Fabrics Industry

Fabrics Industry

In the Western fashion industry chain theory, the fabric industry is the most basic element, which left the designer industry and retailers. The Italian textile fabrics developed for the local industry has the creativity of designers to provide technical backing, so that Miuccia Prada, Emenegildo Zenga and other brands in the fabric design to become the trendsetter. In China, most fabrics will still be satisfied as the world’s processing plant, far from lagging behind development of the industry aware of fabrics for the designers to start the development of garment industry as a whole has brought confusion.

 Domestic fabric emboldened enough

 The face of aggressive foreign fabric manufacturers, fabric manufacturer in China because of quality, low-tech, colored varieties become emboldened enough the lack of innovation. China is the textile fabric production and marketing power, but it is far from being the world’s production and marketing power.

 Fabric market in China has the world’s largest capacity. China’s average annual consumption of fabric more than 25 billion meters, a total of 5 billion meters of imports of all kinds of fabric around to high-grade fiber-based products and wool products. Among them, chemical fiber fabrics, mainly from Japan, South Korea imported wool products imported mainly from the European Union. Chinese fabric market can be described as hot, the world’s leading exporter of fabric expansion in China regarded as a center of gravity.

 Domestic fabric quality, reputation and price, compared with developed countries, there is a wide gap between the amount of fabric in order to win export basically at the stage. On the one hand is the fabric output ranked first in the world on the other hand import large quantities of high-grade fabric, this embarrassing situation has been going on for many years. According to insiders, resulting in the root causes of this embarrassing situation is that many fabric manufacturers from state-owned enterprises, transformation, separation from, corporate leadership is more willing to take the sample processing, but are unwilling to invest more money and time to market research and development, not willing to assume greater responsibility for market risk.

 In addition, because the current provider can not be based apparel fabrics or designer’s requests for small quantities of fixed weave and dye products, which makes apparel and designers are more willing to look at those very flexible business model imported fabric. A garment company bosses said: « The quality of clothing, there must be high-quality fabrics, garment enterprises in China that the difficulty with the rest of the world famous enterprises to compete, a fatal weakness is the quality of fabric can not climb. »

 Homogenization and the excess capacity in low-end products, so that fabric manufacturers have to fight low-price competition in the cards. Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta is almost everywhere it has been producing fabric manufacturers do export a lot. As the production capacity, equipment or less the same, the product is almost, in order to sell more products, they can only rely on price cuts to attract customers, so that the profits of the enterprise space getting smaller and smaller, it is difficult to have more money to be used for technical equipment upgrades and research and development of new products. Upstream and downstream enterprises fabric industry, behind lack of communication, indicating China’s clothing industry chain is not complete.

 Impact of information poor development of the industry

 A general lack of domestic fabric and clothing company corporate communication and market demand for rapid response capability. Upstream and downstream industry chain on the gap between business problems still not resolved, Take the fashion designers and fabric enterprises, in both sides do not understand the situation, how to communicate? Fabric companies abroad Like the development of new products each, will allow some fashion designers do get free clothes, and then collect their feedback. Chinese fabric enterprises can also do the same. In fact, China’s fabric companies are making progress every day, but this progress is not being clothing enterprises are aware, in the end because the fabric business will be imitated out fear, or their own lack of brand awareness? Maybe both. In order to eliminate the upstream and downstream enterprises of the « generation gap » is to reconcile the need for a partner. On the other hand, in the context of economic globalization in the information age has come when the company has only to respond quickly to market demands in order to gain an advantageous position in competition.


 First of all, you can emulate the experience of advanced countries such as Italy. Italy’s textile and fabrics industry development and planning, reasonable, well worth learning Chinese. The distribution of the relative concentration of their production company, with strong regional and professionalism. Enterprises with similar products gathered in the same area, such as Como’s silk industrial zone, Biella and Prato wool products processing area, Karl ratio of knitwear production base, while the Tuscany region of Italy leather The origin and distribution center.

 Second, the fabric can be established trading market, to strengthen communication between upstream and downstream industries. Market positioning is not just to the fabric manufacturers to provide a platform for sales, but to build a « two bridges » – to play a complementary advantages of information, put up domestic fabric producers and garment manufacturers intensive and efficient trading bridges; put up an international fabric and trend of development of the industry information and a bridge between the domestic market. The establishment of these markets, you can effectively promote enterprise and garment fabric between the communication and mutual trust and promote mutual learning among enterprises fabric together to improve and ultimately to promote China’s fabric industry, the rapid development of the Chinese garment industry chain more perfect

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