiments of the empirewho had been instantly assaulted via a roving crew of assassins and hunters made from gnolls and a Krynwarrior and some sort of a mage utilising a brand new form of magic you may have certainly not obvious earlier than.You engaged inthe fight, and after some blows had been tossed from side to side the enemies– as a minimum those withenough force to outlive the come upon– fled when it appeared love it used to be not turning in theirfavor. Left at the back of, you received some materials from the survivors of the imperial scouting troop andmade your means by means of the wastes eastward. Alongside that manner, you started to encounter some of thedistant unusual beasts that wander these lands. You persisted the heavy rains and were suddenlyhunted by using a big, relatively sick, roc– a gigantic chook that you simply suggestion used to be sweeping towardsyou, but alternatively gave the look to be hunting a troop of bugbear hunters and also you. Through some clever useof illusionary magic and some respectable stealth rolls, you managed to restrict getting involved inthat fray and as a substitute found out the in most cases torn apart troop of bugbears with one survivor who hadbeen taking part in possum. Noticing that he was still breathing, you made up our minds to have a conversationwhere you came to an understanding which worried: we’re not going to kill you, provide us someinformation, and might be let me tattoo your body. Jester shaved a element of his furry form andtattooed him with a basic Tusktooth particular.You guys made it throughout the Ifolon River throughsome clever Moses-like parting of the waters… And a few excellent rope work. I am sorry. TRAVIS: you do not ought to do this. LIAM: that’s a mage in Rexxentrum. MATT: Yeah. Because the final night commenced to come to aclose, you would see the far-off hearth light of what you’ve now been advised to be Asarius, theCity of Beasts, and the dwelling to this bugbear Gluzzo you had encountered. Tenting up for the night time,this a long way out of the neighborhood, you discovered yourselves dozing protected beneath Caleb’s dome, yourhut, and ready your self for a morning journey anyplace you see match. That’s the place we left off.So, Mighty Nein, waking from the night’s leisure, to the tender rainfall from the clouded morningskies, a bloodless air chilling the encompassing mud. You glance across the grey area dotted withclusters of leafless bushes and brush and look to the regional metropolis of Asarius.What would you liketo do? TRAVIS: When he would not begin with, "What do youwant to do," I get frightened! SAM: i know! What will we want to, I haven’t any ideawhat we want to do! TALIESIN: Has our bugbear buddy alreadytaken off? MATT: The heavy snoring, and moderately soremovement of his body as soon as he gently comes to consciousness, belays the healing period from theencounter the day before. He has now not left. LAURA: howdy, Gluzzo. MATT: "good day to you, too." LAURA: just right morning. MATT: "excellent morning." SAM: doesn’t he have got to rewrap the tattoo every dayor something for infections? MARISHA: a bit little bit of coconut oil.TRAVIS: Aquaphor. LAURA: Oh really? I have never advised any one to dothat. I mean, I’ve on no account gotten a tattoo, I’ve only given them. SAM: you have no tattoos? LAURA: No. TRAVIS: You certainly not observe on yourself? LAURA: No, why would I try this? I’ve otherpeople, you understand? MATT: "it can be all proper. You deal with it like all otherwound." He grabs some mud and grime from the ground, and jams it into the space there. LAURA: Yeah, see? Identical to that. (groans and pained reactions) TALIESIN: i will get some breakfast going,we are going to have a moment, we will fill our bellies, after which we’ll work out what we’re going to do.SAM: The conundrum at hand is that some of usdon’t appear like monsters, correct? TRAVIS: Yeah, that is a situation, it appears. Howdo we repair that? LIAM: it will be slow going, i don’t believe we cando something so as to final greater than a short at the same time. I can change my own look. I canchange Beauregard’s appearance. MARISHA and SAM: you can? LIAM: Yeah, i understand how to. Roughly an hour of time. MARISHA: Wait, you are telling me this now?! SAM: is that this a brand new ability? TRAVIS: I think so. LAURA: yes, it is! SAM: he is constantly studying and developing as a wizard!It can be what i like about him most. LAURA: How did you even find this one? That’sreally cool, Caleb! MARISHA: How long have you identified? LIAM: now not lengthy at all. TALIESIN: It still baffles me that anyonecan’t do this. LIAM: i have been engaged on it, when you consider that, youknow, what you might be hoping for. LAURA: Like what? To altering again and stuff? SAM: I imply, we hadn’t had a talk about it, so Ididn’t recognize if that was once anything that used to be for your, something the old equivalent ofradar is.(laughter) SAM: I did not know that you just had been conscious. I imply, Idon’t need to stand in the best way of your development and experience and your route. I imply, for those who stumbledupon a technique to, , make me entire once more, i would not say no to it. LIAM: you already know that my most important focus is ontransmutation, and altering one factor from a further, so it’s no longer fully out of the realm ofsense for me to have been working on this kind of thing. What i’m ready to do is confined. It is now not what youwant, however it’s a . MARISHA: How lengthy does it last? LIAM: Roughly an hour. TRAVIS: identical for me. I can re-up it each once ina whilst. TALIESIN: I suppose you seem just first-class. That is thesense I get. TRAVIS: Oh, that’s proper.MATT: You look over at Gluzzo and he’s not evenpaying awareness to the dialog. TALIESIN: (louder) that’s the feel I get. MATT: "what’s the– What?" TALIESIN: I used to be wondering, our friend here, Mr.Fjord, is most of the time going to be, not necessarily welcomed with open palms, but he’s not going todraw any bizarre glances or whatever in this city of yours? MATT: "he’s tiny for an orc, but he must beokay." TRAVIS: No, no, I’ve worked out. I’ve– LAURA: you are very enormous. You’re very largeand stuff. TALIESIN: fun-sized. MATT: "he is pretty small." LAURA: I believe it can be a particularly just right dimension that youhave. TRAVIS: maybe i’ll make myself slightly bitlarger. MARISHA: maybe you do look bigger when you are on aship, an enclosed discipline. TRAVIS: Mm-hmm. LIAM: where do you clock in, about 6’1" or–? TRAVIS: Yeah, ish. Ok. Let’s discontinue speakme aboutme. Possibly, if we figure out precisely what we’d like in the metropolis, we are going to have an understanding of how long we actuallyneed to be in there.SAM: We have to go into town to get some sortof conveyance, proper? Some kind of animal or automobile to take us extra in our ride. TRAVIS: Oh, yeah, that’d make it faster. Otherwiseit’s, what, two weeks? LAURA: it is a very long time, yeah. TRAVIS: Boy. Yeah. SAM: Do we’d like whatever else? Weapons? Allies? LAURA: just go searching. Books, perhaps. SAM: Would they’ve books in monster land? LAURA: Some dresses and stuff. LIAM: dresses? LAURA: good, i love attire. I inspiration we couldlook for some. I guess those here seem a lot unique than those in Nicodranas, so Ithought it would be fun to head looking. LIAM: surely, however we are going to want topick our moments for adjusting Beauregard and Yasha’s look.It can be no longer recreation on all day, likewe’re in Zadash where we are able to go shopping for matters. If we see some thing, if it presentsitself, then we might, however we must be careful. TRAVIS: We do have manacles. We would make themour prisoner. LAURA: That would entice attention, although. SAM: We might throw a bag over any person’s head anddrag them into an alley– TRAVIS: Punch them each once in a while.MARISHA: i am standing proper right here! LAURA: good, Caleb, that you may hide your self andBeau, and that i could technically cover Yasha. I imply, I believe I would. SAM: that you would be able to? LAURA: good, i can trade some thing into anotheranimal, so I can not assume I are not able to change her into a different man or woman, do you consider? TRAVIS: How long does that final? LAURA and LIAM: Roughly an hour. MATT: that’s Polymorph. It’s an hour. I mean,yeah, you are able to do that. LAURA: Is it weird? MATT: it can be now not bizarre. Polymorph is, which you can turninto anything, so if you wish to grow to be a further man or woman? Wholly, with the aid of all method. TALIESIN: it is a bazooka, is what he’s pronouncing. TRAVIS: Use the thing that can make you a dragoninto a person who looks one-of-a-kind. MATT: Yeah, essentially. Yeah, fully. SAM: Does Yasha– Yasha? Who’s Yasha in these days? MATT: She’s still laying down and looking up atthe sky.SAM: Do you slot in here? MATT: "i have never been this a ways north, however I imply,if any one will get in my face, i’ll punch them." TALIESIN: If we have been going to Polymorph any individual, Iwould suggest Mr. Caleb, on the grounds that I assume we would need bodily individuals to think comfy inthemselves. I assume a variety of you is up here? LIAM: it can be clearly all up there. I was thinkingthat i’d exchange my appearance. TALIESIN: Oh, that’s fair too. That’s probably abetter plan. LIAM: Yeah, and you would be some thing you wish to have tobe. MARISHA: Does it change my clothes? I consider like myblue vestiges quite say Empire. LIAM: i will be able to alternate your complete appearance and yourphysical being for roughly one hour. MARISHA: Dope. TRAVIS: Gluzzo, are there any codewords or sayingsin your city? Any greetings or things that individuals alternate that might be familiar to any person thatlives there? MATT: "no longer fairly.It is extra of a heavy grunt." TRAVIS: A heavy grunt? TALIESIN: (grunt) MATT: (grunt) TRAVIS and TALIESIN: (grunting from side to side) MATT: "that is not too bad. That’ll generally workfor some persons, yeah." TRAVIS: Having been within the city goodbye, anythingever make outsiders very obvious to your eye, or ear, after they come in? MATT: "i do not really seem out for the outsiders.I am going out and hunt things, and carry them back, and "work for my boss. That is about it." TALIESIN: We’re hoping to go in, do a littlecommerce, and get out without causing a ruckus, is all. MATT: "Then don’t intent a ruckus." TALIESIN: Then if they see human-ish folks-ish,how significant of a hindrance, if we do run into something, do you believe that’d be? That’s fair.LIAM: we aren’t going to purpose a ruckus. I wouldask of you, Gluzzo, are you going to cause a ruckus? MARISHA: i’m keen on how so much we’re using theword "ruckus." TALIESIN: We will have to get a ruckus room. MATT: "appear, i’m going to be sincere. You peoplehave now not accomplished some thing dangerous to me, and you don’t "seem to be the usual Empire varieties. As long asyou don’t go shouting that you are from the Empire, "perhaps you can be k." TRAVIS: I toss him an extra gold. MARISHA: Is that money unhealthy? Is that unhealthy cash?Does it additionally scream Empire? MATT: "No, I mean, gold is gold. Now not everyonetakes it. A number of town tends to be barter for "work, but some do take gold." LIAM: when you escort us into town safely andsee us to the outskirts when our industry is done, there shall be an additional 20 for you. MATT: "How about this? Once we get to the town, Ijust not ever see you again." (laughter) MARISHA: Barter. LIAM: I gives you ten gold to be certain thatthat happens.Simply take it. MATT: "i’ll take it, ok. Very good deal." Hegets up, (stretching). "good, lets?" TRAVIS: Yeah, let’s do it. LAURA: Wait, are you going to– TRAVIS: Transport, potions, weapons, matters likethat. Possibly books, if there are such things. SAM: should we split up or stick together? LAURA: Stick together. TRAVIS: Stick collectively in a wholly obviousgroup. SAM: Do we’ve any means, if we do get cut up up,do we all know the place we’re assembly? Considering that we have no idea some thing about this city.Are there any–Gluzzo. Are there any places within the metropolis which are effortless to identify? Tower spires, some thing thatwe can– TALIESIN: We’re correct external the town. MATT: "well, the town’s got a wall round it, andthere’s watchtowers. There is the Aurora maintain in "the core. It’s the colossal grey tower piece. That’swhere the entire Kryn use as their base of operations." TALIESIN: Let’s maybe meet at the wall and not thecenter of town. That appears slightly– MATT: "both means.There are locations of business,if that is what you’re watching for." TRAVIS: i guess that’s– yeah. Earlier than we leave,does any person wish to take a, uh-huh, out? SAM: A gander on the factor? LAURA: while you guys do that, can i talk toGluzzo? I will take the haversack off and go it to whoever needs it. Do not take it out. SAM: No. Who needs it? LIAM: i’m conserving it. MARISHA: i will take it.TRAVIS: I consider like Beau must have it, for somereason, some dreadful motive. MARISHA: I might get in a ruckus. LAURA: do not get in a–! MARISHA: i go to try to prevent ruckuses. LAURA: hello, Gluzzo. Am i able to take him apart? MATT: he’s standing tall now, as soon as once more. Evenwith a slight hunch, he’s still almost seven ft. Him and Caduceus are in a equivalent variety,with a equivalent hunch, however his ears are just a little wider available in the market.Quite a bit heavier fur. He’spleasantly dopey. LAURA: Gluzzo. MATT: "sure?" LAURA: can you tell me concerning the light that youpray to, please? MATT: "Oh, are you aware of the Luxon?" LAURA: yes, i’ve heard a little bit about it, butI was once questioning what you could inform me about it. MATT: "To be perfectly sincere, I have no idea allthat much.The darker elves inform us of nice "feasible matters if we work collectively as acommunity. For the reason that I’ve grown up, it used to be invariably "about the Luxon, as a position to return to, and–" LAURA: location to come back to? MATT: "there is a situation to worship in the city,sure." LAURA: really? MATT: "yes." LAURA: What does it appear like? MATT: "It appears kind of like–" He pulls out hisnecklace. Those who are paying awareness, one can find throughout the chain a small, wire-framedodecahedron fabricated from difficult metallic. He goes, "The Luxon, they say, is the first and the originalgod of Exandria. If we work rough together and we "stay pious toward the sunshine, then maybeone day we, too, might be reborn." LAURA: correct.Given that that might be really cool,to be reborn. MATT: "Yeah. Above all," he aspects back, "sincemy line of labor isn’t all that dependable. Anyway." LAURA: To the sunshine, and stuff! Also theTraveler. MATT: "ok!" He begins strolling towards the town. LAURA: Oh god, their god is our thing! SAM: Is the bugbear god the equal as the Kryn? LAURA: Yeah, yeah! TRAVIS: Did you say, "to the light"? LAURA: Yeah, he was saying he prayed to the sunshine.He prays to a factor that appears like our factor. MARISHA: we have their god in our haversack? LAURA: i do know, I feel we’ve a holy relic orsomething! TALIESIN: It perhaps. That seems to make experience.The Luxon, correct? That is what I heard. LAURA: Luxon. LIAM: I’ve instructed you about this. SAM: you have got instructed us about the Luxon? TALIESIN: That ring any bells? MATT: Roll a religion determine.TALIESIN: I was once hoping you would say that. MARISHA: We concept it used to be yet another Luxor. TALIESIN: Seven. MATT: complete, seven? Nah. Nope. Certainly not heard of it.Rather than– at that roll, you barely do not forget that Caleb recounted it a few times. You’relike, oh, oh yeah. That’s as a lot as . TALIESIN: that’s beneficiant of you. SAM: we’ve their holy relic additionally to therelic that can possibly– TRAVIS: make bigger it? SAM: additionally provide them children? I imply, that is– TRAVIS: I have no idea about that.LAURA: I believe it’s all about their being reborn.I feel the kids, what if– (gasps) Oh my god! What if, when persons die, their soul will get trappedinside of this thing? Except it is returned, new souls cannot go into new toddlers, and so no babiescan be born and stuff? What if we’re maintaining the entire souls with us? MARISHA: What if our souls get trapped in it, andwe’re stuck in there for hundreds and hundreds of years? I do not want to be a little one again! Being a babysucked! SAM: Oh no, you’re getting more youthful correct now! MARISHA: Shit! LIAM: I believe that we’re still in a wait-and-seemoment here. TRAVIS: I consider we now have used it a fair quantity oftimes and no one’s was a wee enfant.LAURA: i’m now not pronouncing you transform a child. SAM: Beau is announcing that. TRAVIS: that is what Beau is announcing. MARISHA: i don’t want to be reincarnated as ababy. Reincarnate me as a tiefling or a dwarf or anything. SAM: Sorry, Beau, simply going to claim, too quickly forthe whole Reincarnate business. MARISHA: Oh, sorry. Failed to imply to– I spit there.I failed to imply to spit on you. LAURA: How does that work, although? Am i able to ask aquestion, though? SAM: sure. LAURA: How did it work? Did you return asalready a useful individual? Or did you return as a child goblin? SAM: No, I got here again as what you see here, minus ayear or two. I was once a full-grown goblin. LAURA: the place did this body come from, you knowwhat I mean? Was it someone else’s, or did it show up magically or whatever? I don’tunderstand.SAM: That hurts a little. I do not know. I don’tknow if they put my spirit in any person else’s physique, or if the physique was once made, or what. I have no idea.This body bleeds, so it’s now not some type of– it wasn’t constructed with the aid of a man. MARISHA: might be you were a youngster and also you don’tremember it. Most individuals don’t bear in mind when they may be babies. I imply, I do. LAURA: Yeah, however then they bear in mind when they’re,like, 4. TALIESIN: I believe like we’re attending to the foundation ofsomething with you that I really want to explore later.I’m no longer sure what it’s but. SAM: i do not believe I was once ever a baby in view that, if Iwere a child, and that i grew as much as be a goblin grownup, my son can be ten, 12 years, right now? LAURA: that is proper. TRAVIS: Yeah, Flight of the Navigator. MARISHA: I did simply stare at this relic in frontof Gluzzo. LAURA: He did not see it. MARISHA: Is that tremendous insensitive, though? LAURA: It seemed like your head was once in the bag. Itprobably appeared like you had been eating some path combine or something. LIAM: He would not strike me as a excessive, holy,learnd man of the material, whether it is even a natural religion. From what i’ve learn,persons right here, the Kryn, used to worship a different god, I don’t know how long ago. Lolth. SAM: Lolth? I will be able to inform why they stoppedworshipping that one. LIAM: this is some type of a change for them.Whether that’s twenty years ago, 100 years in the past, 300, I have no idea.The writings I observed on thatwere rather indistinct. Whoever wrote this text believed that this Luxon, whatever it is, ismisleading the people here, and likewise that it’s on the grounds that of the Luxon that this darkness, I suppose,that we are seeing, is attached to them. This light and darkness. LAURA: it can be liable for the dunamancy?Dunamis? LIAM: very likely connected. TRAVIS: Is there someone heading out of the town inour direction, now that we have now spent a while? MATT: Make a belief verify. First off, Gluzzo isabout ninety toes from you, walking closer to town. SAM: Oh! We should on the whole capture up. MATT: He began jogging, and also you guys kepttalking, and he kept jogging. TRAVIS: 14. LAURA: should we cover ourselves? LIAM: I feel, for maximum time, we must–every person pull up your hoods, and let’s get closer to town.Or else we are going to burnthrough 20 or half-hour. TRAVIS: Yeah. Fair ample. Well, let’s see who’son the avenue. MATT: watching ahead, first-class you’ll discover, there’s alow fog that permeates plenty of the field in entrance of you this early within the morning, centered on therecent rains which have occurred. You do not see any individual. You’re not shut adequate to attract attention,but there’s numerous activity across the city, though it’s too some distance to fairly make out the finedetails. You do see, now in the daytime, some form of a fringe wall. Looks to be a gray orpurple hue; it can be tough to really tell from this distance. One can find watchtowers scattered alongthe outskirts a little bit. That you could vaguely see one one spire, loosely relevant to the whole shape of thecity’s skyline. There is a bunch of matters gathered around the external of the wall. You can probablyhave to get in the direction of make out more detail. TRAVIS: not a ton of traffic on the street coming inand out simply but? MATT: tough to inform from this distance.There areno roads leading to you; you guys are out in the middle of the subject. TRAVIS: Let’s get slightly nearer, and i’ll useDisguise Self to make myself look fucking jacked. Gigantic-ass traps and delts, and my clothesdont particularly fit right anymore. Rippling-ass muscles, and i am– LIAM: I suggestion that you simply already were jacked? TRAVIS: No, i’m fucking jacked. Fjord– SAM: you are shredded. TRAVIS: Yeah. I must turn like this. MARISHA: by no means stretched a day on your existence. LAURA: he is obtained skinny chook legs, however superbig– TRAVIS: If I’ve received to run i’m like (awkwardgalloping). LIAM and LAURA: constantly bypass leg day. MATT: It handiest will get in the way in which. LAURA: i’ll use disguise Self to makemyself look like me, most effective super goth. MATT: k. Goth Jester. LAURA: Goth Jester. I’ll do makeup likeYasha’s, so black stuff and eyeliner. Leathers, tattered black leathers, and dark lipstick.Definitely black fingernails and tattoos and stuff. MATT: okay. Yasha reaches down and will get some mudand smears it down her face.You see these finger strains throughout the front. Musses up the external soshe looks like she’s been wandering and looking on my own in the wild for a whilst. TALIESIN: i’ll play with that. I’m going to scarmyself up, and emaciate, and let the whole thing get just a little craggly. Somewhat more dark Crystal-y onthe improper finish. LAURA: Ooh, great! LIAM: How do you want to try this? MARISHA: Can you make me a dude tiefling? A purple,shifty-watching tiefling? Pink dermis, deep eyes. LAURA: Deep, what colour eyes? LIAM: loopy eyes, like you’re demonstrating for meright now? MARISHA: Yeah, like that.SAM: You can’t change your voice, now. MARISHA: What, you do not think I sound like adude? SAM: type of. Yeah, no. You’re excellent. MARISHA: supply me a dude physique that would matchthis. LIAM: ok, so I pull out a small caterpillar’scocoon, and i muttering some arcane phrases over it. I waft it in front of your face, and thenpoof. She is a, poof. MATT: There you go. You’re a red tiefling. It’spretty accurate as which you could envision, at the least what you will find of your self.You don’t really have anyreflective surface to determine, however headquartered on this, not unhealthy. MARISHA: I assess my pants. MATT: you are a dude tiefling. Since Caleb’s reallyonly seen one dude’s tiefling before– (laughter and applause) MATT: long may just he reign indeed. TRAVIS: Holy shit. LAURA: he’s most effective seen one dude’s tiefling. MARISHA: Why is solely my dick red? I don’tunderstand. There is a gradient. LIAM: it can be just a sunny-facet up egg. MARISHA: My completely happy trail has an ombre. This isincredible! MATT: the benefits of the tiefling. SAM: lengthy and extensive may just he reign! MATT: Anyway. LIAM: preserve on, we aren’t completed but. I begin tocast cover Self on myself. I make myself seem like a male version of Jester, blue, like a twin,but not really as goth. Simply dialed manner again– a little bit bit, but no longer relatively as goth, however equal.I are not able to do some thing concerning the voice, i’m sorry. Let’s go. MATT: All correct. Considering there’s a time limiton the length of these spells, a little bit hustle mostly would not harm.SAM: Let’s do it. MATT: You guys decide upon up the p.C. A little bit, joggingthrough the muddy fields. (squelching) Your boots are now and again getting caught for a moment, butyou control to preserve a tight p.C. Heading in the direction of Asarius. You trap up to Gluzzo who goes,"All right, we’re walking! K!" And he keeps up with you bounding alongside. LIAM: it’s nonetheless us. We just went via theSaint’s Row character production. MATT: Yep. Clearly. TALIESIN: i love that we’ve got MC Christ andGerard manner on the desk. It is all I particularly needed. MATT: this is our version of Monster factory. Muchlove to the brothers. SAM: by the way, Matt, facet notice: this song isfucking first rate! Some thing you are doing? Amazing. MATT: thank you, Blizzard, for giving us approvalto use Diablo tune. LAURA: Oh, tight! LIAM: Thanks, Blizzard. MARISHA: Thanks, Blizz. TRAVIS: For the sunshine. LAURA: (laughing) For the light. MATT: As you method the town of Beasts, you cansee now the tall castle-like picket partitions.Planks of pink-coloured timber sharpened right into a point tenfeet from the bottom across the perimeter. Watchtowers peaking over at a number of pointsalong. Figuring out Caleb’s course feel due to his feat, you are approaching from asouthern-southwestern direction. Batches of mud fields surrounding the eastern finish of the town arevisible where crews of hobgoblins and bugbears harvest roots and tubers and different strange andhardy produce from the swiftly cultivable land round this city. The western aspect, whichwould be to your left, external the walls is dense with wheeled carts, armored orcs, gnolls, andother goblinoid infantrymen checking and cleaning gear and now and again bickering.You’ll find,though the struggle is on that facet of Xhorhas, there may be nonetheless a military presence here. Your eyes catchthe infrequent Kryn soldier who’s wandering by way of the ranks maintaining the peace and checking in withmembers of this regiment. A handful of huge hills take a seat among the many crews, resting places for ballistaand supplies as goblins carry and dump bins and affix heavy artillery to the top of these mounds.As you’re carrying on with to move in the direction of town looking at this display, you see a group of gnollstogether tugging on these heavy leather-based straps on the base of the sort of mounds and you watch asit shifts, mud and dust tumbling from the edges revealing four hut-sized, thick trunks of legsfrom beneath. A enormous war tortoise. LAURA: What?! MATT: From this distance, that you could most effective guess 60 to80 ft from end to end on this shell. (heavy footsteps) TRAVIS: What the fuck is that? LIAM: it is a conflict tortoise, man.It can be a wartortoise. War tortoise. MARISHA: do we exchange the mistake for that? MATT: A pair of goblins rush up instantly to thefront to shovel baskets of moss and other roots into the mouth of the large behemoth. You are inawe of this and noticing the numerous mounds now: four, five visibly scattered amongst this warband. A series of growls and muffled barks catch your awareness towards the entrance ranks the place youcan see countless enormous, tailless, panther-like beasts tethered to heavy posts, saddled andlightly armored for future fight. You glance prior the small navy past that, beyond the mounds tosee two gargantuan shapes making a large perimeter across the metropolis loosely in your path. A pairof the significant furred hulks that you just first noticed whilst you first entered Xhorhas within the distance.They’re stalking around the wastes and the encircling grounds. Heavy iron chains wrappedlike a harness across their 20-foot broad torso each set up by means of an armored Kryn who’s rocking backand forth with each affect of its enormous tree trunk-like limbs dragging itself through the muckand mud.You will see squat legs dragging it forward as its limbs pull it ahead like a heavygorilla. All included in a dismal grey-brown fur that’s matted with mud and dirt. The face of thecreature, which you see for the primary time now that it is getting shut enough, rests between theshoulders with out neck or really a head. Just embedded between the place the shoulders are as partof the torso. A grey, scaled, leathery foreheadthat folds around 4 crimson eyes the dimensions of cannonballsarranged much like a spider’s face and a tangle of teeth and tusks that protrude from a frighteninglywide mouth that close to leads from shoulder to shoulder on the very entrance.(stomping) As itshifts ahead, some of the mouths opens and you see this significant, heavy, thick tongue pull off andscrape in opposition to the tusks after which withdraw into the mouth and the jaw closes shut. Which you can feel onthe floor with each and every heavy limb fall (stomping). SAM: these are within the metropolis or outside? MATT: this is outside the city. LIAM: Roughly how tall? MATT: That creature is mainly about 30 feet atthe high of its peak. Shoulder height. TRAVIS: but 20 ft huge. MATT: The shoulders are about 20 ft vast side toside. If you’re to seem at it head on like 20, 25 feet right there. The shoulders themselves areabout 20 ft apart and from the highest when it is completely stood up, you imagine it would most commonly get upto about 25 or 30 ft, nevertheless it tends to be a bit of hunched as it pulls ahead. TRAVIS: you know when you go to that discipline in thegame and you are not relatively leveled up for it yet? MARISHA: Mm-hmm, and also you run the opposite direction.LAURA: sure. You guys, to not be pessimistic oranything, however I feel their navy is much cooler than the navy that now we have obvious. SAM: Mm-hmm. For certain. LAURA: maybe we should all simply hang out and bepart of Xhorhas to any extent further. I imply, they’re pretty cool. MARISHA: they are pretty cool. LAURA: They’ve acquired moving hills. They’ve obtained thesegiant spider weird guys. MARISHA: I want a war turtle. TRAVIS: The tortoises are loopy. SAM: now we have not tasted the food here yet. Maybelet’s just reserve judgment for– LAURA: however we’ve Caduceus. TALIESIN: I believe like we’re gilding an terrible lotof expectations at the moment. I would fairly like to get a better feel of these individuals earlier than we– LAURA: come to a decision to live right here? TALIESIN: Even make a decision how we think about it. LIAM: Roughly 51 more minutes. LAURA: okay, let’s go.SAM: yes, this might be like… You know when yougo to Hawaii and you’re like: why don’t we live here? LAURA: Yeah. LIAM: 50 minutes. MATT: You push on and Gluzzo is walking alongsideyou and preserving his head down. You guys procedure the southeast gates. Each facet is about ten feetwide, might be 15 toes tall. It certainly crawls up greater than the leisure of the encompassing wall andhas a slight arch to it. One of them is closed the opposite is in part open. You’ll discover some soldiersare coming in and out. Other individuals which might be working the field replacing guidelines andthat will be the nearest entrance– pardon– to the city. MARISHA: Does it look like there are persons blockingthe entrance? Like they may be closely guarded? MATT: no one blocking off the entrance, but you do seeon every side of it two very colossal and armored ogres. Both preserving heavy golf equipment with an axe bladeon each and every part. They’re just there watching out. TRAVIS: Are folks which can be coming and going arethey wearing something selecting? Any form of medals, badges, pins, ribbons? MATT: Make a belief investigate.MARISHA: The humans who’re coming and going, arethe ogres stopping them? MATT: No. TRAVIS: 19. MATT: 19? Nothing you can quite make out,unfortunately. I imply, their outfits aren’t uniform. Everything could be very patchwork andscavenged or put collectively to, as a minimum from what you will have seen, to be utilitarian. There is nodecor. As you approach this heavy gate, one can find one of the ogres looks to you all and(growling breaths).TRAVIS and TALIESIN: (grunt) SAM: will we just stroll with confidence? TRAVIS: Yep. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Who’s leading the charge in to the city? TRAVIS: i am. MATT: Go forward and make a deception examine. LIAM: it is just like we’re sneaking into an E3party. Here we go. MATT: done that a thousand instances. LAURA: Yeah, look like you belong. Seem like youbelong, no one will discontinue you. TRAVIS: sixteen. MATT: Yeah, now we have all had to sneak into our owngame events earlier than. MARISHA: that’s proper. MATT: Low on the totem pole, us actors. As yougrunt and the ogre grunts again, you keep strolling. He doesn’t pay concentration. He would not realize. Youall weasel past through the six-foot space of the proper hand door that’s open, and enter Asarius.TRAVIS: We’re in. TALIESIN: metropolis of Beasts. MATT: inside the town, the winding dust roads youalready see before you’re hard and slick with the contemporary rainfall as the air itself is pungentwith the smells of animal hair, moist earth, and dung. It immediately hits you love a wall. This isthe largest petting zoo you might ever remember touring. Droves of waste folks wander the streets.Burly ogres clutching barrels and beams. You will see that orcs which are dragging hunted quarry behindthem by way of the mud or over their shoulders a few of them nonetheless struggling, no longer quite useless from thewounds they sustained earlier than an orc simply takes it and slams it throughout its again so it goes tostillness and stops moving. Not a variety of conversation, but occasional bickering andgrowling at each different. There is still a civilized feel of order to this. Greater than you would haveassumed based on the interactions you will have had with gnolls and different such creatures who seem to livein these spaces. Goblins specially. And also you do see goblins. You do see goblins and goblin-kinchildren rushing by means of the alleys and scurrying off into the roads.Clusters of them carryingsomething collectively. Some of them simply trying to stay up for whatever to drop or be left or forgottenfrom some of the better people after which just scavenged and taken away. LAURA: without doubt preserving arms on pockets andpouches. MATT: okay. MARISHA: Yeah. TALIESIN: i’m preserving an eye fixed out. LIAM: Did you give Jester again the haversack orare you–? MARISHA: Yeah, I did. LIAM: ok. LAURA: a part of my disguise it looks black with mydisguise. MATT: however the majority of the individuals you see thatare unfold in the course of town are furred bugbears, scruffy gnolls, anxious kobolds,surely, and the occasional minotaur. SAM: (gasp) MATT: One in particular catches your eye who’swalking with two sets of five infantrymen on each and every side, Kryn infantrymen. You see one large minotaur,jet black onyx fur, enormous grown horns that curve to the entrance. Pristine– uncharacteristically forthis space– pristine silvered armor that’s intricately carved and exact. One can find thisdull gray cloak that falls prior the shoulder mantle and drifts to the again of the knees.Itshooves are decorated with a sort of plate armor correct to the entrance. As it looms through, that you can seethis heavy greatsword that is thrown over its again. Every person stops and gives large berth as it walksthrough across the road. LIAM: The whole table just became the hornyand aroused meme. LAURA: Yeah. SAM: i’m into this. LAURA: He was gorgeous. MATT: Continues down the street in loosely thedirection that you are travelling, however a good 20, 30 feet ahead of you and then continues when you wantedto maintain percent or simply wait. MARISHA: He had a posse? MATT: A posse of roughly 11 or 12 Kryn. TRAVIS: Are just round him? MATT: around him, yeah.You get the feel that hehas some form of value or station on this location. TRAVIS: Yeah. I was once going to assert that’s a protect. TALIESIN: you have in general received to work tough to keepthat easy. LAURA: Wow. TRAVIS: will we need to comply with? Now that we’re in,is there something that is discernible to the eye? Like a weapons retailer– MATT: Gluzzo’s simply going for walks away. TRAVIS: Yeah, k. He can simply– MATT: He would not renowned. You’re in the cityand he simply walks away. TRAVIS: You forgot your… Ten… Gold. Okay.Do we see some thing like a blacksmithy or a weapons store or– SAM: cattle? LIAM: well, that is in all places.That’s going to behard to pinpoint a location. MATT: which you could to seem around. LAURA: there’s commonly animals. SAM: we are able to ask around. TRAVIS: i do not want to make quite a lot of– I don’twant to hit up quite a few contact simply but and see what we are able to see. MATT: Go ahead and make a common investigationcheck. Oh, if you are not asking around, then it might simply be perception. TRAVIS: damn. Investigation would’ve been higher.Not dangerous, though; it’s 19. MATT: As you guys begin to stroll and enter thecity, you begin taking in probably the most attractions round you. One factor you become aware of is there areoccasionally humans here.They’re no longer the entire various great races that you would’veexpected. The humans that you just do see listed below are generally solitary and they are scarred and tough.Possibly feral, it can be hard to inform, but they’ve an eye about them like they have been by way of enoughto survive amongst these folks within the wastes and this city. You get a sense of why Yasha putherself into just a little little bit of that rough and tumble presentation before you entered. LIAM: Do they have the appear of, say, beaten,nervous slaves or tough–? MATT: Make an perception investigate. LIAM: Yeah. TRAVIS: excellent call. LIAM: (growling) Balls. TRAVIS: might be for those who had extra, you know, space inthat dice tray. LIAM: 12. MATT: you aren’t getting a way of any form ofenslaved or subjugated facet. They simply look to be another surviving member of the group who,because they are human and the character of the warfare and the form of persons that exist on this house,has had to endure some rough hazing. LIAM: prison principles. MATT: Yeah, variety of. SAM: Is anybody carrying the emblem? The Lux? TheLuxor? MATT: Make a perception determine.TRAVIS: Ooh, excellent call. SAM: no longer excellent. Ten. MATT: it can be hard to tell. There’s quite a bit ofmovement, and quite a lot of armor, and quite a few fur, and a number of different types. You do not see anybody whovery brazenly is showing off any type of iconography or jewelry that would be an identical towhat you saw on Gluzzo. MARISHA: except the minotaur and the military, isthere any form of guards? Any form of– TRAVIS: The watchtowers. MATT: you do not see any noted preserve. You do not seeanybody who appears to be uniformed or have any type of an identifiable attire or imagery that wouldgive you the suggestion that there was once a wandering preserve, yet. MARISHA: The watchtowers seem like they’reprobably for siege attacks, for navy? They do not look to have someone posted in them? MATT: They do have people posted in them. Youdon’t understand if that is considering it is wartime, or that it can be a part of the watch over the town, orboth.You are unsure. LIAM: maybe you protected this and my participant missedit, however do the Kryns look to be an occupying drive or a part of– LAURA: Why does it sound like you say Koreans? LIAM: given that it appears like he is saying Koreans. LAURA: No, he says "Krin." MATT: I say "Kreen." LAURA: however you say "Kor-een," so it sounds likeyou’re saying– LIAM: I suppose I mentioned "Krin" final recreation, LauraBailey. This time i attempted to compare the dungeon master, however i am taking part in with a German accent andsometimes strange matters occur. You must have heard the things I needed to say in a German accentearlier in these days. It used to be this whole scene, man. TRAVIS: Twins, twins, please. Please. LAURA: Aww. LIAM: Occupying drive or integrated with society? MATT: Make an insight determine for me. LIAM: supply me a good roll. It’s cocked, proper? SAM: when you consider that you have a thousand cube around it.LIAM: It was once the identical roll. 19. MATT: it is tough to tell. There does not look to beany worry of the Kryn as they stroll around, however they don’t seem to be absolutely integrated and rubbingshoulders with the roughnecks of the city. You don’t sense any sort of anxiety that wouldnormally be a part of an occupying drive. LIAM: Yeah. Okay. TRAVIS: i am of the intellect that we must follow thebig minotaur. I imply, he would most effective be going to and from locations of significance. SAM: Did we see the place he went? MATT: Yeah, he’s nonetheless running ahead of you guyswith a brisk %. There’s some distance developing between the two of you. TRAVIS: Yeah, we’ll preserve 20 to 30 toes in the back of. LIAM: I proposal we had been looking to get beasts toride.MATT: As part of this, as you are going for walks, andbased on the notion roll that you made– due to the fact that i will fill you in on extra of that.Watching round, the constructions of this building are assorted and patchwork, with huts and hovelsmingling with mud-brick buildings and domes, and small, roughly-hewn and sculpted domiciles. Youpass probably the most dormant tortoises that you just saw that’s actually in the metropolis. It is sitting thereoccupying loads on this metropolis. Atop its again, you see a goblin neighborhood of dense shacks anddwellings, clustered, constructed, and strapped onto its again.You’ll discover– TRAVIS: Get the fuck out of right here. MARISHA: that is so fucking cool! LAURA: Did it crawl into the city considering it couldmove?! The entire city can transfer?! MARISHA: sure, it the turtle still alive? MATT: You are not able to tell. All you see is the shellthere and this goblin local developed atop its shell that is strapped and pressed onto it. You cansee all these clustered tents and huts and pieces of gathered and scavenged woods which have beenpressed together to create this small shantytown atop this tortoise shell. There you will see that a fewgoblins available in the market which might be doing repairs, a few which might be– TALIESIN: I was once going to assert, cruise ships are theworst. MATT: Some which might be stretching out leather to tan,however the weather is not just right for tanning. They may be getting annoyed because it can be getting mildewy.This goblin’s like (irritated muttering) and seeking to stretch it out more and breathe sizzling on it.It’snot really doing something. LAURA: Nott! Did you live on a turtle? SAM: No, i did not survive a turtle. I’ve neverseen something like that. That’s mighty. LAURA: that is means cooler than what you had. SAM: sure. Sure. MARISHA: I quite suppose like we should put money into aturtle. It seems so valuable. SAM: The upkeep, though.Should you own a turtle,you ought to repair everything on it. MARISHA: that’s genuine. What when you appoint the turtle,is that– MATT: Leasing is rather go. MARISHA: Yeah, rent it. Get the most up-to-date turtle. LIAM: it’s a business cost. MATT: As you guys go the small goblinneighborhood to your proper, you hear the familiar barks that had echoed from the navy previous. Youpass a preserve/livery for these panther-like beasts. You will discover a numerous number of thesekept in this tremendous pen. They have these chain collars round their neck, and so they’re alltethered to a valuable, heavy pole that is currently pressed deep into the mud. There are some of themthat are lying and slumbering; a few of them are hungrily pacing on the external of the pen, lookingat the passersby and growling. Getting a better seem at it, you can find they have this wonderfullyaerodynamic profile to them. Their head and neck are sloped the entire way past their shoulders to theback. Basically, it’s not except the hind haunches that the curvature ends.What it is is this superslick, raveled, thick, heavy, wiry fur that itself is a dull grey-pink colour. It seems disheveled atthe high, and then it tends to fluff out a bit whenever you get previous where the shoulders and the pits areof its appendages. It is very panther-like in its physicality, just more muscular and lean andstretched. Somewhat extra exaggerated in its pussycat determine, apart from the truth that its head is thiscontinuous, muscled neck into a sloped, toothy mouth on the entrance. You’ll discover on the perimeters thesetwo colossal, bulging, practically creepily fish-like eyes which can be lidless and poke out the perimeters of thehead, looking out in both recommendations.Within the entrance, there may be now not a basic cat nose, however itlooks virtually like a cat skull, however flesh pulled over it. It has these two open slits which can be longin the front. Its jaw hangs open with these two tremendous tusks that curl up in the entrance, and itstongue dangles out the entrance. (panting) LAURA: Can they blep? That’s the important factor. MATT: we’ll have to discover. LAURA: With the fish-eye blep. That will be socute. SAM: we now have best visible these creatures on their own?They’re not carrying something, and they wouldn’t have saddles of any form? LIAM: I suggestion they were armored up. MATT: These ones do not. The ones that you just sawoutside in the military have been. SAM: were armored, but didn’t have folks ridingon them? MATT: They have been saddled up. They did not havepeople on them on the time. SAM: Oh, they were saddled up? LAURA: We would trip them.LIAM: we’re going to Skeletor this shit. MATT: you also can see the one, three-storyspire of grey stone that Gluzzo had recounted earlier than that he mentioned used to be referred to as the Aurora maintain.You will find portions of it are the stone structure, and then factors of darkish, almosttinted glass seem to make it up like a cathedral spire. It looms over the rest of the city, whichdoesn’t have a variety of variant in its peak. Lots of the structures are developed nearly theground, whether it’s from barriers on the people who built it or a culturalindifference to seeking to make matters with a couple of layers. One can find the especially elvenelements to its design and constitution, which makes it stand out much more against the leisure of thecity.You additionally move internal-city livestock pens, with pigs that are saved quite often pig stipulations.No longer horrible, however they love their mud, and this can be a good house for them. You can see one pen thathas these significant aurochs that are being stored as beasts of burden which might be penned into each and every otherinto a small house. There’s a element of the bottom where more of these roots– an identical tothose giant fields you noticed being cultivated on the external of town– there may be a smaller variant ofit being placed right here.LAURA: (whispering) What’s an auroch? LIAM: it can be an ox. MATT: Yeah, a colossal ox. Enormous, heavy, bison-typefur wreath round its head, giant horns. These in precise, you can accumulate, ordinarily pull a lotof the heavy gear and, from base to shoulder, in general stand about eight ft tall. LIAM: big yak. SAM: do we go speak to the livery folks? LAURA: Oh my gosh, will we experience these thingies withthe fish eyes? SAM: Yeah. MARISHA: Can i am going knock on the turtle shell andsee if the turtle’s nonetheless alive? TRAVIS: Let the tortoise factor go for a littlebit. SAM: The turtle shell’s not linked to thelivery, right? MATT: No, it is a distance behind it. As a note, asyou stroll by way of the city, denizens push prior you.Some pay no mind; some do supply a curious lookbecause you are definitely not a troop of most commonly beast-looking people. They don’t appear to discontinue you. LIAM: Caleb noted the time after they solid theirspells. Would his keen intellect inform them how a lot is left? MATT: right now, i’d say you’ve got between 25and 20 minutes left of those spells, in the time that it’s taken you to walk to town and thenmake your approach this some distance inside, retaining a watch for quite a lot of small print around you. TRAVIS: What if we split? What if we acquire sometransport from the individuals that would not have the worry of adjusting again? The others can make their wayout of town, and we’ll meet you there. SAM: Or! We now have obvious some humans round right here,they are just scummy. You might just muck up your face and slot in.LAURA: Or we simply fucking recast the spell. LIAM: Yeah. LAURA: Yeah. Just tell us when we’re runningout of time. SAM: i’m just pronouncing, if we’re going to be herefor longer than two hours and we don’t want to hold recasting, we could perhaps see if– TRAVIS: We might just beat the shit out of Beauand we are going to be first-class. MARISHA: i’m so down to be scummy. LIAM: Let’s be clear about our goals right here, although.We were going to get some thing to experience, and go away. Ja? TRAVIS: sure. LIAM: k. MATT: Caduceus. Even as they are having thisconversation, you are looking around the house, and also you look back and that gigantic minotaur that you just guyswere following is now strolling straight toward you.SAM: Oh, god! MARISHA: What do you imply? Oh, god! TRAVIS: i don’t want to be right here! TALIESIN: You guys don’t know anything but. We’vegot corporation. SAM: Let’s go see if there’s anyone working atthe livery. Is there a hut? MATT: there is the gigantic pen, and there is a40-foot-wide structure; difficult, thatched roof that’s been handled with some variety of a heavy muckand/or probably creature mucus to offer it a bright, rain-proof exterior. The front has a door. It is arough-watching door, that is rounded at the high and would not match competently into the complete entryway, butit appears realistic. Do you stroll towards the livery? SAM: Yeah, that is why we’re right here. LAURA: i am staring at the minotaur. MATT: You guys transfer toward the livery, he curvesand follows. He’s beelining towards you. TALIESIN: Mm-hmm.I will acknowledge with abow, when I realize that he’s relocating towards us. LAURA: i’ll smile after which recall thatI’m goth and go– TALIESIN: that is a lot better. MATT: He procedures. Only two of the Kryn soldiersthat were with him are now at his facets; the leisure have gone throughout the Aurora preserve, which appears tohave been his destination until any person had taken word. TRAVIS: I want we had planned out a narrative beforewe came in right here. MARISHA: Yeah. I mean, yep. MATT: He tactics and prevents possibly ten toes fromyou, towering over your lot. About your peak. Possibly slightly bit taller, but a lot wider, andburly. As quickly as his ultimate hoof-fall hits the mud– TALIESIN: k, i’m feeling the physicalaggression? MATT: just a presence. TALIESIN: i’ll give it to him. I’m going to get a littleshorter. MATT: "I must admit i’ve no longer noticeable you withinthis metropolis before." TALIESIN: this is our first time here. MATT: "So color me curious. What’s your online business,and whom do you serve?" TALIESIN: may I, or do you wish to have to? Our businessis we’re looking to collect some transport, probably do some alternate whilst we’re in town, and head onour way.As to our service, we are personal contractors on what i will say, of the manymissions that we’ve put forward, is considered one of our truer, extra noble missions at this point. MATT: "Contractors? What is your corporation?" TALIESIN: anything we’re being shriveled for. Atthis factor, simply– MATT: "Sellswords?" TALIESIN: usually. TRAVIS: Smugglers. TALIESIN: typically. MATT: "From where do you hail?" TALIESIN: in every single place. LAURA: all over, rather. TRAVIS: Nogvurot, for me, yeah. MATT: i need you each to make deception exams. TALIESIN: Is that deception? MATT: you’re most likely not from all over.You’refrom one position. TALIESIN: that’s fair. 19. TRAVIS: 17. MATT: k. Looks squarely at each and every of you as yousay this, and turns the nostril up a bit and offers an awfully temporary nod. You hear the plates of the metalcreaking as he shifts the weight from one hoof to the other. TALIESIN: that’s gorgeous, by the way, I’venever noticeable anything love it before. MATT: "and you never will. Handmade." TALIESIN: lovely. LAURA: by who? A really powerful artisan mastersmith and stuff? TRAVIS: you’re gothing. You’re gothing real good. LAURA: i am going on gothing as i’m doing it. SAM: She’s no longer relocating her jaw. MATT: "It was crafted from a sister of my house incelebration of my near-umavi ascension." SAM: near-umavi ascension? MATT: "you are most likely now not from around here, areyou?" TALIESIN: Very so much no longer.MATT: "well. Sellswords, if you’re watching forwork, there’s work here in these lands in a time "of conflict. If which you can raise a blade, while we sendmost of our in a position-bodied soldiers to the entrance "line, cleanup is a bit of a hindrance right here at dwelling.I’d say speak to girl Zethriss Olios inside the "Aurora maintain if you are watching for contractedwork." SAM: Say that identify once more? MATT: "Zethriss Olios." TALIESIN: That could be very beneficiant of you. TRAVIS: i am sorry. Forgive our impertinence, wedidn’t ask in your title. MATT: offers you a seem like– you’ll find in theway the head turns like, you do not know my name? He goes, "i’ve had many names via manylives, however the one I take now is Sunbreaker Oloman." MARISHA: Sunbreaker Olman? LIAM: Oloman.LAURA: Almond. SAM: And is there a Mrs. Sunbreaker, or–? TRAVIS: Are you flirting with the fuckingminotaur? SAM: he’s fucking scorching. (laughter) SAM: And, you already know, 50/50 my husband’s dead, so. (stunned laughter) TRAVIS: Wow! We’ve been sending him messages everynight. LIAM: Risking our lives at the back of enemy lines. MATT: The giant minotaur looks down at thegoblin with a curled eyebrow and goes, "Heh. No." SAM: Hmm. MATT: "good, do not make any messes," and he turnsaround.TALIESIN: Pleasure. I love it here. LAURA: Did you see the best way? I believe he winked atyou. I suppose I saw– SAM: i could not tell– TALIESIN: I suggestion he winked at me, however that’sfine. SAM: — through his piercing eyes. LIAM: these had been his horns, had been piercing. Hishorns, Nott. SAM: Yeah. He used to be attractive. LIAM: stay on project. SAM: Sorry. I’m sorry. TRAVIS: How so much time, keen intellect? LIAM: About 15 to 20? MATT: At this factor, about 15 minutes or so beforeit– TALIESIN: Let’s head into the liv– TRAVIS: Livery. TALIESIN: Livery and spot if there may be aconversation. SAM: What was his title? Oloman. LAURA: Olman? Olmin? MATT and LAURA: Oloman. LIAM: Nottbreaker Oloman. (laughter) TALIESIN: Oh no.MATT: Anyway. SAM: Saddle up! (laughter) TRAVIS and SAM: Like a gerbil on a banana. TALIESIN: once again, Sam has ruined tomorrowmorning’s Twitter. LIAM: DM’s as red as his t-shirt. MATT: under no circumstances underestimate the avid gamers’ capacity tofuck with you. You method the wide structure that sits affixed to this significant pen where thesecreatures are presently held. The scent is strong. It’s a blend of the fur, the dung, and thisheavy, acrid smell you can simplest attribute to– LIAM: Cat piss. MATT: — heavy, long-soaked piss. You enterthe interior of the building. You will see a series of goblins which are within the process of lounging,now not doing their jobs. They’re sitting there, drinking these little wooden cups of some form ofa liquid, they may be speaking amongst themselves.You seize the tail finish of the conversation, Nott. Oneof them’s announcing, "This entire thing is being ridiculous. Every person’s simply taking stuff and notreally deciding to buy it." As soon as you guys stroll in they all (grunt) and sit down upright, and all seem overon the reverse finish. You see, turning from the reverse side, this might be… Best. An oldergoblin, regularly later in his years. Slightly rotund, this puff of grey-white hair that sits on the backof the top and the front of it can be just bald totally. Liver spots on the face. Long nostril thatcomes to a gradual factor toward the bottom. Bulbous chin. Appears like Meg Mucklebones fromLegend, but so much smaller and a dude. LIAM: "Older in his years," does that mean he’slike 15, 16? MATT: Pushing 20, probably 25. (oohing) TALIESIN: he’s visible some shit. MATT: This figure is lacking both hands. Has areally pleasant, relatively dirty vest over no shirt. Has a pair of slacks rolled up in the direction of the knee, andbare feet running which might be black on the backside.The long, soiled toenails haven’t been clipped in awhile, and hook over the front of the toes. You will discover him attaining up with one leg, and finisheswrapping a rope round some pole leaning on the brink. He turns the relaxation of you and goes, "hiya,there! You coming to do business, eh?" SAM: you are on fireplace tonight. Whats up, historic timer! MATT: "Oh, hello there, little woman! Great tosee you!" SAM: fine day we’re having right here. MATT: "quite first-rate indeed!" SAM: Do you manipulate these stables right here? MATT: "Aye, welcome to Zorth’s Pits! I am Zorth." SAM: Zorth? MATT: "Yeah!" LIAM: Zorth. MARISHA: Zorth’s pit? SAM: family trade? Are these your relations? MATT: "No! They may be a bunch of pissants!" And theykind of (goblin yelping) scatter. One in all them begins cautiously entering into the pen with acluster of probably no longer-the-freshest meat however is standing before them and tossing them. You hear(snarling) and right away the goblin runs external. Appears back on the rest of you, "here wegot the quality beasts within the land. You watching to "purchase whatever, huh?" SAM: (stuttering) we’re.Or at the least appoint. Hire?Borrow? LAURA: mortgage, probably. SAM: yes, we’ve got been taking a appear at your stockhere. I am from the south of Xhorhas, so i’m no longer conversant in the animals up right here. The…? MATT: "Moorbounders!" SAM: Maulbounders? MATT: "Moorbounders!" SAM: Moorbounders. That is the longer,panther-like? MATT: "Yeah, they are from the swamps in thesouth." SAM: that is why I used to be accustomed to them. MATT: "that’s where you stated you had been from. Youdon’t be aware of what they’re?" SAM: good, we name them something one of a kind downthere.MATT: "What do you call them?" SAM: We name them… Swamp panthers. MATT: it is now not very imaginitive. And no longer accurateeither. SAM: No. No, good that is why– MATT: "Who am I to judge? A pleasant young girl comingin right here to do some industry. Now i am no longer going to "lie, these are not cheap. And watching at the bunchof you, I have no idea if they are on your wheelhouse "to come up with the money for it. However you understand? Let’s provide it a tryanyway. What are you watching for? What number of you "looking to buy, huh?" SAM: how many would we’d like? Can each one carrymore than one? MATT: "well if you’re incorporated, then you definitely’llprobably match three on certainly one of them. For the common "sized folk– Oh, appear at this tremendous fellow righthere! He’s pushing– probably two at most with him on "there, however you understand…Conservatively pronouncing."(giggles) SAM: My face is included in spittle. You hadother creatures here, too, did you no longer? Are there larger creatures? MATT: "No, simply them." SAM: Oh. Failed to we see some larger beasts ofburden? MATT: these had been other areas. SAM: Oh, k. Okay– LAURA: How a lot are we speakme for one? MATT: "For one? Good let’s see, costs have beengoing up since they’ve been buying them off me "left and correct for the struggle events, so pushingabout five hundred gold apiece." LIAM and TALIESIN: Oof. MATT: "they are harmful, they’re rapid; fasterthan any riding horse you’ve got ever seen!" TRAVIS: Single saddles, or do you promote customdouble saddles? MATT: "they may be able to soar thirty ft in a singlebounce! Now not desiring any sort of run up at all!" TRAVIS: (laughing) I don’t know why i’m making an attempt todrink right now.That is a fucking mistake. MATT: "Hopping down trees, mountains, rocks,some thing you need. Cliff aspects? No problem. "they may take you there." SAM: (like Zorth) How’s the resale value on these?Sorry, sorry! (average voice) Sorry. How’s the resale price if we bought these? Would we sellthem in another city for almost as so much? MATT: "for those who’ve acquired a just right adequate earnings plan andyou’re very convincing, generally. But treat them "well, push them, feed them, don’t let them killand devour you, I feel you can be excellent." LIAM: is that this going down in original? TRAVIS: Nope. LIAM: is that this Goblin or original? MATT: that is customary, on the grounds that it used to be a mixed groupthat got here in here.Has not slipped something Goblin-intelligent to you immediately yet. LIAM: k. LAURA: that is quite a bit. I do not know if we couldafford that. SAM: what number of do you suppose we would need, do youthink? Three, four? LAURA: One, two, three. SAM: they may be able to each preserve two, fully grown. Whatabout this huge fellow right here? MATT: "that’s what i’m pronouncing! He’s probablypushing it to 2 tops. Maybe three if you’re "incorporated.You’re additionally a tremendous one. You’re prettytiny. You can typically try this, eh?" SAM: we can get away with three of them, perhaps. LAURA: We might most of the time get away with two. SAM: Two? TALIESIN: No, no. No, we want three. LIAM: Excuse me, my just right sir. MATT: "sure, of course, what’s your identify?" LIAM: Gorth. MATT: "Gorth? (laughs) Pleasure to fulfill you. I’mZorth. Our names rhyme. That is silly." LIAM: that may be a coincidence, ja. MATT: "does not happen on the whole." LIAM: No. MATT: "Tickles me belly." LIAM: does not appear very outstanding to me. I wantedto ask you: how tough are these creatures to choose up studying them and using them? Are you able to justpick it up or is it a studying curve? MATT: "Nah, i’m going to customarily ought to provide you with somesort of seminar whilst you purchase them. But that is "part of the buying fee. Get a hazard to setyou down and we will go over the basics of "preservation, and howdy, supply them a name, get themused to you.Just a few hours of coaching and that i "consider we will be good, yeah?" LIAM: a few hours. However, simply perhaps certainly one of us percreature, per beast, who knows the right way to manage it? MATT: "ideally, yeah. It needs to bond to oneindividual. Two, and it would get complicated. And "then it might choose one over the opposite in the future, andthen eat the head off of the one it does not "make a decision, you recognize. If you happen to failed to do it correct. Soyou’ve bought to watch out.(chuckles)" LIAM: well, you already know, i am good with cats, so thisis sounding just right to me. MATT: "Oh, ultimate! It can be supposed to be! What number of youbuying?" SAM: Zorth, you said that fighting forces werecoming to take these from you. MATT: "well, they bought just a few. We have beentrying to hold up." SAM: they may be now not paying full retail, although, arethey? TRAVIS: here it comes. MATT: "they’re paying what they are supposed topay, seeing as how they may be keeping us riskless from "all of the fucking bastards over the Ashkeepers, theway–" SAM: And more vigor to them.I hope they killthose Empire scum, however– MATT: "damn proper!" SAM: however, i’m hoping, also, that you’ve got been givingthem the first-rate of your stock to battle in the front strains. MATT: "good, all we keep is good inventory! I imply, tobe honest, the ones that don’t develop up superb "are likely to get eaten via the primary. So, you understand,the ones that continue to exist, they’re generally the high-quality stock regardless." SAM: All proper, i’ll swap to Goblin. All right,pay attention: Goblin to goblin, if we buy three of these, couldn’t you cut your fellow gobbiea deal right here? MATT: (chuckles) Make a persuasion determine. (laughter) SAM: ok, persuasion? Ooh, there isn’t any minus.So that’s 15. LAURA: Ooh. MATT: okay. He goes, "Mmm…" SAM: i can throw in a tiny statue of a dick! (laughter) SAM: A one-of-a-sort dick statue.MATT: Leans in shut. SAM: And? LAURA: And we are not able to appreciate! We just see herpull out a dick! (laughter) SAM: This used to be genuinely a petrified dick. MATT: "really? Of what?" SAM: Of a tiny, tiny human, an ancestral human– TRAVIS: Nope. SAM: That we observed in a mine someplace. MATT: Make a deception examine. (laughter) SAM: Nope. Well, no, it can be there. Persuasion? MATT: Deception. SAM: Deception. (laughter) LAURA: Oh, no. SAM: Wait, where’s that? Ooh, eleven. MATT: "Eh, appears about correct. I mean, no offense.(bawdy giggle)" (laughter) SAM: i know, correct? People. MATT: "funny." TRAVIS: You reside with that. MARISHA: Uh-huh. Oh, i do know. MATT: "i will let you know what. We will workfor alternate." SAM: What sort of exchange are we speaking? MATT: "hello, hi there! Get–" well, he can’t definitely dothat; he does not have a hand. MATT: He simply snaps along with his toes. "hello!" (laughter) MATT: he is exceptional! He’s tremendous dexterous withhis toes. "i’m having a dialog! With some "prospective clients." they usually all scutter offinto a again room and shut the little door."i am "in a little bit of a pickle, to be honest. You see, Ikeep two subterranean nests where we breed our "moorbounders. And whatever’s form of moved intoone of them. Killed certainly one of my last batches, my "final grasp, something they name them, I don’tknow. No longer very good studied on their history; i’m "simply excellent at raising them and selling them." MATT: "It got a little scary, so I sealed it off withsome chains.And for those who’d be interested, probably you "might go down there and see what’s inside, seewhat the problem is. Possibly kill it and i’m going to take "your rate down." SAM: How so much down? LAURA: (whispers) Free. MATT: "you are watching to purchase what number of?" SAM: Three. MATT: "You do that for me, i will give you all threefor 750 gold." SAM: 1/2 fee? MATT: "1/2 rate." SAM: Let me consult with my fellows.MATT: "Yeah, of course! Go for it! (chuckles)" SAM: All correct, i’ll deliver what was once mentioned. Whatdo you guys consider? Will have to we– oh, shit! Hold on… Hiya! MATT: "Yeah?" SAM: Is the monster, or the nest, the position wherewe could be going, inside the confines of this metropolis right here, or outside the city? MATT: "No, it’s here below the actualpremises." SAM: Oh, it is correct right here? K, cool. Back in afew. MARISHA: Sounds damaging. TRAVIS: Did he say what it used to be? LIAM: What are you speaking about? SAM: He needs us to head kill an unknown creaturefor him, and he’ll knock half of the price off. TRAVIS: Oh, that is pleasant. Yeah. LAURA: that is still quite a few gold, although. MARISHA: Two-thirds. LAURA: I have no idea if we are able to even get that muchgold collectively. TRAVIS: definite we are able to. LAURA: (theatrically) I have no idea if we are able to,though. We don’t have that a lot gold. Maybe he can knock the fee down just a little bit more! TALIESIN: How so much gold do we have now, I don’tactually– LAURA: We wouldn’t have quite a few gold with us, youknow? I actually don’t know how much– TRAVIS: you recognize what we must do? We will have to godown there and take a look at this beast, and we will prefer the best way down.SAM: What? TRAVIS: Yeah. Let’s go see what’s on this caveunderneath. SAM: You just want to go? TRAVIS: Yep. TALIESIN: I was genuinely going to recommend maybewe can send our tiny, furry buddy down there for a little bit seem-see, and then formulate whether ornot it is a good deal or no longer. LIAM: good, some thing we do, we must do it in thenext six-and-a-half minutes. TRAVIS: If we all go down into the cav-ay, thenmaybe you can recast-ay the spell-ay. LIAM: i did not solid realise Languages; I don’tknow what that’s, but ja, we might go down under only a scooch, and i will do what you’retalking about.TALIESIN: i’m certain if we have a conversation aboutour character issues that if something were to arise while we’re in here, I suppose they seem likean working out bunch. LIAM: I do not know if i have that a lot coin, however Ihave some gemstones and another items. MATT: "good, if you haven’t any gold to spend,then why are you coming in right here asking to buy matters?" LAURA and SAM: We do have some! SAM: listen, we’ve made up our minds to move down and take atook, examine the trouble, and we’ll come back with our verdict. Does that sound good to you? MATT: "i might style of opt for a confirmation. It is up toyou." SAM: we are able to comply with do the job proper now if youcut the price all the way down to four hundred gold complete. MATT: "No!" MARISHA: (whispering) 500! SAM: 500 gold whole. MATT: "650 gold and that is all." MARISHA: 600 and a tiny dick statue.LAURA: Yeah, that is just right. SAM: 600 and a tiny dick! MATT: "offered!" SAM: I keep out my leg and say: Shake on it! MATT: you are fairly dexterous, nevertheless it seems like ahandshake. The genuine foot curves round, offers it a hearty shake, and withdraws again and looks atyou all and goes, "So?" SAM: i will leave this for collateral. MATT: He plucks it between the 2 toes and tucksit into slightly pocket in the vest in front.TALIESIN: I determine we go down there. If it getsrough, we are going to simply make an expeditious retreat. LAURA: Is it correct there, right where you go down,or is it–? MATT: "it can be type of a– i’m going to lead you there." TALIESIN: that’s terrible form of you. MATT: "ok! You able? All proper, come on, followme!" Turns round, strikes behind where the pen was and beyond the door where the goblins had been inthere.You will see them peeking out as you guys stroll with the aid of, and so they snicker and chortle at the back of thedoor. Getting a more in-depth appear at them, they are younger. TALIESIN: weird question, are they laughing withus, or at us? Are we being taken? Make a what? MATT: insight examine. TALIESIN: insight determine. That’s good, thatcould’ve been so dangerous. 21. SAM: Whispers! Goblin whispers! LIAM: (Liam Neeson accent) Now listen to me verycarefully. SAM: Guys, D&D beyond just isn’t aware that I’mrunning for president of their organization, however you should subscribe to their provider. TRAVIS: you can comply with up on this? TALIESIN: I mentioned i do not follow politics. I wastalking to Sam. MATT: On the a long way finish of this chamber, there may be aheavy metallic tunnel that curves across the back and that leads from where the pen is– yeah, there yougo– from the pen reserve, the place these creatures are being held and tethered, into a different backroom.He leads you within and this is a keeping field. The breeding grounds are beneath. They’rebrought up right here and out into the pen as they grow old, probably. Inside of right here, there are largebundles of meals. There are colossal piles of rolled chain which have been coiled, and there’s a hatchthat leads right into a downward slope. He goes over to it, opens the hatch, and goes, "All correct, comeon.Comply with me," and heads down into the darkness. TRAVIS: We follow. TALIESIN: I forged light. MATT: All right, the sunshine emanates. The smelldown right here is worse than the inner due to the fact that it is a combo of the moorbounder shit, it can be acombination of rot, like rotting-corpse rot. The chamber curves somewhat bit, then goes straight,after which it splits off into two. There are two doors: heavy iron doors. Certainly one of them has a smallbarricade that’s slipped in on the right side. The one on the left side has a couple of pieces of metalpushed and propped up against it, chains wrapped around it, and a sequence of alternative poles and toolsand things which are pushed up to try and hold it closed and at bay, as good as different furniturethrust in opposition to it. You can see that it is been pushed again a little bit bit. TRAVIS: should you don’t mind me asking, did you get agood seem at it earlier than you barricaded this entry point? MATT: "No! I went in there and saw that that the–well, one among my litters used to be being eaten, after which "it made a bunch of noises after which I ran." TRAVIS: You just heard it, proper? MATT: "Yeah, i’m not going to– you see what Ihave to work with!" SAM: were the noises extra squawks and shrieks? Orbarks or growls? MATT: "Small, angry squeaks, and then a biggrowl." SAM: Will you be coming with us? MATT: "No!" SAM: All right.TRAVIS: this doesn’t look like too tremendous of a deal.I feel we’ll be simply pleasant. LAURA: Pop in, kill the article, after which pop onout. Are any of them in there? MATT: "alas, no longer in that one. The one onthe proper is the place the litter’s being raised "currently. The one in there, no longer doing too good."He bows his head unfortunately for a moment. LAURA: that is really unhappy. MATT: "but whats up, that is life within the wastes." LIAM: So you are just going to attend right here ontippy-toe at the same time we go in? MATT: "Yeah! Do I pay attention in?" TRAVIS: definitely, we might decide upon to work in a littlebit of silence. If you can just wait for us up prime, we are going to take care of this lickety-cut up. MATT: "All correct. Okay, I be given your terms." SAM: See you quickly. MATT: He goes over and pulls a key out of hispocket together with his correct foot, deftly unlocks one of the most locks, pulls the chain off. "that is the bigpart.The relaxation of it is up to you." He scurries up the prior chamber after which up the slope andout of sight. MARISHA: Am I still a tiefling? LAURA: should we prep? LIAM: we’ve received about one minute left. MARISHA: What’s it seem like? What’s it seem likewhen i alter? Can you see, like, a bit little bit of my aspects poking by way of? What happens? LIAM: No, it simply happens immediately. MARISHA: Am I getting slightly smaller? Oh,quite? LAURA: I want to see– wait! Am i able to look in yourpants as it’s taking place? MARISHA: Yeah, yeah, yeah! TRAVIS: Fucking ridiculous. MATT: You watch because the Polymorph wears off. LIAM: (counting down) TRAVIS: Describe it! Inform us! Does it justdisappear? Does it (slurping)? MATT: It reverts.LIAM: Two, one. TALIESIN: happy New year! MATT: (slurp) There you go. TRAVIS: I used to be within the pool! LIAM: Oh, for goodness sake! SAM: Wow! LAURA: I was once distracted, I used to be watching at thehorns! I did not even see. SAM: I saw it! I saw it! MARISHA: okay, sorry. TRAVIS: hey, Ducey. Why don’t you come over hereand put your ear on this wall and spot if that you may hear some thing. TALIESIN: All right. MATT: Make a belief check for me. TALIESIN: Yeah. Ugh, that is terrible. 12. MATT: you don’t quite hear so much, sadly.It can be pretty quiet. TALIESIN: maybe sound asleep. TRAVIS: Take your ear away for a 2d? I will go(boom) towards the part of it. MATT: ok. TRAVIS: Now do you hear anything? MATT: i’m going to say each of you guys make aperception verify. You with disadvantage, headquartered on the failure of the final roll. TRAVIS: 17. TALIESIN: 15. MATT: ok. Nonetheless hard so that you can opt for up a littlebit in opposition to the door.You hear skittering. MARISHA: Yeah. A fucking spider degree. MATT: Tiny squeaks, some scratching, moreskittering. It can be a methods away, a distant echo; and you’re handiest barely ready to make it upagainst the door. TRAVIS: Yeah, feels like a bunch of littlethings. But he did say a bunch of little squeaks and then a roar, so might be something the biggerthing is has whatever to wash up the scraps. TALIESIN: Or it was the sound of one in all thepanther things demise. LIAM: Or maybe we are speaking about infants andmama? Difficult to assert. LAURA: possibly it can be a spider, like a colossal spider,that had a nest of child spiders, so there may be like a thousand little baby spiders after which one giantbig one? TALIESIN: i like spiders.SAM: well, let’s go find out! Do we have aplan of attack? TRAVIS: Is it supported by using poles? MATT: There are most likely about 20 one-of-a-kind poles,metal bars, pieces of heavy furnishings leaned up in opposition to it. Some thing he and his goblin troupe wereable to muster they pushed up by contrast door to make sure that some thing was in there did notcome out. TRAVIS: And it appears find it irresistible’s been hittingagainst it? MATT: Yeah. MARISHA: Oh. MATT: It looks like one of the crucial poles have beenpushed into the bottom a little, and there is a mild gap at the top the place the door appears like it’smaybe pushed somewhat out of its hinges. TRAVIS: good deal, great deal. LAURA: i’ll bless you, and you, and also you.Yeah. SAM: All right! TALIESIN: well, sincerely, do you want to waituntil we’re in? Because it’s a 60 second– do you wish to have to attend unless we’re in? LAURA: It only lasts for 60 seconds? TALIESIN: Yeah.So you need to wait except we’re– SAM: Let’s go in! LIAM: we have now acquired to move in now. LAURA: right as we’re entering into. TRAVIS: Yeah, we casting off the poles. MATT: k. Yasha helps you and it takes– itdoesn’t take too lengthy. Yasha’s peeling them off the door and between the 2 of you and anybodyelse who wishes to support you, you manipulate to get to a point the place the door eventually (creaks) hangsopen just a little bit. The top and backside hinges unfastened. The backside breaks off fully, and itopens up at an attitude the place now it can be longways, occupying the same jamb where the doorpreviously was once. TRAVIS: All proper, so rather of a factor, it’sopened its hatch slightly? MATT: it is open and slid to at least one facet, so now youcan journey beneath or over it.TRAVIS: that’s type of at our expertise. If youwanted to, you might float some mild down in that path, or ship for your little friend to take alook. I’m looking at you, Widogast. LIAM: Yeah, however we’re going for walks out of time. TRAVIS: Time for what? LIAM: She has given her Blessing to a couple of us,and that is– LAURA: Yeah, right as we go in. SAM: She was just pronouncing she was once going to do it aswe’re going in. LIAM: k, k. Oh, my cat. All correct! Sendingin Frumpkin. MATT: ok, roll a stealth check for Frumpkin. LIAM: excellent. Oh, but that is cat stealth, it’s 18plus– the place’s my cat? 20. MATT: ok, then roll a belief assess forFrumpkin, please. LIAM: average 20. TRAVIS: Ooh! MATT: k. Frumpkin heads into the chamber. It isa hard, carved tunnel that descends into a subterranean cavern; perhaps 50, 60 ft acrossbefore it comes to an end. It’s now not very wide, and it has a small opening toward the beginning,pinches just a little, and then curves across the facet to end. It’s damp, it smells terrible, and as Frumpkin,stepping down into the primary subject, you will see that bones scattered throughout the front area.Smallbones, as a minimum small for the creatures that had been in here. They look human-sized of their tinierage, i suppose. You see throughout one cluster, one as a rule picked-easy physique of what can have been ayoung moorbounder. Ordinarily 30 or 40 massive, crusty rats are clustered up over the body. Some of themare fighting for every other, squeaking at each other. Some are watching in the course of thesound and the little bit of light that’s peeking through from the door, that is now been pushed tothe part, and the light spell that Caduceus has been keeping, and so they’re all pulling stripsof flesh and some thing remnants they are able to from the bones and the corpse of such a creatures. TRAVIS: whilst you say significant… MATT: About that large each and every. LIAM: maintain on, keep on. Watching by way of Frumpkin’seyes, i want Frumpkin to look at the ceiling.MATT: ok. Frumpkin appears up on the ceiling, andthere are just a few difficult bits of rock and stone that look to have, either via historical seismicactivity, pushed by way of this cavern. At the same time it was once partially carved, there were some portions of heavystone that could not be carved, and as such they protrude and arc down slightly. Watching up, pressedbetween where these two stones are jutting out, there may be some variety of a creature. No small print to beseen, however a significant creature that has currently pressed all of its limbs in opposition to the 2 aspects ofthe rocks, and it is suspended watching down. LAURA: All of its limbs? MATT: You see about four fingers or legs. It looksalmost feline-like, from what little small print Frumpkin can see, pressed American NinjaWarrior-style into the rocks and is looking down. (snarling) somewhat bit of saliva drips fromabove. LAURA: Is it very darkish in there? MATT: there is no gentle: pitch black. LIAM: I ask Frumpkin to slowly, slowly crouch downlow to the ground and again out of the chamber. MATT: k. (softly) Frumpkin slowly backs out.(snarling) Backs out, backs out; after which manages to come back again to the doorway, omitted.LIAM: I snap him away from the door. He is gone.K, so there may be a rat predicament. That is one thing, numerous rats. There is a big thing hangingfrom the ceiling, watching down at– LAURA: Like a spider, or what? LIAM: No, no. It used to be muscular; it looked maybefeline itself. It looks love it is looking at the room.SAM: are you able to send in one in all your massive balls offire? LAURA: Straight as much as the ceiling or whatever? LIAM: I shouldn’t have that in a position in these days since Ithought we would perform a little extra talking in the city. LAURA: that is a bummer. LIAM: Yeah. Gigantic bummer. SAM: i’ve some oil. TALIESIN: I’ve got some thoughts. LAURA: (excited gasp) Fluffernutter!Fluffernutter! SAM: We would do something like Fluffernutter. LAURA: Ah! SAM: I mean– LIAM: Do you think we might make Fireline workhere? SAM: We might. TRAVIS: Fireline? Wall of fireside? LIAM: Hmm. SAM: i might ought to run in, though. LIAM: We might tailor it. We would have Frumpkindo it and maintain you dependable. SAM: Frumpkin can’t elevate a bottle of oil.LIAM: that’s authentic, that is real. What’s going to you dowhen you get there, though? SAM: keep strolling. Disguise. LIAM: You have to peel away. You must get up tothat point, douse them, and peel away. LAURA: Or we throw in some black powder, and youshoot it! Fluffernutter! SAM: Fluffernutter! I wouldn’t have any blackpowder. LAURA: What the fuck? SAM: i have a large jar of burning oil, however that’ssimilar. Similar! LIAM: we’ve a factor we have now finished before. Wecould do it now. We would are trying it. Higher than strolling in. Want to provide it a go? SAM: definite. You could have been in there, visually. How farfrom the entrance is the creature? LIAM: It was about halfway into the chamber, andthe chamber went back about 60 or so. So 30, 35. SAM: perhaps i will use Mage Hand to carry in– LIAM: that is even better. TRAVIS: What if we would persuade this thing to bea steed? I might try to go in and speak to it.SAM: You mean tame the beast? TRAVIS: Yeah. LAURA: What if it’s smart? What if it’s ahuman thing? TRAVIS: that may be unfortunate. TALIESIN: i’ve not known numerous positiveinstances of getting a wild animal to be all proper with domestication. LIAM: i like this concept considering the fact that that factor is notlooking for a vial or a jar of something floating through the air. We could drag it alongside. Then,like you’re cooking, you are seasoning your meals, you might douse the rats. SAM: Go far and wide the room with it? LIAM: Straight line to the rats, then juice therats. Then (explosion). TRAVIS: Do it. SAM: i am juicing the rats? I am now not juicing the guyup high? LIAM: I don’t have any manner to arrive the man up top.SAM: okay. I’m going to juice the rats. TRAVIS: You juice-a the rats-a! SAM: i’ll juice-a the rats! LIAM and TRAVIS: you like-a the juice? LIAM: that is a fresh SNL skit from 1980-some thing. TALIESIN: most effective the freshest. MATT: He’ll get you extra juice. SAM: We’re going to try something. A set play. MATT: k. On this second of severe quiet, asyou acquire your presents to organize for your plan, you take a deep breath. We will come again at thismoment. MARISHA: I knew it! MATT: we are able to take a spoil at times soar intowhatever this is going to be once we return. We are going to be back right here in just a little bit. We’re going to takea brief destroy, people. We do have our remarkable Wyrmwood giveaway tonight. TRAVIS and TALIESIN: Wyrmwood! MATT: it’s so lovely. I will mispronouncethe shit out of this. Padauk? Pad-ock? SAM: it can be gorgeous. It is orange. MATT: it’s a fine color. Or as they put it right here:"genus pertocarpus." Pterocarpus, maybe? I don’t know.I don’t try and pronounce matters onthis exhibit anymore. I get sufficient shit as it is. One among you lucky winners will get to win this. Since youare in our Twitch chat, you simply have got to enter the keyword "beasts." Plural, beasts. As soon as. More thanonce and you’ll be disqualified. Once again, it is just for individuals in the U.S. And Canada,except Quebec, given that of dumb laws. We will be able to return right here with a winner posthaste. See you guysin slightly bit. [break] MATT: Welcome back, each person. Laura will bejumping in right here in a 2d. She’s caring for baby stuff. Meanwhile, we have our winner ofour Wyrmwood giveaway, which is joechasura.I feel that’s the proper name. Joechasura.Congratulations! We’ll get you your company new spanking Wyrmwood dice field ASAP. TRAVIS: you’re giving out spankings? MATT: You will have to be so lucky. As you guys begin toprepare yourselves to enter this chamber– SAM: Yee-haw, Matt. MATT: Yee-haw, Sam. MARISHA: Y’all come back now, you hear? MATT: i am so happy! MARISHA: quality inspiration. MATT: it can be the exceptional. For you guys, to check out andascertain what your setup is as you head into this chamber, I would favor you guys to figure out whatyour placement is.If we’re at this point right here, who’s getting into first? SAM: Nott is proper on the door due to the fact we’re goingto try to pull some shit. MATT: that will be right on the entrance method,there. Caleb, you’re on the entrance? LIAM: well, i’ll go to the opposite aspect of thatchamber, that hallway. MATT: here? LIAM: Yeah, and then take three steps backward.That is good. I’m getting ready a hearth Bolt to launch at the floor.MATT: Three steps again, so we will put you– LIAM: Oh, i’m sorry, I intended five feet. Yeah.That’s best. What is going on? SAM: Travis threw food in my mouth. MATT: that is Caleb and Nott. Where is everyoneelse going? TALIESIN: i’d wish to be in the direction of the again, but notat the back. MATT: There, maybe? TALIESIN: that’s excellent. LAURA: Did every person roll initiative? MATT: now not yet. Combat has not but begun. TALIESIN: Who do we want in entrance? We shouldprobably put Yasha towards the entrance, I imagine. TRAVIS: i might like to be up near the entrance as well. MATT: we’ll put Yasha in the back of right here, and Fjordthere, in front of Caleb. LAURA: i assume i will be subsequent to Caleb. MATT: Beau? MARISHA: i will be at the back of Caleb or close Caleb. Yeah,that works. MATT: Are you keeping your blink dog at bay? LAURA: he is going to take a seat outside for this one.MATT: Nugget curls back into the exit component ofthe chamber and (whines). LAURA: don’t make any noise. I do not know if heunderstands me. He is real cute. MATT: He sits there looking at you hopefully. SAM: you continue to have a ferret round your neck? LAURA: Yeah. SAM: however a goth ferret! LAURA: Yeah! MATT: A gerret. Mighty Nein, what would you liketo do? From as far as Frumpkin would see from how a long way Frumpkin went into the chamber, that was asfar because it went. That’s all you know. SAM: The rats have been whereabouts? MATT: proper there. LIAM: that is our best play on the second. SAM: ok. I will try something. It’sdefinitely going to work and kill the whole lot in there in a single transfer! Watch and learn.TRAVIS: Sounds positive. LIAM: it’s going to flush matters out. Here we go. SAM: (yelling) Fireline! (normal voice) I don’tyell that. I do not yell Fireline. I whisper: Fireline! I cast Mage Hand. I take my purified pot ofburning oil. I had purified some alchemist oil earlier than. With the Mage Hand, establishing maybe tenfeet from the place we’re, the hand is going to begin pouring it out slowly as it carries it down in aline. MATT: (counting) it might get– SAM: If I need to, i’ll step in– MATT: you can also must step in slightly closer forthe 30-foot variety of Mage Hand. That’s about so far as you need. LIAM: i will step in closer, then, behindNott. SAM: i will douse the rats, proper? LIAM: Straight line up to the rats, and thenseason them like you are cooking pasta. LAURA: Can Nugget battle? MATT: Nugget can. Nugget may additionally die.It’s up toyou. TALIESIN: Wow! TRAVIS: Let Nugget battle! LAURA: No, no, no. MATT: just to can help you understand. LAURA: good to know. SAM: God forbid. LAURA: discontinue it! MATT: Some matters not ever alternate. SAM: Going to make a line in the direction of the rats. Thenwhen it will get across the rats, a bunch of determine eights in every single place the rats, throughout. When itseems love it’s out, i’m going to (clicks tongue) to Caleb and say: Fireline! MATT: The oil vial drifts out, pouring the road.You hear it scattering across the ground of the stone inside cavern, splattering and dropletshitting the stone. As it pours out, one of the crucial rats (hissing) toward the sound.They have got adarkvision of 30 feet, in order that they see you, Nott. You see in a second, out of the blue, about 14 pairsof eyes all of a sudden glow as what little bit of light is peeking from the tunnel, at the back of the place Caduceushas had the spell out, catches the back of their retinas. They all gleam on your direction, andthen a few more. There may be a enormous cluster of rats over there. Now, i would like every body to rollinitiative. LIAM: Is the oil mid-flight at this factor? MATT: The oil has simply reached them and is nowpouring over them. They’ve observed Nott, and so they’re establishing to scatter because the oil spills intheir direction. TALIESIN: that is horrible. LIAM: Yep. TALIESIN: Going last is most of the time excellent as a cleric,to be fair. LAURA: this is genuine. MARISHA: Are we nonetheless blessed? MATT: You guys are blessed. TRAVIS: Does that depend for initiative? MATT: No, only for attacks and saving throws.25 to twenty? LAURA: 24.SAM: 22. MATT: 20 to 15? TRAVIS: Yasha rolled a 19. MATT: Beau, you’re 18? MARISHA: right. MATT: 15 to 10? TRAVIS: Ten. TALIESIN: this is good. MATT: Ten to 5? LIAM: five. TALIESIN: Six. Clerics at the finish are excellent becauseI can undo some thing terrible that occurred. TRAVIS: excellent. Easy up. MATT: prime of the circular, as soon as you hear thecluster of hisses and shifting of darkened rat bodies in the shadow across the best way– due to the fact mostof you will have darkvision. Individuals who do not, there is constrained gentle in here. You cannot see quite beyondthe threshold of this chamber. Jester, you might be first. LAURA: Do they comprehend that we’re here? SAM: The rats do, however that’s about it. You are method inthe back, so you could no longer even see what’s going on. LAURA: okay. SAM: prepare anything? LAURA: Fuck it.I’ll do it. I am going tothrow daylight hours into the chamber. MATT: what is the range on it? TALIESIN: 60 toes. LAURA: i will put it proper on the top ofthat little– MATT: proper right here? Sunlight hours fills the chamber,revealing the rest of it. You will discover the place it continues and arcs round the way. That’s as muchas that you can make out from this distance. You do not see something else right away visible from yourvantage factor. The chamber is very vibrant. It is love it’s daylight hours, cloudless sky, within the room.The rats (snarling).LAURA: that’s why I did it; I notion theywouldn’t like light. MATT: Yeah, there you go. That is your action. LAURA: Yeah. Yeah, and i already did a spell, so Ican’t do my bonus. Yeah, that’s going to be my transfer. MATT: you are going to remain the place you might be? LAURA: Yeah. MATT: Jester stays there. Next up on that isNott. SAM: With the light being forged, do I see the thingthat used to be on the ceiling? MATT: Make a belief examine.SAM: is that this my motion to perceive? MATT: it is a fast glance upwards. TheDaylight’s going to make it a bit– SAM: 4. MATT: you don’t. The ceiling itself involves apinch factor the place numerous the stones were jutting down and creating this– what would regularly be a15-foot-excessive ceiling comes right down to about ten ft, the place numerous these rock shapes are jutting outfrom the edges and the ceiling. You do not see the creature that was mentioned by using Caleb. TRAVIS: A reverse crevasse within the ceiling? SAM: i’ll move forward and to my correct, into thatlittle jut-out subject there, or maybe the place– i am watching for a location to hide, so either thatjutted-out discipline there– MATT: right here or over right here? SAM: If there’s a hiding spot the place your finger isright now, that will be satisfactory. MATT: There maybe, yeah. SAM: okay, i’m going to go there. MATT: 5, ten, 15, 20. You as a minimum can getbehind the series of usual stone and rock formations that cluster on that part of the wall. SAM: Bonus action cover. Then hold my motion untilI see that creature. I’m going to preserve the crossbow.MATT: k, ready to shoot it when it appears? SAM: yes. MATT: You go it. That ends your turn, Nott. It isYasha’s go. TRAVIS: Yasha would like to use her forty feet to comewithin the cave, all of the manner in, as far as she will be able to. SAM: there’s going to be a line of fireside. MATT: 30, 35, forty will get her correct as much as the– TRAVIS: proper. The place do the rats ? LIAM: correct where Yasha is. TRAVIS: Let’s back it up ten toes. LAURA: Out of the road of fireside, truly. SAM: simply to the correct. TRAVIS: To the proper? SAM: I mean, it’s from where I was once standing– TRAVIS: i will go look after– she’s going to shield Nott.She’ll be over there. MATT: Yasha steps over and becomes a part of thebarrier that is hiding Nott. TRAVIS: with her bonus motion, she would prefer torage. She’s going to maintain her assault for when something comes within melee range. MATT: you could have acquired it. Yasha finishes her go. Beau,you’re up. MARISHA: ok, i’m going: Sorry, excuse me, Jes. Excuseme, Fjord. Sorry. I hear there are rats? I wanted a pet rat once. My mom wouldn’t let me have one.Particularly unhappy.They’re definitely lovely smooth– MATT: that’s your turn. MARISHA: Yep. MATT: that’s all you do? MARISHA: probably keep my motion for an attack, butyeah. I want to transfer ahead prior each person and come up in the direction of Caleb, however out of the best way. MATT: There, might be? MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: ok. You are speaking and pronouncing this as youwalk previous, simply as the oil flask, which has emptied now everywhere the rats, gets dropped andshatters on the ground correct subsequent to it. That finishes your go, Beau? MARISHA: Yep. MATT: All righty. On the finish of that flip, youhear (snarling). Leaping from that ceiling portion down toward the place Yasha is, you see a massivebeast entity. In some approaches catlike and a few approaches doglike, it has tremendous, bone-like spinedprotrusions along the row of its back, between its shoulder blades. You will see patches of fur androbust ribs which are pushing towards very tightly-pulled skin. It looks find it irresistible’s starved oritself gaunt and skeletal in nature, however it is frequently about ten feet from front to again.As itleaps down closer to her, it makes an attempt to make a multiattack on Yasha. LAURA: Whoa, it is gigantic! MATT: First, you get your attack, as does Yasha. SAM: Oh, plus this for assault? 29 to hit. MATT: That hits. SAM: Am I hidden enough to get a sneak assault? MATT: it’s adjacent to Yasha, so you don’t haveto fear about it. TRAVIS: 25. MATT: That hits. TALIESIN: Holy fuck. Jesus. SAM: 34 to hit– I imply, 34 facets of injury. MATT: Ooh, best! TRAVIS: 15 facets of slashing harm.MATT: Slick! As it jumps down from the ceiling,Yasha strikes with the Magician’s choose through the air, proper as you unencumber your bolt. You hear(pained cry) because it rears fairly from the assault, however the momentum still comes clambering downtowards the bottom after which up towards Yasha. At this point, you see that it has a tail. A longtail. A hooked, curved tail. SAM: Scorpion tail?! MATT: It has a hooked barb on the end that’s abouta foot lengthy. First, it is going to strike with its chew attack in opposition to Yasha. That is going to be 19to hit? TRAVIS: That hits. She’s fairly received to dosomething to her armor class, significantly. LIAM: What’s her AC at? TRAVIS: 14. LIAM: that is low. SAM: Wait, no– now not 34 features. 31 features ofdamage. MATT: okay, got you. It’s all just right. That’s 27points of piercing damage to Yasha, diminished to 13. This tail stinger arcs in closer to her to make astrike as well. That is going to be a different 19 to hit.TRAVIS: That hits. MATT: She takes 15 features of piercing damage,reduced to seven, because the stinger at the finish of the tail strikes and dives into proper the place theclavicle and neck meet. It sinks in, and she pulls and yanks it out. She does have to make aconstitution saving throw, although, for those who do not mind. TALIESIN: That she gets a d4 introduced to. MATT: Who is just not blessed? LAURA: only three humans are blessed. TALIESIN: Yeah, it is simplest three blessedright now. SAM: Fjord, Beau, Nott. TALIESIN: Oh, I notion it was Yasha, Beau, Nott.Oh, on no account intellect. She does not get that d4, then. TRAVIS: 17. MATT: who is it? LAURA: it is Fjord, Beau, Nott.MATT: Fjord, Beau, Nott, so she does not get plusd4 on that. TRAVIS: It used to be a one, so 17. MATT: 17, ok. That’s exceptional. The stingerwithdraws. She pushes it out. She grasps the wound for a 2nd. Would not appear tohave any outcome. MARISHA: I was protecting my assault. Can i do someshurikens at it? MATT: certain. That is proper, you had been conserving yourattack for ranged, so go for it. MARISHA, TRAVIS, and LAURA: (shuriken noises) MARISHA: First attack. Average 19, so 27? MATT: 27 does hit, yeah. MARISHA: Plus a d4. These are d4 harm, right?Or are they monk weapons? We have now gone backward and forward about this– LIAM: I remember this. We have now talked aboutdarts as shuriken. MARISHA: i’m going to do a d4 for now. I don’t know.That is pretty just right. That’s three plus five, so that’s eight injury for the first one. Do I get todo two? I get to do two, proper? Or do I just do one? MATT: via the principles, it is one, but we have now beenhouse-ruling which you could take the full.That signifies that i can additionally use it in opposition to you guys aswell. MARISHA: that is yet another normal 19. I’ll do thed4. Seven damage. MATT: You acquired it. Ok, that finishes your go? MARISHA: Yep. MATT: All righty. That finishes that flip. Fjord,you’re up. TRAVIS: Yep, yep, yep. We haven’t even accomplished theline of fireside yet. SAM, TALIESIN and LIAM: Nope. TRAVIS: sweet ass! All right. LAURA: Yee-haw! TALIESIN: it is going to get historic, I swear. SAM: Rootin’-tootin’! MARISHA: Happier than a jackass consuming cactus! TRAVIS: i’ll move in and get in entrance ofCaleb, down on that ledge.I’ll stay there. With my bonus motion, i’ll solid Hexblade’s Curse onwhatever the fuck that thing is. TALIESIN: it is a puppy-kitty. 1/2 dog, halfkitty. TRAVIS: i will maintain my attack motion if it comeswithin melee range. MATT: You acquired it. That ends your flip. That bringsus now to the rats. This one (counting) can get proper in between. It will possibly transfer into individuals’sspaces– TALIESIN: Oh no. MATT: that doesn’t make a large change, as aswarm. Additionally, a different rat swarm comes out of the corner here. Comes around and occupies Yasha’sspace. It will make a circular of chunk assaults towards you, Beau. That is going to be a16 to hit. MARISHA: miss. MATT: The rats to swarm round you, and youkick and beat them. MARISHA: I say: No, no! MATT: Attacking Yasha, that is 14 to hit? Thatjust succeeds, so Yasha then takes– because the rats begin to climb up and chew around her legs andknees. A few of them leap up closer to her, and she or he’s looking to whack them away together with her hand as she’sfocusing on the creature ahead of her.She takes 9 facets of piercing harm. TRAVIS: 5 complete? MATT: yes, or 4 whole. That finishes their go.Caduceus, you’re up. TALIESIN: Man. No, i am after you. I’m six, soCaleb is first. MATT: he’s 5. Proper, Caleb? You rolled a fivefor your initiative? TALIESIN: Oh, so i’m first. It is going to beinteresting. Am i able to get inside 30 toes of the significant fella? MATT: most commonly, yeah. TALIESIN: You can’t forged Bane on a rat swarm, canyou? That seems– MATT: it is a creature. TALIESIN: Is it technically a creature? MATT: it is a swarm, technically.TALIESIN: i will cast Bane on as many thingsin this room as i can cast Bane on, which is technically three, so long as they’re within 30feet. It can be a charisma shop, so you have got got a shot. MATT: Six for the rats on this finish. TALIESIN: close, however no cigar. TRAVIS: Yeah, I like it whilst you speak shit tothe rats. MATT: that’s 14. TALIESIN: nonetheless no. MATT: Rolled a ordinary 18, but they are minus fourcharisma. TALIESIN: And the enormous fella.MATT: sixteen. TALIESIN: it can be a charisma keep of 16? MATT: proper. Ordinary 17 minus one. TALIESIN: Did he keep, or did he–? MATT: Is your DC 16? Then he saved, yeah. TALIESIN: Ah, motherfucker. MATT: Sorry. TALIESIN: that is k. I’ll use my bonusaction to forged– i’m so sorry. Response. There we’re. Solid remedy word on Yasha reallyquickly. I will try this, proper? Yeah, 60 ft. MATT: well, you cast Bane, so you can’t doHealing word in the identical round. TALIESIN: Oh, I can not do therapy word in the sameround? Ok, thanks. I will in no way don’t forget. MATT: it’s okay. It’s one spell and a cantrip. TALIESIN: Then i’ll use my different one to releasethe swarm of indignant beetles. MATT: Swarm-on-swarm violence! TALIESIN: i’m going to put the beetles on thecreature who’s being a jerk. MATT: certain. Whereabouts? 30 toes, you are able to do itright there. TALIESIN: On him. He will be within the middleof it, and they’re going to take a bite.MATT: Go for it. TALIESIN: where are we? Here is my blightstaff,and i have to go to creatures so i can work out how to do that. That is an attack– there’s mybite. That is a 15? MATT: 15, that hits. TALIESIN: That hits it? Oh wow, that’s so great.Let’s get a couple of d4s here. TRAVIS: i do not trust Matt proper now. 15 hits thething? MATT: Yeah. Now not the whole thing has giant armor lessons,Travis. TRAVIS: do not even speak to me.Mm-mm. That’s adeep-ass cave. This ain’t accomplished. TALIESIN: that’s horrible. Three, 5– that’sseven aspects of harm. MATT: Seven aspects of damage? All correct. TALIESIN: he’s irritated. MATT: he’s. The beetles are mountaineering and bitingin more than a few parts of– the patchy hair and fur throughout its body already has uncovered bits of dullgray and liver-noticed exposed portions that the beetles are all mountaineering onto, and clinging,and carving bits out. It shakes them off satisfactory it will possibly. TRAVIS: How much did you heal Yasha? TALIESIN: i could not. That used to be why I did not say. TRAVIS: Yasha appears at you, upset. MATT: That your flip? TALIESIN: Yeah, that is the top of my flip.MATT: Caleb. LIAM: Six seconds in the past, it was just Caleb and Nottstanding on that little ledge, and Caleb was once establishing to swirl just a little bit of fire in hishand. Then fucking pandemonium broke out, so Caleb just watched and went: Oh, oh, oh. The ball goes(flame sputtering) from his hand and hits the oil on the bottom. MATT: (hearth roaring) that is going to be againstthe– yeah, the oil on the bottom. Those rats, these rats, the man, and the beetles all sufferthe flame explosion as it burns across.It can be a dexterity saving throw for each of them. For therats– strangely, yeah! They made a 15, in order that they control to just take– TALIESIN: Wait, they take a d4 terrible to that. MATT: that’s true. That’ll do it. Eleven, they fail.That’s five aspects of fireside damage to that rat swarm. The opposite one– no, they fail. That isanother 5 facets of fire harm to that rat swarm. The beetles– TALIESIN: Seven. MATT: Seven? They take five features of fireside harm.The creature, typical 19 plus one, 20. It makes the keep, so it takes no damage. LIAM: i’ll finish this turn– Caleb backs out ofthe room going: Oh, oh, oh. Walks again and stands subsequent to Jester. LAURA: hello! LIAM: Oh, we appear alike. MATT: All righty. That finishes your turn. Jester,you are up first. LAURA: ok, i’m going to forged religious Weapon! MATT: the place you striking it? LAURA: At fucking 4th-stage. MATT: 4th-level, exceptional! LAURA: i’m going to put it proper above the dude.That’smy bonus action, so i am going to check out to hit it. 14? MATT: just misses. LAURA: Balls, yay. I’m going to cast Toll the Deadas my motion on the man. MATT: it can be a wisdom keep? LAURA: yes. MATT: usual 20. LAURA: Cool. That used to be a quite fun turn. MATT: Sorry. TALIESIN: Some days, man. TRAVIS: but you got your candy out thereon the subject. LIAM: (deep voice) this is Sam Elliott for thechurch of the vacationer. MATT: finish of Jester’s turn. Nott, you’re up–except you need to move? You’re just right? LAURA: Mm-hmm. SAM: i’m going to rise up and run deeper into the caveright earlier the thing, utilising bonus motion to disengage. MARISHA and LAURA: Ooh! MATT: (counting) 25, 30, 35. That’s so far as youcan get there. SAM: ok. I’ll turn round. Good, do I seeanything back there? MATT: Make a notion investigate. SAM: okay. Nope, seven. Once I get there, i’m going to turnaround and hearth a crossbow bolt into the big thing.MATT: You got it. Roll for assault. SAM: Oh yeah, plus matters. That’s 29 again. MATT: 29 once more hits, yeah! Roll harm. SAM: nonetheless sneak attack considering that it is engaged to– MATT: for the reason that it’s engaged with Yasha. SAM, LAURA, and TALIESIN: Whoa! MATT: Oh no! Six, six, five, five, one. SAM: 29. LIAM: One low roll, the leisure are excessive. TALIESIN: it can be like the object splintered in it,oh god. MATT: As it is presently being assaulted with the aid of acluster of beetles biting into its facet, flames burst from beneath it. Yasha and it are bothclashing with jaw and blade. (yowl) In its hindquarters, the bolt slips in there. You watchthe tail all of the sudden, instinctively pulse and reflexively annoying itself from the pain that it’snow affected by the have an impact on. SAM: i’m going to add a Fury of the Small, another eightpoints of harm. MATT: certain! 37 facets of injury on one hit. Nottoo unhealthy. That is your turn. Yasha’s go. TRAVIS: Yasha’s going to remain within the melee rangeof the creature and is going to check out and work her manner around and grapple the stinger on the tail.MATT: k! She will be able to move round this fashion, if shewants to head through the intricate terrain. (counting) 40. She’ll get correct there to take a look at andgrapple its tail. The rats do get an assault of possibility on her. No, now not with the minus fourfrom the Bane. She moves round. Make an athletics check for her. Considering she’s raging, she does haveadvantage on it. TRAVIS: that’s 17. MATT: She manages to grapple the creature, andshe’s holding the tail. It is grappled. It are not able to transfer. It will possibly still strike with it. If she wantsto, next round, she can try to continue to honestly restrain the tail and avoid it fromattacking. It is grappled, and if she needs to, next flip, she would maintain it and make it unable todo something.Got it. It does get an assault this turn, however i will say it’s at disadvantage. TRAVIS: Does the grapple rely closer to maintaining herrage up? MATT: Yeah. It is still an assault. TRAVIS: great. Ok. MATT: That finishes Yasha’s flip. Beau, you’reup. MARISHA: i’m going to dart across, parkour off ofthe stalagmite when you consider that i’m a boss. Nope, in front of the catdog’s face. SAM: where I was hiding. MARISHA: Yeah. I will leap, and i go tocome down, and i will rocket punch it with my staff to its throat.MATT: right there? You received it. The rats alreadyused their response, so it isn’t important. MARISHA: Do I get skills? MATT: No, you don’t get abilities on it. MARISHA: ok. That is a 19 again. That keepshappening, and i’m super into it. Oh god, and that i rolled max injury! 13. MATT: 13? Ooh. MARISHA: second attack– MATT: As you come down, whack with the staffover the highest of its head, (scream). It whips off to the facet. Slobber scatters throughout the rockfloor, and it has to trap itself. It can be starting to appear woozy. MARISHA: I need to carry the staff again up andreverse, with 20 to hit. MATT: That hits. Roll harm.MARISHA: Yeah. Ten injury. Crack. MATT: Crack. Ooh, it can be looking real bad. MARISHA: Then i’m going to turn to Yasha, and i’mgoing to claim, "You chasing tail?" Then i will do a Flurry of Blows, and i’ll gopop, pop. MATT: I need to provide you with disadvantage for thoseattacks. SAM: Does her tiefling dick develop again when shesays that? TRAVIS: it’s like in Disney within the Little Mermaid.There may be this little, boop! MARISHA: it is subliminal. Yeah. First attack,natural one. MATT: you are so worried in your shitty phrase toYasha that you just look again and go, whoa! MARISHA: I intended to do that. Next one, that’sbetter. TALIESIN: nonetheless have your d4.MARISHA: That was once a average one. Yeah, still a d4,so that’s 21 plus– MATT: That hits. MARISHA: okay, 24. Ten injury again. MATT: Ten harm. You ignored with that one strike,and also you turn back. It turns its tremendous jaws towards you, its mouth open, the strings of slobberstretching from throughout its teeth. Because it rears again, Yasha retaining its tail, you uppercut itright within the chin. You hear (whimpering), and it falls unconscious on the ground. SAM: Unconscious, not useless. We might still wake itup and tame it. TRAVIS: impressive. SAM: must we wake it up and tame it? TALIESIN: There might be more in here. Let’s– MATT: Hexblade’s Curse is sadly long past. TRAVIS: The what? MATT: Hexblade’s Curse is gone. TRAVIS: Oh, correct. MATT: You acquire temporary hit aspects from that, Ithink? TRAVIS: I do. Yeah, that is ok. I have never beenhit in any respect.MATT: That ends Beau’s flip? MARISHA: Yep. TALIESIN: Now the dragon’s flip. Sorry! MATT: You watch it fall down, and there is this,"Oh cool, we are able to probably tame this factor," Nott, you hear (growling). You appear up above, and on anupper platform, up here, as good as around the nook, are two extra of the identical creature lookingright at you. As they both run in and– leaping down, there and there. First one goes to maketwo attacks at you, one with a chunk and one with its tail stinger. That is going to be a 19 to hit. SAM: Hits! MATT: you take– LAURA and TALIESIN: Oh no! TRAVIS: excellent slender cavern, too. MATT: 22 points of piercing harm. SAM: ok, i suppose i will Uncanny dodge that one. MATT: you’re taking 11 features of piercing injury. Youcan mark that.The tail stinger is going to try to strike at you. That’s going to be a 22to hit. SAM: Hits. MATT: then you immediately endure 14 facets ofpiercing damage. I need you to make a constitution saving throw. TALIESIN: With a d4. MATT: right. SAM: no longer quality. Better, higher. 15. MATT: You be triumphant the saving throw. SAM: thanks! MATT: As you feel the toxin pushing into yourbody, you control to wrench it from the front of your chest and sternum. One of the vital bizarre, oily,poison venom (spurting) out the again of it, as you cast off it from the wound.As you push it away, theother one is available in to chunk you from the reverse end. That is going to be a 15 to hit? SAM: No! MATT: that you duck below, and its bite hits theside of the rock wall. Tail stinger is going to come back at you. That is a typical 20. TALIESIN: you’re more that 30 ft away, aren’tyou? MATT: From you, sure.TALIESIN: Yep, certainly not intellect. I can’t do something. MATT: You undergo 30 facets of piercing damage fromthe tail because the stinger hits you within the abdomen and lifts you love a foot off the ground. You’reactually held there for a second. Make a different constitution saving throw. SAM: that’s a typical one. MATT: you’re poisoned, and you might be paralyzed. TRAVIS: Oh crap! K. The place the fuck are you? LAURA: that is rather unhealthy. TALIESIN: good, it can be bad. It is now not fairly unhealthy, butit’s dangerous. SAM: i’m now not useless, simply paralyzed and poisoned. LAURA: They both have long past now? MATT: They each attacked, and they’re going toback away now. It’s going to drag you this way in the corner, in its jaw. It can be pulling you off ofthe stinger of the other, and it pulls you away. Nott’s– you’re still mindful, right? SAM: Yeah. MATT: Eyes open, dragging on the ground, arms andcrossbow being pulled throughout the stone. That ends their flip. That now brings us to Fjord. TRAVIS: Yeah, i’ll deliver myself within 30feet of the place Nott is.I suppose i’ll come forward as much as I have got to. MATT: (counting) 30. TRAVIS: No, 30 ft far from Nott. MATT: Oh, 30 toes away. I see. TRAVIS: Yeah. I’m going to use my bonus motion withthe summer season’s Dance falchion to Misty Step to Nott. MATT: then you definately all of the sudden appear partway across thechamber, proper next to Nott. TRAVIS: i go to arrive out and snatch her andgo: bad pup! I will cast Thunder Step. I’ll carry Nott with me. MATT: k! What is the saving throw onThunder Step? TRAVIS: it’s a constitution, 16. MATT: Ten plus six, 16. It simply makes it. It stilltakes half harm, proper? TRAVIS: It does. MATT: Roll harm on that. TRAVIS: okay, that’s 4d10 now. 12, 22, 28. Yeah,28. MATT: 14 aspects of thunder injury to it as youappear, grab Nott, and then this quaking have an impact on, this blast, shakes the inner of the chamber.Pieces of free stone and rock tumble from the ground as a whole layer of dirt is shaken loosefrom the roof of this cavern, slowly drifting down as other pebbles fall.You see as Fjord reachesout and grabs you, and you both vanish. Where do you need to be positioned? TRAVIS: we’ll shoot again as much as whereCaduceus is. I’ll drop Nott off. SAM: What a move! Vegetables stick collectively. TRAVIS: Yeah. Drowning victims. MATT: Yeah. Does that conclude your flip? TRAVIS: sure. MATT: That ends Fjord’s go. Now it’s the rats’turn. Now, these rats are going to maneuver up to Caduceus, there. This one’s going to additionally move upto your area there, Caduceus. You now have these two rat swarms.They begin clawing up the side ofthe rocks and swarming up towards you. Across the left part, you see the other swarm spin up inyour direction. TALIESIN: that is first-class. MATT: First one is going to– i’m going to rollthe d4, due to the fact that they have got Bane on them. That could be a 12. TALIESIN: that does not hit. MATT: that doesn’t hit. TALIESIN: That one i’ll use preserve ofRetribution on, simply considering the fact that that is enjoyable. Yeah, just to be a dick. They suffer– here we go. Thatsecond staff of rats takes 4d6 force damage. That’s 14 features of drive harm, and they’ve tomake a force saving throw or be pushed 20 ft instantly faraway from me.MATT: Three, they fail! Which one do you need tocast it on? TALIESIN: the second one, whichever one is closestto Nott. MATT: This one. TALIESIN: Yeah, 20 ft away. SAM: some of you guys care about me so much. MATT:As they climb up and attacking,Caduceus pulls the– it is the safeguard, correct? Slams a foot into the ground, and the preserve suddenlyemits this vibrating, impacting wave of arcane or divine power and forces outward. The rats scatterback on this net of furry bodies that all pelt the bottom about 20 ft away, no longer a long way from whereyou’re standing, Beau. All of them collect in the center to kind another swarm over again. The swarmis actively thinned out. It’s half the swarm it was. MARISHA: still whole on the within, although. MATT: There you go. In general. TALIESIN: Rat game. MATT: that is going to conclude their go. Caduceus,you are up. TALIESIN: i’m going to solid– can i contact Nott atthis factor? MATT: that you can transfer over and touch Nott.TALIESIN: i will move over and touch Nott. TRAVIS: How do you touch Nott? TALIESIN: i’ll very gently provide a littlepat, and i’ll solid Lesser Restoration. MATT: Which gets rid of– TALIESIN: i’ll decide on paralyzed becausethat’ll be a commencing. Due to the fact that’s a 2nd-stage spell, as a bonus, can i solid some thing that is alower stage? I can not take into account how the dual– oh wait, no, I actually have a– LAURA: best a cantrip. TALIESIN: simplest a cantrip? Now not a bonus action, evenwith– MATT: As it works, that you may cast one spell perround. LAURA: that you may take a feat, although, to try this.TALIESIN: Which feat is that? LAURA: it is in Matt’s– MATT: it’s within the Tal’Dorei– subsequent time, yeah.That’s what you have got received proper now. You forged Lesser Restoration, and that’s your flip, unless you havea bonus motion spell that is a cantrip. TALIESIN: For my bonus action, i will transfer theinsect swarm to whatever’s the closest thing to them. MATT: The rats you pushed back. TALIESIN: Then they will take a chunk. MATT: Go for it. With that, you are no longerparalyzed, Nott. SAM and LAURA: whats up! MATT: you are still poisoned. TALIESIN: that is terrible.Seven. SAM: As I whip out of my paralyzation, I seem atCaduceus, and i am burdened. Sunbreaker, is that you simply? TALIESIN: nobody’s ever called me that before. MATT: As you are having this discussion– TRAVIS: hiya, it’s ok, I only saved your life. SAM: He appears like a minotaur. MATT: You hear the screaming of dozens of rats asbeetles feast upon their corpses. Swarm-on-swarm violence ends with the dying of that rat swarm. LAURA: (laughs) Swarm-on-swarm violence. MATT: There we go. That finishes your go,Caduceus? Caleb, you’re up. LIAM: i’ll take a straight walk ahead, andplant myself subsequent to Caduceus, and appear prior Beauregard and Yasha. Smearing molasses on myhands, i am going and that i turn my hand in a counterclockwise circle and cast sluggish, one hundred twenty feetaway on these two beasts. MATT: On these two beasts there? You received it. LIAM: knowledge, sixteen.MATT: The one on that finish there, average 14 plusfive, 19. The one across the corner– MARISHA: Plus five. MATT: Yeah, they have got a plus-5 knowledge shop. Tenplus five, 15. LIAM: Oh, so that one fails. MATT: That one is slowed. LAURA: they are fairly sensible. MATT: Your spell DC’s sixteen? Yeah, in order that one isslowed. MARISHA: perhaps we can tame the unconscious one. SAM: Or all of them. MATT: sluggish is, they are able to simplest take attack– LIAM: motion or bonus motion, not both. AC isreduced, and motion is– MATT: Halved. LIAM: i will get again to you on that. MATT: that is exceptional. Ok, well, there you go. Youcast your sluggish spell. Is that your flip? LIAM: velocity is halved, takes negative two to itsAC and dex saves. Yeah, that’s my flip. MATT: ok, cool. Ending that go, high of theround, Jester, you’re up. LAURA: ok, i’ll step within the doorway, andI’m going to point to the back like i am about to swing a baseball bat. TRAVIS: A residence run? LAURA: Yeah, a house run.I am going to do this andmake my non secular Weapon fly up and batter swing the dangerous guy. MATT: right there? Go for it. That’s effective. LAURA: Motherfuck you! TALIESIN: That used to be so difficult. MATT: I saw that cube spin around and do a littledance. TALIESIN: It notion about things. It reallydeliberated. SAM: there isn’t a crying in baseball. LAURA: that is eleven. That does not hit. MATT: eleven does now not hit, lamentably. It swingswide and hits the rock. A part of the stone wall, next to the beast as it pulls away, breaks, and asection of stone (clattering). LAURA: Fuck you! Comprehend what I should’ve completed?I should’ve performed this within the reverse order! Anything, i’m serving to someone else out. I am goingto Guiding Bolt that beast next. MATT: The identical one? Go for it! Roll for an attackon Guiding Bolt as you hadouken a tremendous, glowing, divine bolt of power.LAURA: 17? MATT: 17 hits. LAURA: Oh, I used to be casting that at 4th-stage, P.S.,when you consider that that is what i have up. I swear. TALIESIN: Yeah, that’s actual. MATT: k. That is your other 4th-stage spell? Yougot it. LAURA: sure, since i am shrewd. That’s 7d6. TALIESIN: i’m targeting Bane, which isalmost long gone in any case since there may be simplest a different creature with it. LAURA: (counting) 27 features of radiant injury.Thenext attack gets capabilities; that is why I must’ve fucking carried out that first, after which I hadadvantage on my– MATT: Yeah. TRAVIS: Nott is after Jester. LAURA and MARISHA: Yee-haw! TALIESIN: Dang-nabbit. MATT: That finishes your go, Jester. Nott, you’reup. SAM: on the top of my turn, do I take– i am stillpoisoned, I think? MATT: you are just poisoned, is the status. Meaningyour attacks have drawback. SAM: Oh, i don’t take injury each circular? MATT: it’s not a regular, unsafe poison. SAM: ok, assaults at disadvantage? MATT: correct, at the same time you might be poisoned. TALIESIN: if you happen to get potential, you cancel it out.Should you get double talents, you get potential, if I don’t forget safely.MATT: Technically, in case you have potential anddisadvantage, as long as they cancel every other out, it isn’t important how many more of 1 or theother. It can be a ordinary roll. TALIESIN: fair. SAM: Is anything engaged with these beasts? MATT: No. SAM: they’re at disadvantage because they’re gradual,proper? No. MATT: No. That man’s AC is a little bit cut down.That guy has talents against him on the following attack considering that she hit it with Guiding Bolt.SAM: i’ll go assault the one who has Guiding Bolt.I must run up closer to get inside 30 toes. MATT: ok. How close are you getting? SAM: within 30 feet precisely, with out runninginto hearth. MATT: Yeah. The fireplace, it can be not sufficient to reallydamage any individual after the initial flare-up. SAM: Caleb, must we do Fireline once more? I bought onemore flask. LIAM: again to the strategy planning stage. SAM: Then i will bonus motion hide at the back of thatpillar.Shit, I could attack now, but it surely won’t be sneak attack harm. Well, i’m bonusaction hiding. MATT: Make a stealth determine. SAM: k. 18 plus things. LAURA: Plus eleven. SAM: Plus 11. I’m going to attempt to cover andthen attack. Disadvantage, capabilities, so it is a straight roll? Ten. TALIESIN: Would you still have a– do you stillhave Bless? Yeah, you haven’t long gone unconscious. SAM: 11, and the attack is plus 9. MATT: It does hit. Nevertheless, it isn’t sneak attackbecause, although you were hiding, competencies and drawback cancels out. You’re just doing aregular bolt. SAM: A normal bolt. Mm, so unhappy. Eight elements. MATT: Eight points of harm. That finishes yourgo, Nott.Yasha’s flip. TRAVIS: i will be honest, I feel D&D Beyondreset her hit facets. I think she was once at fifty five? I’m guessing from memory, so that is– MATT: You guys have had a number of nights. You had alongside leisure, consider? TRAVIS: Yeah, however she bought hit a bunch in the cave.I imply, reset her– MATT: Oh, previous, you imply? TRAVIS: It simply reset her. Yeah, so i do not knowif chat has it or something. Max can tell me, but I consider she was once at fifty five. She’s going to run up and make bothof her assaults at, yeah.MATT: You acquired it. TRAVIS: not reckless given that thorny tails andshit. That is a 22 to hit. MATT: 22 hits! TRAVIS: wonderful, and that’s 21 to hit. MATT: 21 to hit also hits. Each hit! Exceptional. TRAVIS: First one has the Divine Fury. Six!Remarkable. (counting) 22! 22 features of slashing damage. 2d one, (counting) 14 aspects of slashingdamage. MATT: As she rushes ahead, one colossal swing withher two-surpassed greatsword, Magician’s choose, cuts across the front of the top. (squeals) It backsaway, and you see a splatter of blood across the bottom. She comes round for a second physique strike.It virtually cuts through part of the shoulder of the creature. You see its arm fold a bit tothat part earlier than it catches itself, and the blade catches the stone. The precise weapon shakes fromthe have an impact on as she dislodges it. No damage. It’s a magic weapon; it is excellent, but it surely leaves a enormous cleftmark within the core of the stone wall. That finish her flip? TRAVIS: It does. MATT: ok. That brings us to Beau. MARISHA: I sashay forward toward this man.Mightas good finish what Yasha started and dad pop. MATT: Go for it. MARISHA: i’m going to use my employees. That’s superlame. That is eleven. MATT: eleven does no longer hit. You try and swing and it’sjaws honestly seize the brink of your employees and you must wrench it free. It is growling at you. MARISHA: No fetch! Natural 20 on the next one.What’s up? MATT: a good way to surely hit. MARISHA: big cash, no whammies.Oh my god. Thishappens to me at all times. At any time when, I feel like. I’ll double my one to a two. MATT: i am sorry. But hiya, you hit! TRAVIS: central beep. MARISHA: Seven damage. MATT: All correct. Seven harm on that strike. Youhave your bonus action nonetheless. MARISHA: tremendous cool. I’ll bonus actionFlurry of Blows. MATT: All righty. MARISHA: do not fuck me, Gil. 14? MATT: All right, let’s have a look at here. 14 does no longer hit. MARISHA: okay. Subsequent one. MATT: 15 is the threshold, unluckily. MARISHA: No. LAURA: Are you adding your d4? You are blessed. MARISHA: Fuck. So 14 plus– MATT: That hits. MARISHA: To 16? Ok. Thanks, Jes. That’s better.Ten harm. And the subsequent one was once an eight plus five, so 13 plus– 15. LAURA: that is what you want. MARISHA: 15 hits? Eyy, Bless is the fucking best!Eight injury. LAURA: Yeah. It can be like even though i’m nothitting, i am letting other people hit. MARISHA: it’s proper. MATT: Do you want to study anything about thecreature? MARISHA: yes.What– SAM: What if we are able to tame it! MATT: Resistances, immunities, condition immunities, something else you want to know about it? LIAM: favorite chew toy? MATT: What type of creature it is, whatever. Youhave two hits. MARISHA: What form of creature is it? Is it abeast? Is it a creature? MATT: it’s a fiend. A demon, notably. MARISHA: it is a demon-distinctive fiend. LAURA: Oh my god, what if there’s a portal inhere? MATT: As you punch into twice and you pull again,you appear at its wounds and there may be this necrotic essence festering in it, and that’s when you’relike, "This creature’s no longer from this plane. This "just isn’t usual." you could be taught a different thing fromit, if you need.MARISHA: okay. It is manufactured from planar essence. Weknow his knowledge is plus five. Will we need to recognize any saving throws? LAURA: Weaknesses? MARISHA: Yeah, let’s see if it has anyvulnerabilities. MATT: Vulnerabilities? No vulnerabilities on theseguys. MARISHA: Fuck! LAURA: Shit. Sorry. MATT: there is continually harm resistances you canlearn. There may be continuously immunities. MARISHA: Resistances? K. MATT: you probably did hit one earlier with a bonus action,didn’t you? MARISHA: I did. MATT: You obtained to take into account to use that. MARISHA: i do know. LIAM: it is all proper. There are most effective three rulesin the sport. They’re very handy to recollect. MATT: That conclude your flip, Beau? MARISHA: Yep.MATT: All righty. It is now their flip. The onethat’s slowed, half of motion. It will sure up in the direction of Yasha. It will possibly only make one attack, soit’s going to swing out with its tail. Proper? It says it may possibly make– LIAM: motion or bonus. Now not both. MATT: Oh, action or bonus? But multiattack canonly take one assault, proper? LIAM: just one. MATT: So it will assault with its tailstinger. LIAM: A single factor. MATT: All righty. That’s going to be sixteen to hit. TRAVIS: Hits. MATT: So Yasha takes– TALIESIN: We have got to do whatever about Yasha’sAC. LAURA: Yeah. MATT: 17 facets of piercing injury, lowered toeight. Structure saving throw. TALIESIN: With a d4. MATT: She does no longer get a d4. She’s not blessed. TALIESIN: Oh, she’s not blessed! My god,my mind. TRAVIS: no longer going to do it. That is a seven. MATT: She is poisoned and paralyzed. LAURA: No! SAM: now not P&P! MATT: because the stinger jams into the facet of herneck, she reaches up to grab it and abruptly the muscles demanding up and flex and as the stingerwithdraws from her throat, her eyes go broad and you will see that just a little of foam gathering at the cornerof her mouth.Her hand is caught in that role. The other one goes to go. It’s going to makeboth of its assaults on a paralyzed Yasha. LAURA: Oh no, she’s paralyzed! That suggests it getscritical! Is it an auto-relevant? MATT: Yeah. So the first, the chew attack, isgoing to be a important hit robotically. LAURA: Oh my god, did you simply kill Ashley’scharacter? SAM: are you aware what number of hit points she has? TRAVIS: Uh-huh. LAURA: you understand now how many she has left? SAM: Did they text you or whatever? TRAVIS: I was once guessing before, however I think I wasclose. I might be off by means of one. I know the place she’s at. TALIESIN: Oh wow. How unhealthy? LIAM: if you happen to wager unsuitable, you’ll go to jail. MATT: fifty four aspects of piercing injury? TRAVIS: She’s unconscious. LAURA: Oh no, oh no. Is he getting anotherattack? MATT: Yasha is unconscious now. SAM: any person do something! Any individual do whatever! MATT: It has a rampage ability. When it reduces acreature to zero hit facets on a melee attack on its turn, it could actually make a bonus action to maneuver up tohalf speed and make a chew attack.So it’ll– LAURA: is not it slowed, though? MATT and LIAM: this is the opposite one. LAURA: Oh no. MATT: the opposite one goes to bonus action andattack to you with a chunk attack, Beau. MARISHA: okay, ok. It is best. MATT: that’s a typical 18. It is going to be 26 tohit. MARISHA: Yeah. That hits. SAM: it can be Ashley’s fault. Should were here. LIAM: start pondering. TALIESIN: We cool, we cool. SAM: "We cool, we cool"?! MATT: 24 points of piercing injury to you, Beau.After it sinks its tooth into Yasha’s shoulder and throws her to the bottom, she falls. Her eyes rollback, lids 1/2 open. It pulls again. You will discover it tasting the blood in its mouth.Its eyes gowide as the blood lust kicks in, and it turns closer to you and lashes out again. You carry upyour staff to check out and deflect it, however the jaws attain out and push it to your chest and clamp downon your shoulder and chest. You pull yourself forward. The suffering– each the crushing pressure ofits jaws and the teeth sinking into your torso– is astronomical. As it has you there, it can be tailgoes toward the again. MARISHA: dangerous demon canine. Unhealthy demon canine! MATT: that is going to be a 20 to hit. MARISHA: My AC is 20. MATT: That hits. TALIESIN: Goddamn it.I am engaged on it. TRAVIS: it is a constitution saving throw if ithits. TALIESIN: you’ve got a d4 on that constitutionsaving throw. MATT: 17 features of piercing harm to you as youfeel it hit you correct by using the backbone in the place the left kidney is. It enters your physique with a pointy anguish,and you ought to make a constitution saving throw. MARISHA: ok, k. The place’s my con retailer? Oh, plusthree. Thank you. K. Roll a d4. That is 18 plus three, so 21. MATT: The poison does not take hold. You believe itenter the inside of your wound. The sharp discomfort that hits you is nowhere close as strong as yourmonk’s will to withstand it. The manage over your physique and your organs and the systems inside yougaining as you proceed to grow in experience and world figuring out.You concentrate for a secondand the poison certainly ejects from the wound. The muscle mass itself now not allowing it to enter yourbloodstream. MARISHA: that is cool. MATT: That ends their flip. Actually, that one isgoing to use its action to try and leap up onto the highest of the platform. You do get anopportunity assault if you wish to take it, Beau. LAURA: Kill it, Beau. Kill it. MATT: to try and maintain it from going. MARISHA: Sentinel, as good. 15. That is what Ineeded, correct? MATT: Yep. He does no longer get the risk to shiftaway. MARISHA: He does not move and he takes eightdamage. MATT: Eight points of injury. MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: All righty. That one is slowed. I believe atthe finish of the flip it could actually make a wisdom saving throw. Let’s see if it will get to dispose of the sluggish.Normal 19 plus 5.It is no longer slowed. SAM: Oh man. LIAM: ok, ok. MATT: That ends their flip. Now, it brings us toFjord’s. TRAVIS: i have a rapid query. The 54 elements ofdamage, used to be that halved? It wasn’t, right? Due to the fact it was once poison? The important on Yasha? MATT: No, that used to be piercing. TRAVIS: It used to be piercing? LAURA: So it should had been halved? MATT: proper, sure. TRAVIS: okay. So help me. What is half of of fifty four? LAURA: 22. SAM: 27. LAURA: just kidding, 27. TRAVIS: okay. She was truly at fifty six points. Soshe’s– MATT: at the high of the circular, right? TRAVIS: Yeah. MATT: So she took that. TRAVIS: She used to be at 62 minus 8. After which– MATT: She took the chew attack on the establishing.Or no, it used to be the tail assault. TRAVIS: Mm-hmm. She was once at 54. She used to be at 54and she took half of of 54. So she’s nonetheless up. LAURA: So she’s now not unconscious. TRAVIS: proper. MATT: ok. Good, versus redoing allof that situation, she’s still paralyzed, and she or he’s in the space.MARISHA: She’s alive? She’s now not unconscious? TALIESIN: that’s a shame. SAM: it’s a disgrace that she is not useless? MATT: It was once 54 at the high of the circular? TRAVIS: No. 62 minus eight, and then the half of ofthe 54. MATT: Yeah, considering the sixteen diminished to eight, so itwould be, yeah. So she’s nonetheless up. TRAVIS: What’s half of 54? LAURA, SAM and MATT: 27. TRAVIS: thanks. Obtained it. She’s at exactly 27.Sorry. TALIESIN: Yeah, that works. MATT: That round happened as it occurred. Becauseyou didn’t– TRAVIS: Dani and Max have been screaming from thelobby, "She’s no longer unconscious!" MATT: Now you do not forget.Lesson realized. MARISHA: it is like you’re enjoying two charactersor anything. MATT: exactly, i do know. TALIESIN: We cool. We cool. MATT: That finishes their go. Fjord, it’s yourturn. TRAVIS: k. Yeah. I’ll use all 30 feetof my action to head towards my comrades. Are the rats nonetheless a factor? MATT: (counting) 30. Yes. They have not long past yetthis circular. They are after you. TRAVIS: so long as i’m now not– no attack oranything. TALIESIN: I’ve received a swarm. They’ll attack them. MATT: they’re currently subsequent to Caleb. TRAVIS: okay. I’m going to send two Eldritch–boy. Boy, boy, boy. SAM: Oh boy. TRAVIS: Oh boy. I will ship two EldritchBlasts at one each and every. MATT: One each and every? Go for it. Go for the person who’sin entrance of you there. TRAVIS: that’s a ordinary one. MATT: Oof. You go to fireside. It is leaping up, andyou proper for it and fire up to trap it, however then Beau grabs its tail and drags it back downand it ends up slamming into the rock the place it used to be going to head.TRAVIS: that is fucking teamwork. MATT: the other one, it does have half coverbecause it can be with the aid of the wall, so it will get a plus two to its AC. What did you roll to hit? TRAVIS: it’s a traditional 15 plus eight, so it’s– MATT: Yeah, you still hit. Roll harm. TRAVIS: 1d10. Plus 5, that’s ten, so 15 pointsof Eldritch Blast. MATT: 15 elements of drive damage. The second,you unencumber and it skids off the stone and hits it in the center of its jaw and nose and because it pullsback, you will find this burn mark where the have an effect on hit and the dent the place you traditionally damaged a partof the front of its snout. TRAVIS: exquisite. MATT: That conclude your flip? TRAVIS: That does, yes. MATT: All right. Finish of Fjord’s go. The rats aregoing to move up right here, and transfer into Caleb’s house. SAM: Rats attacking. TALIESIN: Are they getting away from me? Are theythe ones who attacked me, proper? MATT: You moved out of the way in which, though, to check out andheal Nott.TALIESIN: that’s proper. Not ever intellect. MATT: No, that is k. Out of the blue, they swarminto your area, Caleb. In the end, a good roll for the rats. 17 to hit? TALIESIN: Minus a d4. MATT: that’s right. Minus a d4. Sixteen to hit. LIAM: sixteen? Preserve, reaction. MATT: The rats bounce up and all scatter again as thearcane guard thrusts them down the steps. They collect up again right into a cluster right on the baseof your toes, and you’re retaining up the defend. That ends their go. Caduceus, you’re up. TALIESIN: weird query: if any person fallsunconscious with paralysis and poison, should you heal them back to cognizance, they’re stillparalyzed and poisoned, proper? MATT: correct. TALIESIN: k. Simply checking. I’ll move30 ft in. I’m heading in that course. MATT: (counting) 30. Correct there? TALIESIN: Yep. As shut as i will be able to get. MATT: k. The rats do get an assault ofopportunity in opposition to you as you rush away. TALIESIN: that’s fine. MATT: that’s going to be a 20 to hit. TALIESIN: Minus the d4? MATT: Oh. Right. An extra one.19. TALIESIN: Yeah, that hits. MATT: That hits you? Ok. Rats are doing thingsfor as soon as! Nine elements of piercing damage to you. TALIESIN: Mm-hmm. MATT: And i want you to make a structure savingthrow. You’ve got competencies when you consider that you took struggle Caster, right? TALIESIN: Yep. Sure, I did. Ten. MATT: Ten? You simply manage to maintainconcentration on your Bless. Ten’s the DC. All correct. What are you doing? TALIESIN: Yeah, without a doubt, i am nonetheless trying toremember how having a spell that exists as a bonus action. I need to use a cantrip as my action if Iwant to use a spell as a bonus motion. MATT: correct. TALIESIN: Shudge. LIAM: One full degree, one cantrip. TALIESIN: One full degree, one cantrip. Okay. I’mgoing to, instead of doing something I want to do, i’ll solid Bane on these two jokers. MATT: k. This Bane fades. TALIESIN: Mm-hmm. Truely, they get to makeanother roll for it, seeing that i will solid it on three things inside 30 toes. MATT: that’s authentic.Yeah. With a view to do that. TRAVIS: fine! MATT: All right. Is it wisdom? TALIESIN: Charisma, sixteen. Enjoy. MATT: Oh, charisma? Oh yeah. They’re not that goodat charisma. The one on the far end there, normal three. He is Baned. TALIESIN: Fudge you. MATT: The one across the nook. That could be a 17. TALIESIN: That, he– yeah. MATT: good, it is a 17 minus one, because hischarisma is 16. TALIESIN: So sixteen. MATT: So yeah, he does shop. And the rats… No!That is a six. TALIESIN: All correct, got one swarm! MATT: Rats are like, "We’re free! Aww." All proper,that finishes your flip? TALIESIN: As a bonus motion, my swarm goes toattack the rats. MATT: (laughs) terrible guys, can not go. TALIESIN: that’s 22 to hit. MATT: Yeah, that hits.As they pounce on thecluster of rats. TALIESIN: simply make certain i’m doing this proper. MATT: I hate this. TALIESIN: that’s– ooh, that is quality! 14 facets ofpiercing injury. MATT: 14 facets of piercing harm, all correct. Asthey’re assaulting it and putting into it, you detect the nature of the swarms, it is difficult tohit, they usually’re clustering. So it takes the injury, nevertheless it’s no longer taking as much as you wouldthink headquartered on the character of it being a swarm. So all the beetles are swarming in and attacking it,the rats are defending themselves. It takes the harm, simply now not as a lot as you’d anticipate. TALIESIN: Boo. MATT: That ends your turn? TALIESIN: Yeah. MATT: Caleb, you’re up. LIAM: okay, i am going to deliberately stridethrough the rats. I know that I will likely be bitten, however i will stroll as a long way ahead as i will be able to, upnear Fjord and Caduceus.TALIESIN: They already took their reactionanyway. MATT: Yeah. LIAM: fine. So, step away; i am pulling outmy little clay cat’s paw, considering i do know that this hound from hell will find it offensive, and that i willcast Banishment on the healthier one; so the one on this aspect. Charisma, 16. MATT: Charisma 16! LIAM: Go to hell. MATT: No, he banished. (cheering) MARISHA: He banished, bitch! LAURA: if they belong on an extra plane, they don’tcome back. LIAM: If the spell does no longer get interrupted, he’sgone. MATT: he is simply sitting there and goes (snarl),looks up at you for a 2d (escalating snarling), leaps to your path, and (fssh) in a swirlof arcane power, and (pop) out of existence. LIAM: (brittle snigger) Fick dich. MATT: All righty. That finishes your go, Caleb.Prime of the round. Jester, you’re up. LAURA: Oh, k. I’m going to Guiding Bolt at1st-degree that man. MATT: k. LAURA and TALIESIN: natural 20! (cheering) MATT: That’ll do.LAURA: Ey-oh, ey-oh, ey! Do I double my cube? MATT: You double your cube. LAURA: Woo! MARISHA: don’t roll ones. TALIESIN: Oh, that’s pretty excellent. LAURA: eleven, 14, sixteen plus 12 is 28. 31! MATT: 31. How do you want to try this? (cheering) LAURA: simply considering the fact that i haven’t used my spiritualweapon, i’ll swing it up and slam it down at the same time I Guiding Bolt. MATT: proper as you unencumber the Guiding Bolt, yourhand goes up, and also you deliver it down. Because the luminous burst of divine, shiny, white-blueenergy slams into the creature, sending it upward, reeling from the impact (squawk); at that point,the enormous lollipop swings and cracks it on the top. It just hits the bottom, its legs sprawlout, splayed, and it’s done. LAURA: i take advantage of Thaumaturgy to make it sound like around of applause within the cave.(applause) LAURA: thank you. Thanks. A-thank you. LIAM: Squeak, squeak, squeak-squeak-squeak! TRAVIS: How lengthy is that factor banished for? LIAM: without end, if my spell does not get interrupted. TRAVIS: powerful. LIAM: Banish it again to hell. SAM: forever? LIAM: If it had been from this plane, it’s temporary.If it can be from yet another plane, it stays in its aircraft if i don’t get fucked up. TALIESIN: Yeah, it does not have a keep here, sothere’s nothing to tether it back to the mortal airplane. LIAM: Ja. Ja-ja-ja! SAM: Wait, what? How would your spell getinterrupted? LIAM: Me getting hit, and dropping the spell. SAM: simply ever? TRAVIS: Yeah. TALIESIN: No; just when it obtained solid. LIAM: inside one minute, if I get punched in theface and lose the spell, it might come back. SAM: And if you aren’t getting punched in the face inthe minute, then nothing happens. MATT: Do you wish to have to move or keep where you are? LAURA: i will walk via and stomp on therats as I join the celebration.MATT: You received it. Okay, that finishes your go.Nott, your flip. SAM: there may be nothing else to– LAURA and MATT: there may be rats. SAM: (groan) Oh. MATT: and they’re coming for you! TRAVIS: We do technically have got to take care ofbanished beast when it comes again. LAURA: No, it is now not coming back. SAM: that’s what i am harassed about, too. TRAVIS: i am going to take a seat over right here. LIAM: unless I get punched within the face, it is notcoming back. Do not punch me in the face. SAM: I punch Caleb within the face. TALIESIN: i’ve been ready for it. SAM: No, i’ll go over to the rats. Or I’lljust– i’ll throw a vial of acid on the rats. MATT: definite, ok. They make a dexterity check,correct? SAM: I think so. It says i will splash it onto acreature within five toes of me, or throw it up to 20 ft, shattering on impact.So it doesn’t saywhat they save as, it simply says 2d6 acid harm. MATT: Oh sorry, then simply make a simply generaldexterity– roll a d20 and add your dexterity modifier. SAM: Ugh. LAURA: You should have simply walked up and splashedit on them. SAM: Yeah, good I didn’t. Eight. MATT: Eight? It misses. You watch because the rats go(squeak) and get prepared for affect, and it hits the stone, and so they (slower squeaking). MARISHA: Oh, that is lovable! SAM: i will disguise. (laughter) MATT: Yeah, on the grounds that you still had disadvantage onthat, considering you had been poisoned anyway. Did you add a d4 to your roll? SAM: it doesn’t matter. It was best an eight. LAURA: good. SAM: Now it is an 11. LIAM: they may be rats! MATT: That makes a difference. LAURA: See, it worked? SAM: Wait, should not i have had disadvantage? MATT: however you’ve drawback, so roll again. SAM: traditional 20. TALIESIN: Oh, 11. MATT: So yeah, that does certainly hit. MARISHA: hiya! MATT: in the alternate fact wherein theywinced and grew to become, they may be like, "Aww, That "would’ve been pleasant." nevertheless, their imaginationran wild with them, as the reality is, they took– SAM: Eight facets of harm.MARISHA: they had their own Jacob’s Laddermoment. LIAM: yes, the 20 rats. So 20,000 rats in thedodecahedron. MARISHA: (whooshing) This timeline. MATT: A bunch of child rats in area, looking overEarth. The monolith floats up. So the swarm continues to be alive, however their numbers are very decreased.You hear the horrible, screaming hisses as a bunch of those distraught, subterranean, hungry ratsbegin to dissolve and wither into these small little puddles of fur and flesh, but they’re stillaround. That finishes your go, Nott. SAM: Yeah. MATT: Yasha’s up. Yasha is paralyzed. TRAVIS: (muffled, inaudible speech) MATT: Yep, at the end of its turn, it will probably make asaving throw. TRAVIS: okay. MATT: constitution store. TRAVIS: Let’s do it! Sixteen.MATT: 16? She succeeds. TRAVIS: Yeah! Together with her bonus– MATT: that’s her flip. TRAVIS: that’s my flip. MATT: Yeah. With a bonus action, that is your flip.Beau, you’re up. MARISHA: Sorry! Sorry, rats. Sorry. SAM: just curb stomping. MARISHA: simply take my stick, and correct in theirheads. LAURA: So sad. MARISHA: it can be real unhappy. LAURA: Why don’t they just run away? MARISHA: i know. Sorry. I kick a couple of, then I’mlike: Shoo. Shoo. MATT: just roll an attack roll. MARISHA: k. TALIESIN: And you still have your d4! MARISHA: that’s beautiful excellent. 19 plus 20 complete. MATT: Yeah, so roll damage. LIAM: Batter up! TRAVIS: I would have got to get a new iPad. LAURA: a person’s going to get– TRAVIS: Safari maintains crashing on this factor. MATT: Oh, chum. TALIESIN: Oh, we haven’t up-to-date. Oh no! SAM: No, it is the tablet. It can be no longer D&D past. TRAVIS: No, it is Safari.It’s the iPad. MARISHA: eleven harm on the first one. MATT: eleven damage. How do you wish to have to try this? LAURA: Woo! TALIESIN: There was an replace that we on the whole– MARISHA: i attempt to keep as many as i can by way of shooingsome away. MATT: a number of do shoo off, and it’s like (squeaking)dart off– MARISHA: the ones that are 1/2 placing on by using theacid from Nott, I simply– MATT: Put them out of their distress. MARISHA: Yeah. MATT: okay. Separately. MARISHA: just little pops. MATT: The rats are finished. Caleb, you take a seat thereand pay attention for the full minute, after which the spell is finished. The tether is disconnected,and the creature is banished to its hellish realm where it as soon as stemmed from. LAURA: Is there a portal or anything in here?Will have to we seem for a portal? SAM: possibly we must seem for a portal. LAURA: make sure no others are going to comethrough. TALIESIN: any person who’s harm– TRAVIS: Yasha raises her hand; says, "Ouch." TALIESIN: So any one who’s hurt, come take a seat overhere for a 2nd.Do they get to save against the poison or must I just try this? MATT: No, they may be not poisoned. Theparalysis and the poison are long past. They’re each hand in hand. TALIESIN: Nott as good; is she ok? MATT: Hmm? TALIESIN: Nott’s no longer poisoned anymore both? MATT: that is still– No, seeing that you had been–due to the fact the poison– hmm. TALIESIN: i will forged the spell and make it go awayif I need to. MATT: at the same time poisoned, target is paralyzed. Sointeresting point: yes, without a doubt. Your poisoned and paralysis are long gone. The two are tetheredtogether. TALIESIN: So any individual who needs to get somehealing, i’m going to be doing a Prayer of treatment over the next ten minutes.MARISHA: i go get healed, however i’m distracted thewhole time i am getting healed, watching on the unconscious demon dog. MATT: That demon canine is close to expiring. MARISHA: Oh. MATT: it is now not lifeless yet. MARISHA: I simply watch him as I get healed byCaduceus. LAURA: Nugget! Are available here. MATT: (panting, poof) just teleports, blinks toyou. TRAVIS: Oh, get a imperative hit for Nugget anddispatch the demon canine. LAURA: What? TRAVIS: Have Nugget finish off the demon canine. LAURA: Oh, the unconscious one? TRAVIS: Uh-huh. Let it style blood. TALIESIN: 21 treatment features to any one who wantsthem.TRAVIS, SAM, LIAM and MARISHA: Yeah. TALIESIN: Let’s ensure. How many individuals aretaking that? One, two, three, four, and i can be five. Cool. You were excellent? LAURA: i am just right. SAM: must we try to wake this fiendish factor andtame it? LAURA: should we just kill it? MARISHA: he is very virtually dead, something it is. LAURA: Nugget, chew him! Do not chunk him; you’retoo sweet. Do not chew something. Right here, have some sweet. MATT: He will get down and starts tearing the candyapart on the ground. Nugget’s now not full-grown at this point. He is still a dog, however a tremendous dog,attending to about that measurement, and no longer really realizing the entire size of the animal, you are already like,"Oh, this is going to be a giant boy." LIAM: What did you simply feed him? LAURA: sweet! LIAM: What kind? LAURA: Do you need some? I have peppermints, Ihave some cherry suckers, and i have– LIAM: just now not chocolate, yeah? LAURA: No chocolate.TRAVIS: I take the falchion and stick it in theback of the neck of the demon canine. MATT: It exhales its ultimate breath and goes still. TALIESIN: Mister Caleb, maybe we will have to take alook round and see the place these matters came from. SAM: good notion. I’ll join you. MATT: either two of you make investigation checks,or one character does with potential.LIAM: Investigation at advantage considering the fact that any one’shelping me? SAM: i’ll do an investigation determine as well. MATT: All proper, both of you guys take one. SAM: one million. LIAM: 24. MATT: 24 and a million. SAM: 26. MATT: okay! You guys transfer along, stepping over thecorpses of the two creatures. The rotting-flesh smell that you smelled when you first got here into thechamber, when you get almost these creatures– now that the adrenaline has worn off and you canactually take a second to system the entire senses– this very molded-citrus-sort, acrid odor emanatesfrom their our bodies along with lengthy-rotted flesh. It’s an terrible smell from these creatures. In ways,parts of them remind you of hyena-puppies with these tremendous ridges alongside the again of the spine, the tailextremely venomous.You guys move prior and head across the different corner. You go by using other bonesand other corpses of what have been smaller moorbounders, pups that have been being proficient orrisen and fed, and within the back nook, Nott, you see it first and Caleb just seconds after, thereis this faint glow, this very faint pink glow. It looks like a crack in the stone. You strategy andlook at it, and as soon as you appear at a side angle, the crack is not on the stone; it’s about aninch away from it. It can be in the air, and it is about two toes across, like that, and about an inchsliver. SAM: will have to we stick our palms through there? LIAM: No, we will have to now not do this. TRAVIS: that’s what i am for. LIAM: No, that is the place the hindrance is comingfrom. I’m now not definite what to do about it, although.SAM: will we seal it? Can we un-magic it? Yasha!Yasha, you may have– Oh, do you’ve got a dispel? LAURA: Yeah. SAM: Jester! LAURA: ok, i am going to try to Dispel Magic. MATT: k, make a knowledge check. Roll a d20 andadd your knowledge modifier. LAURA: 15 plus eight. MATT: Plus your knowledge modifier. LAURA: Sorry, 15 plus five. MATT: 20? LAURA: sure. MATT: 20 is the DC you needed. As Jester stepsforward, you see by way of the crack. It starts to slowly widen, and for a break up 2nd as she’sconcentrating and focusing, for a split 2d beyond that there’s pink and pink and also you hearthis faint swirling of wind and screams and who is aware of beyond the veil, and you will see a different oneof these creatures commencing to come up and sniff the opposite part of this rift, and proper because it looksthrough, its eye peeking out from the other part, it seals and is long past.SAM: you probably did it! LAURA: I did it! TALIESIN: That was robust. LAURA: excellent, since I do not know if we could havefought an additional one of those guys, you realize? We absolutely could have taken one more one. LIAM: We must convince our goblin friendupstairs that we have carried out some type of exorcism on top of the killing part, so hopefullywe get a better deal, even. TRAVIS: Yeah, where did that rift even go? MARISHA: well, it looks like some type of fiendishenemies that we were fighting, so i am assuming the 9 Hells? LIAM: have you now not read of the Hells? MARISHA: Would i know the place these matters mighthave come from? MATT: you could either make an arcana or might be areligion verify. MARISHA: i will do the religion considering that I’ve readabout rel– k, 16.MATT: 16? Looking at these creatures, the essenceof them, certainly because you might have extracted their features, you might have taken the time to suppose it over.Fiendish, undoubtedly. Now not satan. MARISHA: Which is 9 Hells. MATT: right. MARISHA: So that is abyssal. MATT: this is abyssal. The chaotic nature of itsform, the little glimpse beyond that you simply saw, and the final odor that remains after it, is lessof the essence of brimstone and other such smells that appear to accompany rifts or doorways that leadto the 9 Hells, and alternatively the smell here is anything else totally. Centered on all these thingstogether, you’re lovely targeted that this used to be an abyssal creature. LIAM: You share that? MARISHA: Abyssal dogs. TRAVIS: used to be the rift simply tremendous ample for acreature like that to come by means of, or was once it better? MATT: It looked at the moment like a creature thatsize could might be squeeze by way of, but you also noticed it begin to develop as the creature began to drawnear. So it is going to have had some stage of flexibility. TRAVIS: So not like something else came throughbefore. TALIESIN: good I imply, I have no idea. These thingscould occur.TRAVIS: I walk over to the first demon canine, andI’ll take the falchion and reduce the stinger off the tail, and hand it over to Caduceus and go:should not we probably preserve onto these for whatever? TALIESIN: i’d speak to Nott about that. It’snot a horrible idea. TRAVIS: rather venomous and toxic. Paralyticsand all? LAURA: You should give the opposite one to Yasha. TALIESIN: i’ll see if the spores will takein these things or no longer. I have no idea if they’re going to. MATT: k. The fiendish nature is resistant tothe spores, but now not immune. Meaning you are used to your Decomposition being as an alternative rapid. It isbeginning, but it’s a slower procedure. TALIESIN: that is fascinating. That is veryinteresting. LIAM: you recognize, this is exciting, on the grounds that whenI used to be at your library, one of the crucial many things that I discovered there that day is that– Do you wantto finish speakme? MATT: proceed.LIAM: That the empire right here, the Kryn Dynasty,there was once mention of Tharizdun. MARISHA: Ter-is-doom? LIAM and MARISHA: Tharizdun. SAM: what’s that? Is that a place? LIAM: A terrible, darkish god. From ages past.Affecting the persons right here, coming up from under. And we discover this right here, just this nearly thesurface? Perhaps it’s twist of fate. Probably no longer. MATT: To make clear, just because you may comprehend, theresearch that you simply uncovered offers in drow cultures and what’s written on them. There are connectionsto Tharizdun, and a madness that is recognized to have claimed a lot of the Tal’Dorei drow and theUnderdark that resides there. LIAM: Tal’Dorei drow? MATT: correct. However there’s hypothesis withinimperial books and research that probably the same insanity can be spreading in the east. LIAM: Hmm. K. Good, Caleb would no longer haveunderstood the whole thing that he determined that day. MATT: right. No, it can be proper. Just letting youknow. SAM: am i able to see if there may be any poison i will be able to extractfrom these stingers? With my expert medicine exams? MATT: Yeah, go forward and make a medication or naturecheck on this, i would say.Your choice. LAURA: need me to aid you? SAM: sure! LAURA: can i support him? Considering I obtained proficiencyin medication. I do know what i’m doing. SAM: i’m going to appear for the chemicals, you seem forthe– LAURA: The veins. SAM: The veins, you appear for the veins. MATT: Go for it. SAM: natural 20. Will have to I roll once more? LAURA: No. SAM: No, that’s it. LAURA: would it not be powerful if it was once twonatural 20s, although? MATT: Anyway, it takes you somewhat bit of timeand you manipulate to extract– unfortunately, as a result of the state of its physique, as soon as it dies, the toxinbegins to separate and suffuse its own flesh and method.However you do control to extract a vial of itsvenom. TRAVIS: Some vicious shit. SAM: that’s paralysis venom, right? MATT: almost certainly. TALIESIN: That could be mean. TRAVIS: Poisoned and paralytic. LAURA: Like how big of a vial? Like a skinnykind? MATT: Like a single utility. TALIESIN: One run. MATT: it’s smaller than these; it is about thatbig. Due to the fact that it needs to be purified element. It’s good for one utility, whether that be weapon,or imbibed, or whatever the case may be.LIAM: Killer app. SAM: k, thanks. MATT: so that you got that. You do understand, with yournatural 20, that there is a shelf lifestyles on the toxin, which means over time it could end up diluted.However with the ordinary 20, you additionally know that’s often weeks, if no longer months away. But there isan eventual shelf lifestyles on its potency. LIAM: will have to you use it now? TALIESIN: proper now. MATT: simply jabs Caleb. TRAVIS: good, we now have efficiently cleared thedemons. This cave is clear. LAURA: We must hide ourselves again beforewe return up. MARISHA: Yeah, that’s a excellent name. TALIESIN: i’m going to seem a little bit unique nomatter what seeing that i will only do that once a day, but that’s okay. LAURA: Oh no. TALIESIN: that is all correct. LAURA: we’ll simply make you appear style of soiled andstuff. I begin rubbing filth in all places Caduceus.TALIESIN: these items is– no longer this dirt. This isweird filth. LIAM: Do you wish to have your horns and dick again? MARISHA: Yeah. LIAM: okay, I start waving the caterpillar cocoonin entrance of her face and give her a wang. MARISHA: (coughing) that’s dusty. MATT: You reclaim your respective illusions and/ortransformations. TRAVIS: (bulking up noises) MATT: (laughs) excellent. MARISHA: (laughs) Macy’s Day float over here. TRAVIS: (diminish pitched) ‘Sup? MATT: You ascend back into Zorth’s Pits. As youmake your way up closer to the top, the lure door is actually closed. As you go to open it, it iscurrently locked. MARISHA: Oh, goddamn it. TRAVIS: (knocks) MATT: "yes?" TRAVIS: We’re performed. MATT: "Is it you?" TRAVIS: sure, it can be us. What, you suppose they speak orsomething? MATT: "I have no idea about these things! Just beingsafe, come on." TRAVIS: Open the door! MATT: "All right, just keep on a 2d."(more than one locks clicking) You hear chains being pulled. Eventually it gets pushed open and he’skicked the lid of it open.The genuine doorway falls back and leans against the wall. He looksdown. "So is it done?" TRAVIS: Oh god, there’s an additional one! Run! MATT: (screams) TRAVIS: Nah, i’m simply kidding. MATT: "Tricksy orc." TRAVIS: Yeah. MATT: "All proper, come on up. So what was it?What’d you do? What’d you kill? Was once it completed? Are "you definite? What proof you received?" TRAVIS: absolutely, we left them down there for youif you’re keen on, I don’t know, harvesting pieces of– what was once it, demon creatures? LIAM: Fiends, for definite.MATT: He appears you over real close and goes, "Idon’t understand why, however I think you. Okay, i will go "down and take a look. Simply checking, didn’t knowif it was some type of a pull one over on me and "take my business, so i’m just being cautious." TRAVIS: Did you need to head seem proper now? MATT: "Yeah!" LAURA: okay, but you must understand that you had aportal to an additional dimension in your cave. TALIESIN: that’s real. LAURA: I needed to close it. It was not pretty, butyou will have to watch out, when you consider that if it opens again, what are you going to do, you understand? MATT: (quietly) "that is not excellent." LAURA: are you aware why it happened? Have you everseen that kind of factor earlier than? SAM: Yeah have you heard of anything similarhappening? MATT: He lifts one foot up and scratches the edgeof his temple and goes. "No, i have never. That is lovely detrimental, isn’t it?" LAURA: it’s. MATT: "Would you guys let the girl know probably?" TALIESIN: The what? LAURA: the girl? MATT: "the woman.If this kind of stuff’shappening, that is very no longer good." TRAVIS: Yeah, Zethriss– MARISHA: Zethriss Oreos? TALIESIN: I consider that stands out as the neighborlything to do. TRAVIS: What’s her identify? Zethriss? MATT: "girl Olios." TRAVIS: Olios. MATT: "Olios. I have not met her. Otherwise I’dtell her myself, however you already know… I do not know, "them drow people make me consider kind ofself-conscious, you already know?" TALIESIN: that is shocking. You’re veryimpressive. I mean, i am certainly charmed. MATT: Make a– your option, persuasion ordeception. TALIESIN: Oh, persuasion. 21. MATT: "Oh, stop. Oh, you are adorable." TALIESIN: you’re satisfactory. MATT: "well executed! Exceptional! Fantastic! Let me go lookat it!" He goes down and runs in the darkness below and also you hear, (shouting) "Ah, god! Ah,a further one! Jeez, how many had been there?" LAURA: there have been three, however one in every of them is gonebecause he was once banished.SAM: We could lock him there and simply take all– TALIESIN: hello, good day, hiya. We’re making acquaintances now. MATT: "that’s robust! You killed three of them!Great." LIAM: additionally, there was once a rift within the veryfabric of time and area down beneath and my sister right here closed that. MATT: "that is amazing!" LAURA: So if you want to provide us even more of adiscount seeing that, you realize, we saved you numerous obstacle one day– MATT: "We had a deal, no. However that’s powerful!" MARISHA: You additionally had a major rat infestation. MATT: "i do know in regards to the rats! I imply, that’s halfwhat you feed these matters." TALIESIN: good, sorry, then. MARISHA: They had been a little bit out of manipulate. I feellike you mustn’t go away scraps of meals around. I don’t know. LIAM: also, we did not agree to close any type ofrift to a different dimension. MATT: "Oh, no, and that’s so appreciative of me!" LIAM: i would hate for us to open it back up.Sosince it was once whatever external of the deal we made– MATT: "Then maybe you should go speak to the Ladyand tell her the nice deed you probably did, and probably "she’ll be, ‘thanks! You went and close a riftfor town! This is some money!’" TRAVIS: Let’s get these steeds and transfer on. LAURA: i’m an extraordinarily variety individual. I do not mindclosing rifts for humans in want, ? MATT: "that’s unusual." MARISHA: Will you at the least preserve on to the jag–the moorbound– the swamp kitties for slightly bit longer while we go speak to woman Zethriss? MATT: "Yeah, I’ve nonetheless obtained to teach you." TALIESIN: that’s fair.MATT: "I mean, i am now not simply going at hand themover. That is a recipe for catastrophe." MARISHA: Yeah. How’d you lose your hands? Used to be italso in one among your seminars? MATT: "you recognize, when you’re studying learn how to workwith these matters, if you’re not cautious, dangerous "things happen. But you gain knowledge of. Twice. However you understand,hasn’t slowed me down!" MARISHA: i assume you could nonetheless straddle a swampkitty. All correct, let’s go! SAM: we’re going to go see this woman? LAURA: Why? TALIESIN: I feel this is an opportunity.To begood neighbors. We will probably need a couple of friends while we’re out here, so let’s try now not tobe criminals and a criminal element an excessive amount of. LIAM: Is it the kind of thing that we will do in underan hour, or might be would wait unless the next day to come? SAM: We’re close with the aid of, correct? It is that spire overthere? MATT: "Oh, yeah. That’s probably 12 minutes fromhere, tops." TALIESIN: I say it can be valued at it, for my part.MARISHA: maybe she takes appointments. TRAVIS: Yeah, I mean, once we get there, she maynot even be house. SAM: When are we going to be within the city of Beastsagain? TALIESIN: as a minimum let’s file a record, likeproper citizens. TRAVIS: Yep. TALIESIN: thank you. TRAVIS: we will be back. MATT: "All proper, i’ll be over right here. I am going tostart rounding up my three alternative picks for you. "See which of them are the most spry and animated." LAURA: Get one that is really lovable for me, ok?Like, gothy, however lovely even as. MATT: "For you? I will do my high-quality!" (giggles) Heescorts you guys to the external of Zorth’s Pits, closes the door in the back of you guys and you are nowstanding within the center of the primary road thoroughfare. TALIESIN: Let’s head that approach. It’s consistently worthmaking friends, irrespective of where you are. MARISHA: Do you suppose she’s a mage or sorcerer orsomething? TALIESIN: I have no proposal.MARISHA: They maintain calling her woman and she or he livesin a tower. TRAVIS: good, hear, if y’all are worried thoseof us which can be beneath minimal changes– we would let her recognize. LAURA: Fjord, yours is lovely foremost. TRAVIS: it is, is not it? TALIESIN: I hadn’t observed. LIAM: You two do not have to do a lot of anything,do you? You will have to talk to her, in case she’s competent to peer by way of matters. TALIESIN: I think that any one who lives in thiscity will recognize the wish to be incognito. LIAM: I do not make that assumption, i might likethe attractive one and the little green woman to speak to her, if that’s k.TALIESIN: Beau and Nott? Sure. LAURA: (laughs) TALIESIN: That was for you. LAURA: I preferred it. SAM: makes sense. LIAM: simply precautions. TRAVIS: certain. LAURA: We’re on it. We now have this entirely dealt with. LIAM: I think in you. SAM: Let’s go! MATT: All proper. Is every body going as a gaggle? SAM: we will walk over there as a bunch, but thedetectives will go in. MATT: You guys make your approach by way of, pushing pastthree principal carts which are being pulled by using aurochs which can be presently in this gigantic harness, pullingthem by means of the muck and dirt. (aurochs lowing) On the again of it, you will discover barrels of largeballista ammunition.One can find heavy barrels containing three, 4-foot-lengthy metallic boltswith hooked and jagged edges which can be used for piercing and destroying boundaries and borders,walls, doorways. Some are placed up and some are positioned down, and they’ve giant loops on the finish.Reminds you of harpoons, just a little. MARISHA: Are these human catchers? Peoplecatchers? TALIESIN: i am seeking to do not forget the title. There’sa identify, and it’s somewhere in my mind right now. MARISHA: Spikes with a loop, yeah. MATT: you’re not fully precise. Honestly, you,being the discovered one, make an intelligence investigate. MARISHA: simply straight intelligence? That wasalmost fucking great. It’s nonetheless ok. 14. MATT: you’re now not fully special the applicationof these, however these are a further type of ballista ammunition. MARISHA: intriguing. K. TALIESIN: they do not know, but I did remember theterm. MATT: Passing by means of those carts as they’re wheeledsouthward toward the gate, you’re making your way to the outside of the Aurora… Keep. That is the wordI was once looking for.As you technique now, it stands out like a sore thumb against the majority of thearchitecture within the interior of Asarius. It just about resembles, in its design, a basic churchand steeple, the place it has this gradual incline on the sides that come to a partial roof, and thenthe relevant spire shoots up into this gradual factor about three studies off the bottom. Alongit, it’s no longer delicate. The edges are ridged, and you can find elaborate small print where it has thishooked– in some ways similar to a pagoda, how it edges outward in these curves and points, wherethe roofs come to a soft end and slope. There are a quantity of attractive, attractive glass windowsthat are stained glass, but as opposed to multicolor, it looks like a more muted palette ofgrays and purples and silvers and blacks and blues.From the external, it does not appear asgorgeous, but as you walk as much as the front door, which is already open on the inside, what lightcomes by way of fills the inner with this very calming, blue-purple color that has this strangelywelcoming and nearly chilled atmosphere to it. As you procedure, you see two Kryn soldiers stroll by using.They step apart. They do not take into accout of you, but they move on, and both of them split as they reachthe center street and go in two distinctive instructions, heading north and south. What wouldyou love to do? SAM: Let’s go in. LAURA: Yeah, we should go proper in.SAM: We’re simply going to go in. Yeah. MATT: the two of you? SAM: sure. Wait out right here, y’all. TALIESIN: All correct. SAM: Thanks for saving my lifestyles. MATT: As you guys patiently wait, theinvestigatory team, you step to the base of the constructing, and up what’s possibly five toes of stairs,these broad, 15-foot wide stone stairs that lead to the major open doorway. Moving into the initialchamber, the light that fills the inside, it is gorgeous. It is warmer on the within, and there’sno desk, more than a collection of chairs– at ease, well-made chairs, once once more standing out againstmost of the furniture and the living spaces you could have already encountered, even in cursory glancesacross the town.As you enter the chamber and appear around, there are two doorways, one to the right andone to the left. They are both closed, and there does not show up to be any person within the chamber atthe moment. SAM: Knock on some doorways? Or is there a bell? LAURA: can we see someone? MATT: Make a notion assess. SAM: 12. LAURA: 12. MATT: You both appear and, to each and every facet of the door,there is a braided cord that hangs about ten feet from a bell, flanking each facet of the door on theinside. SAM: there may be two extraordinary doorways, two differentbells? MATT: proper. LAURA: shall we just ring them each? SAM: Any markings on–? (ringing) (laughter) TRAVIS: amazing! MATT: A second passes earlier than one door opens upand, stepping within, you see a human, a person regularly in his mid-forties or so, significant, bushybeard that falls down to his mid-chest, hair that is greased and slicked again into very tightponytail that then releases right into a bunch of billowing curls that go to about his mid-again.Heis sporting darkish grey-silver robes and shiny, brilliant, little pins that mark the place the clavicleand the shoulder meet. As he peeks by means of and goes, "am i able to aid you?", the other door opens, andyou see a drow woman, young, might be late teenagers, early twenties. Bright silver-white hair that ispulled right into a high ponytail and then two tendrils that go previous the entrance of the ears and dangle downto about mid-chest. Attractive, stable grey-blue dermis, nearly amber-colored eyes, as she peeksthrough carrying a identical robe as to him, and goes, "good day?" SAM: We’re watching for woman Zethriss. Is one ofyou– i don’t need to presume. MATT: the person closes the door, and the lady walksup. "If I might ask, what’s the motive for the meet?" LAURA: The Sunbreaker told us to come back over right here,due to the fact that he stated maybe that you simply guys had some work for us, but whilst, we have been supposed tocome tell you about these things that we observed right here. SAM: We’re an investigative duo.We’re known asDjango and Nash, and we go around discovering things– LAURA: quite primary things. SAM: We determined anything that you just could beinterested in. MATT: "All correct. Please wait patiently. I willlet the lady recognize." SAM: Oh, you are now not the girl. MATT: "No." Closes the door. TRAVIS: excellent pitch. SAM: I proposal she was once a woman. She is a woman. LAURA: Yeah. We’ll inform them of the rift,right? SAM: If it suits our purposes. LAURA: What else are we going to tell them? SAM: I have no idea, truthfully. MATT: eventually the door opens, and he or she returnsand goes, "Please, if you wouldn’t mind, "come with me." SAM: definite. Yes, of path. We do that sort ofthing all the time. LAURA: sure, yeah, yeah, yeah. Perception investigate! MATT: Make an perception determine. TRAVIS: have you ever killed one-half of a tablebefore, Matt? MATT: Yeah.LAURA: 21. MATT: k. SAM: Oh! Oh! I will die! We’re going to die!She’s a monster in a woman’s shell! TRAVIS: Guys, D&D beyond has a ferocious race forpresident of D&D heating up. SAM: the only way you can vote is tosubscribe. That is now not proper. (laughter) MATT: You follow swimsuit? LAURA: Yeah, yeah. MATT: leading you via the door, the nextchamber, it appears like there are two parallel hallways, due to the fact that the place would be the left, wherethe different door had opened, there is a long, heavy stone wall that divides this.This chamber seemsto be divided into two facets. Heading down this fashion, you cross a closed door on the right, a secondclosed door on the correct, a third closed door on the proper, and every door has a shield there. Theguards are wearing mantles which might be much like, or of the identical design as, the Kryn armor and themantle you noticed on the mage that you fought, when you first came to Xhorhas. It can be simply the mantle,and it can be adorning the straightforward silver-grey robes that the other figures in this constructing look to bewearing. The inner is beautiful. Whereas a slightly undeniable exterior, excluding the generalshape and curvature of the perimeters of the constructing, the internal partitions right here have wonderful scrollworkchiseled into the entire stone.Each and every doorway body has this ivy-form texture that curls and swirlsaround the door body. Quite a lot of effort and work has gone into the construction of this constructing.You go previous the third door, and the lady goes and opens the chamber doorway, nods, and gives you anudge to enter. SAM: We do. MATT: You enter the room. The first thing you’remet with is 2 drow warriors, each embellished in armor, however the armor itself is clean, well-saved,in all probability ceremonial, or at the least has now not been utilized in battle for a while. They each look at you bothand step apart. Beyond that, you see a wonderful, tall, excessive-back lounge chair that extends out withthis deep reddish-red hue, like a velvet. The rim on the external that curls round it, alsobeautifully executed in a brass color that spirals on the edges.You will see that a small altar within the centerof the chamber, about three feet from the foot of this, and this altar heads up on this slow,gradual, spiralling factor, just about like there have been two paths of a tapering tower. At the high, you seea brass dodecahedron. SAM: I seem everywhere but at that. MATT: hole, there’s nothing inside of, however it’s anart piece. In the chair, sitting in exceptional, targeted brocades inlaid into this silk robe thatdrifts earlier her legs to the factor where you can’t see her toes, dangling and rolling off the brink ofthe chair, this wonderful dark elf woman, her dermis a soft violet hue, her hair vibrant white thatseems to taper to a an identical pink-violet colour as to her epidermis as it goes prior her shoulders. Herhair is long. It goes previous her hips, and tumbles off the perimeters of the chair. She sits in the direction of theedge of the chair, just watching her face closer to this artwork piece, her eyes closed, and her handraises up and asks you to enter, silently.SAM: we will just wait except she talks, i suppose? LAURA: Yeah. She’ll start the convo. MATT: She gestures for you. LAURA and SAM: Yeah, yeah, we will try this. MATT: the two Kryn infantrymen shut the door andstay there, staring at. They’re now not leaving you on my own within the chamber. Her eyes open and looktoward you, and her irises are a pure, shiny amethyst crimson.It can be entrancing, even just to seethe colour. Even in this low mild, it close to seems to be backlit, the best way the colour comes at you. Herface appears smooth and comes to a smile. "So i have "been advised that you’re investigators. Is thiscorrect?" LAURA: sure, we’re detectives. MATT: "You came on the behest of the Sunbreaker?" SAM: He advised us about you. He failed to say, "Youmust go there." LAURA: but he used to be like, "You should mostly gosee her due to the fact she’s pretty cool," and he wasn’t mendacity, man! You are super cool. MATT: "proper. Well, are you coming searching for work?" SAM: maybe. We were enthusiastic about in all probability sharingsome expertise with you.LAURA: We located some thing that I think you wouldlike to understand. MATT: "Please, do inform me." LAURA: i will inform her. SAM: Yeah, certain, certain. We were on one other case,cannot get into the main points of it. Tremendous hush-hush. We wish to keep our customer record private. But we have been onanother case and we stumbled upon a bit of a rifty. LAURA: Yeah, it was like, you understand, like a– SAM: A doorway to an extra dimension. LAURA: It was very flexible. It was once anotherdimension. SAM: It would develop to accept any shape thatwanted to enter it, however that wasn’t the interesting section.LAURA: No, no, that was common. SAM: The fascinating section was that this passagewaylet in creatures from a further dimension. An evil dimension. Some name it the Abyss, or whatever. LAURA: They had been undoubtedly fiends, you know, thatcame by way of. There have been a couple of ones and so they were frightening. SAM: correct in your residence town here! LAURA: They had been right here! Underneath the bottom! SAM: a number of hundred yards faraway from right here! We werelike, "that’s loopy." however proper away, we had been like, "We bought to go inform lady Z." MATT: "Zethriss. Thank you. And i’m impressed.There was a traumatic upward thrust in demonic pastime "within the proximity of this city. There have beenwords of misplaced sleep and bad goals. There has been "talk of viable corruption of a fiendish nature.The real situation is our assets are centered "to the west. We now have observed too many closeincursions throughout the Ashkeepers and we’re "waylaid left and proper.So it’s fortunate youhave come to me due to the fact that i’ve much curiosity in "gifted minds. Peculiarly people who are lookingto work for coin or alternate." LAURA: well, coin is lovely cool and stuff, and sois some trade. MATT: "could I ask you, what are your specialities,the 2 of you?" LAURA: i am fairly just right at remedy peopleand stuff. MATT: "that’s good." LAURA: And i will be able to additionally, you understand– I make aduplicate of myself. I will be able to also do that! SAM: She’s a gifted artist. LAURA: I draw. I could draw a portrait for you, ifyou want me to. SAM: A tattoo artist– budding. LAURA: yes yes sure! Very proficient tattoo artist.If you’re ever short of a bit, let me recognize.I will be of provider. SAM: I mean, these expertise– these could be at theend of the resume, like particular talents. I think that– TRAVIS: Horseback using. LAURA: Like using stick shift. SAM: Has driver’s license. However I think the one shewanted to steer with was once, she’s a healer. LAURA: i’m a healer, however i am additionally, like, a badasshealer. You understand, so i can hit things and heal at the same time. And then you definately. SAM: fast as lightning. LAURA: super drunk, normally. (laughter) SAM: k, that’s scale down. That’s decrease on the CV, hightolerance. Speedy as lightning, sneaky as a motherfuck! LAURA: And! And! SAM: Sharpshooter. (crossbow bolts whizzing) LAURA: super, super good with arrows and bolts andstuff. SAM: however collectively, we’ve got some kind of– I don’tknow what it’s, in reality. We have now certainly not really pointed out it. But we now have this awesome mindfor fixing conundrums.For attending to the basis of the difficulty. Dangerous cop, excellent cop; just right cop, unhealthy cop,anything you want to call it, we’re… We’re a dynamic duo. MATT: She nonetheless smiles. There is a distincthardness behind the smile, and in that instant, for a quick second, being as fairly insightfulas you are, Jester, there’s a thinning persistence. But she says, "well. And you have– this rift thatyou acknowledged. These fiendish things, did you just notice them? Or have you handled them?" LAURA: Oh, we handled them! They are useless andgone and (snaps) banished and likewise the rift is closed. MATT: "And it’s simply the two of you?" SAM: we have now some coworkers. LAURA: every other persons that work with us. MATT: "good. That makes much more feel." k,make a persuasion examine.Either each of you together, or one in all you with talents.Your option. LAURA and SAM: each of us. LAURA: Woo! SAM: Dueling 18s! LAURA: 22 for me. SAM: what’s it, deception or persuasion? LAURA: Persuasion. SAM: simply straight 18. MATT: k! Apparently ample, that impatienceand hardness that has been growing subsides. She started out to lean forward in style of an, "i go todeconstruct these persons," style of vigour; anything that you’ve encountered before. And thena few matters you stated, and the best way that you simply explained it away, she commenced to suppose a bit morecomfortable. "well, we will use all the support we can "get. There are two things that come to intellect at themoment, if you are involved in serving to. For one, "i’ve come to suppose there is an Empire spy inour midst, living here, in Asarius. Potentially, if my "expertise is proper, working or staying close theFour Corners. An intercepted missive out of the "metropolis from this individual was shot down, being sentby nighthawk. And the messenger was obvious leaving "the four Corners.This missive used to be giving informationabout the motion of our forces, preparations "and such, to the Empire. It used to be being sent toBladegarden. If which you can suss out this spy and turn "them in to me, you will be rewarded commonly. Bringthem alive, i’ll depart you with 5,000 gold pieces." (gasping) MARISHA: i am so broke; we’re so broke. MATT: "3,000 if lifeless, with proof. If that does notsuit your fancy, or your specified skill set of "investigation, you look to already be somewhattangled with this demonic presence.There have "been some strange murders in the metropolis. Some localsgoing mad or… Feral is fitting a growing predicament. "And i have suspicions that it is attached withthis demonic presence. (sigh) specializing in the battle "efforts, i’m unable to allocate many assets tothis, so you can be of quality support. When you would "in finding the foundation of this corruption, anywhere itstems from, and snuff it out, liberating Asarius "from this infernal impact, the Dynasty iswilling to pay 10,000 gold portions." LAURA: that is a good sum of money. SAM: Mm-hmm, that’s excellent. Money is good, cash isgood.We– MATT: "If money is not interesting to you, wecould perpetually exchange with want to the bright Queen." SAM: that is simply, most likely even moreappealing than cash, might be? LAURA: (whispering) Who’s the brilliant Queen? LAURA and SAM: (whispers and careworn muttering) SAM: We can have want of that. There may be an ally ofours who we have been trying to ascertain their whereabouts, and possibly by means of want,you could help us. MATT: She leans forward and goes, "Are both ofyou consecuted?" SAM: Consecuted? MATT: "Understood." SAM: I’ve in no way heard that phrase before. Is that amade-up phrase? Is that a Scrabble phrase? MATT: She obtained all she wanted from that. She goes,"good, in the event you search the intense Queen’s desire, I "simply assumed you were maybe of the houses ofGhor Dranas.My apologies. However the coin remains, "and perhaps a favor or a exchange. But these areconversations to have you probably have succeeded." LAURA: correct. Are you aware the place we would startwith the stuff, and stuff? SAM: The demons, the demonic presence, any leads?Any hot tips? MATT: "that’s exactly why we might be hiring aninvestigator." SAM: Yeah, we know that.LAURA: Yeah, we know where to in view that, youknow what, we just came from something so we will just comply with that path. SAM: fully. LAURA: Yep. MATT: "I seem forward to the completion of any orall of your missions." LAURA: So do we. MATT: "may the sunshine be with you." LAURA: and likewise with you. MATT: The door opens in the back of, the infantrymen areholding the door and variety of looking at you expectantly. LAURA: okay. Well, we should go then. SAM: All correct. See you quickly, then. LAURA and SAM: Bye! MATT: "Bye." You guys are swiftly escorted backoutside of the corridor. As you guys are sitting there ready nervously for a even as, eventually you seetwo Kryn warriors gently nudging each Nott and Jester external. SAM: As we left, I simply quickly rang the other oneone extra time and simply saved going out. MATT: You hear, "hi there?", as you just walk away.SAM: k. So that you sent within the right individuals forthat job! LAURA: (ptchoo, ptchoo, ptchoo!) SAM: we have now two assignments that don’t have anything todo with saving my husband. But maybe if we did one, she perhaps competent to aid us. Might be? LAURA: that’s a tough one. SAM: I don’t know. Here’s the thing: we’ve got thesethree beasts now. We would go charging throughout the badlands to Ghor Dranas, correct? And search aroundfor my husband, which I relatively wish to do; don’t get me flawed.TRAVIS: except that minotaur’s around. SAM: (exhales) I imply, did you see his percent? Theywere not fake, like yours. Anyway. We could do this, however it’s various unknowns, proper? This ladycould provide us… Some thing. I do not know. TRAVIS: Did she sound related with Ghor Dranas? LAURA: well, yeah. I imply, she’s high up right here, youknow. So she might without doubt get some shit done. SAM: She stated that she would curry want with theBright Queen? LAURA: Which is the queen! SAM: Is that the queen? LIAM: they have an Empress here. LAURA: that is what i’m talking about. It is her! LIAM: i don’t understand the entire terminology, butshe is referred to as a phrase: an umavi? I do not know what that’s, however i noticed that yourboyfriend said he was once– SAM: He mentioned, "i’m virtually an umavi ascended" orsomething like that. MARISHA: A near-umavi ascension? LIAM: Umavi, yeah. SAM: So she’s called an umavi or the umavi? LIAM: I consider she’s called the umavi? I don’tknow.It was vague. LAURA: something about umavi, for certain, although. LIAM: It refers to the Empress, Leylas Kryn. SAM: have you ever heard the term "consecuted"? LIAM: that’s no longer a phrase, is it… SAM: No, it would not appear just like the phrase. However shesaid– LAURA: She said that it sounded adore it had somethingto do with the excessive up residences or something. SAM: Yeah. Are you consecuted? MARISHA: i’m lovely sure consecuted manner you’reof a royal or a correct family? Would i know that? MATT: Make a historical past check. TALIESIN: I would recognize that, too. I believe like thatmight be in my wheelhouse. MATT: Go for it. Make a history assess. TALIESIN: No. That is a one minus one. MARISHA: not high-quality for me, either: eight. TRAVIS: I’ve acquired this. SAM: Oh yeah! No, I wrote it down right here: "EmpressLeylas Kryn, ‘umavi,’ 600 years historical." that is what I wrote down. I have no idea what that means. However Iput it in charges, like that is what she’s referred to as, correct? TALIESIN: 600 years historic is what she’s known as? SAM: No! MATT: None of you guys have any inspiration of whatconsecuted refers to.LAURA: We simply have got to ask a person. TALIESIN: well, I also consider that maybe getting alittle training earlier than we head deeper into this situation might now not be a terrible idea, and having acouple associates before we start– SAM: I mean, i am occupied with charging ahead andleaving this city, but I simply do not know what we’re heading towards. LIAM: well, in the quick time period, we must learnhow to trip these beasts.We would have– Jester, you might investigate in with Yeza. LAURA: Yeah. I imply, the tasks she set for us arenot tremendous handy, i do not think. SAM: challenge one was once to find a secret agent from the Empire. LAURA: Yeah. There may be some dickhead Empire personthat’s, like, a spy. MARISHA: fascinating. LIAM: And did they offer you any leads? LAURA: Nope. Oh, the four Corners. SAM: yes, she said that they have been transmittingsignals from the four Corners– or messages from the four Corners. 5,000 gold if we discover he orshe alive. Then the other was once to seek out more of these rifts, the supply of them. Put it out,10,000 gold. Or one tremendous-sizzling desire. MARISHA: good, the source of them would be in awhole different airplane or dimension. SAM: She gave the impression to suppose that it used to be right here. LIAM: This all sounds very time intensive. Weshould check in with your husband. MARISHA: i’m a bit of inquisitive about who the spyis. I mean, it would be just a little of a conflict of interest, when you consider that I consider like we’re spiesfrom the Empire. SAM: we don’t work for the Empire. LAURA: (aggressively whispering) Shh.Don’t saythat! Shut up! Do not say that shit out loud. TRAVIS: good, listen. We’ve got received to move to rest forthe night anyway. There’s only going to be three of us which can be taking these seminar classes on howto journey the shadow panther maniacs, correct? TALIESIN: I consider it perhaps smart for– well, Idon’t comprehend– for all people to be taught. LAURA: He simply rolled. He simply rolled to see ifthey heard you talking about that. I know he did. He was once rolling belief. MATT: What are you speaking about? LAURA: (angry growling) MARISHA: I was speakme hushedly. TRAVIS: you already know what? Why do not we just take thisout of the city for now? SAM: Wait.Go away town to go to sleep? TRAVIS: And to talk about this a bit extra, yeah.Considering the fact that if we’re coming again in to take seminar courses, might be 1/2 the workforce would go determine outthe four Corners. MARISHA: Fuck, that’s a good point. TRAVIS: or else, we’re simply sitting in daycare,you realize what I imply? TALIESIN: that’s not a foul idea, actually. I am notnormally keen on splitting persons up, however that is clever. LAURA: Let’s fall asleep though, when you consider that it can be beena relatively lengthy day. TALIESIN: Yeah, i am tired. MARISHA: we’re going to take a look at and sleep in the cityor outside the town? TRAVIS: Out. MARISHA: All correct. TALIESIN: sure, sir. MARISHA: Make our means out. LAURA: however we discontinue by using Zorth’s situation and just lethim recognize to keep putting on to our little guys and we’ll come and get them.MATT: "Yeah, no issues! Just come on through every time!They are correct here waiting– shut up! Beat ’em! "they’ll be proper here. I, er– I’ve got to head!I’ll goodbye!" Heads on back to become a member of the relaxation of the goblin crew which might be– it looks likeone of them is starting to buck and get angry, and so they’re keeping it down with ropes. It is going to besome fascinating purchases.But you acquire your matters– SAM: All correct, we are going to make our wayoutside the city. LIAM: Let’s go tenting. MATT: You exit the city. You end up acomfortable location on the outskirts, which isn’t too rough. There are definitely a number of tents onthe outside of the town where some individuals simply don’t have areas within Asarius to seek out house, orsome people that opt for to sleep out underneath the stars. There are a quantity of campsites forward outthere, mainly over by using where the gigantic portion of the military is set. You will see that a number of firesand light techniques. The solar eventually crests for the day the place all of the squaddies are scattered and stillpreparing for anything motion is ahead of them.TALIESIN: i’m going to maintain a watch on the skiesfor birds. MATT: ok. As you guys are getting ready and dusksets in, you do see one of those tremendous beasts looming closer to town, simply naturally wanderingin that direction, and begins to obtain some speed (booming footsteps) toward the threshold. You hear ahorn go (ascending name) and one other one (scale back-pitched answer) off at the back of it, and also you seea few infantrymen come speeding out on that finish of the gate as this colossal beast is looming towards it.Itgets shut, after which abruptly skids to a stop and turns around and bolts the reverse direction.They repel it, although you aren’t distinct of the approach or use. It runs the opposite method for about aquarter mile, and simply stops and sits there. You watch and it slowly starts offevolved to mosey northward,faraway from town. TRAVIS: No flashes? No lights? No–? MATT: No. TALIESIN: intriguing. MATT: but you mattress down for the night; gatheryour ideas, collect your talents, and feel amongst yourselves what the subsequent right plan ofaction is before you are about to enter day two on the outskirts of the city of Beasts.And that is wherewe’ll finish tonight’s session. Decide on up there subsequent week. TALIESIN and TRAVIS: Yeah! Metropolis of Beasts! LIAM: potent. SAM: Matt. So just right. MATT: i am excited. It is a very one of a kind vibe fromwhere you began. MARISHA: sure! TRAVIS: i’m a fan. I’m a fan! TALIESIN: Let’s replace that iPad. TRAVIS: we need a new pill. MATT: Yeah, you do. We’ll get everyone fixed. TALIESIN: just start the updates now. LAURA: Oh my gosh. MATT: well, thanks guys for tuning in.Don’tforget day after today, here on the Twitch channel at 7pm is our search for Grog one-shot. Make sure to seethat: 7pm Pacific. MARISHA: occasion of the season! MATT: indeed, and we are going to see you subsequent Thursday.But, guys: thank you a lot for joining us; we love you very much, and is it Thursday but?Just right night. (cheering) [music].


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