Ez Auction

Ez Auction

Have you been thinking about buying EZ Auction and now want to know more? EZ Auction claims it can teach anyone the secrets to Internet auction success. EZ Auction is 100% a scam and thats a fact.

On their website they claim – 

With EZ Auction, you can make a thousand dollars a day working form home. If you have access to a computer, an internet connection, and basic computer skills, then you could be easily making money right now with EZ Auction.

Now if this was true, everybody would be doing this and we would all be rich.

EZ Auction also claims to work in three simple steps:

Step One: List the Item of your Choice from EZ Auction

Click and choose from over two hundred thousand wholesale products to list on the Internet auction site of your choice. 

Step Two: EZ Auction Supplies

Our suppliers take care of everything, from purchasing, to wharehousing, and even shipping directly to your customers door.

Step Three: You Make Money

When the product sells, the cutomer pays you the sales price, you pay wholesale and keep the profit margin.

Now the above really isnt any secret at all. It’s called Dropshipping and many people do make money with a system like this but it can be done for free. Therefore there is no reason to pay for EZ Auction and pay is about all you’ll be doing.

EZ Auction claims to offer a free trial for only $ 2.29 but here are their terms and conditions. 

By placing my order, I agree to the Terms and Conditions, which explain that I must cancel within 10 days of today to avoid a onetime $ 99.97 value membership program fee and $ 49.97 warehouse membership fee in addition to the $ 4.97 monthly hosting fee. You will be charged on the same card provided today.

So really, if you cannot cancel your order in time, you will be billed over $ 150. Now thats straight up bullshit. Stay far away from free trials and re-bills.

EZ Auction has NOT been featured on CNBC, ABC, CNN, and USA Today like they claim. They have run ads on these networks, at least until these networks realized that EZ Auction was a scam. 

This website DOES NOT sell EZ Auction. In fact we are telling you NOT TO BUY it. But if you already did, here is the number to cancel, 1-877-867-5787.

Do yourself a favor and forget about EZ Auction. If you really want to make money online and have no idea where to begin, I suggest Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks for your time today and I hope I saved you before you bought EZ Auction.

EZ Auction

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