Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurship Courses
Many people dream of opening their own business and establishing themselves through that business. Probably the most popular aspect of starting your own business is the fact that doing so means being your own boss. Thanks to today’s technology gaining an education in entrepreneurship is easy, convenient and just a mouse click away.

Entrepreneurship education online is distinctive and its focus on realization of opportunity can turn a great idea into a successful business. Students are taught to use their passions to earn a profit. Learning to start a small business correctly through education can jump start a healthy, long, and successful business.

There are many sites on the internet that provide free entrepreneurship tutorials and training. Check entrepreneurtraining.com, training-classes.com, and educationcenteronline.org for home study courses and teleseminars for its distance learning entrepreneurship students. These sites offer comprehensive entrepreneurship courses which are geared towards equipping people with the skills and competencies of a successful entrepreneur.

Does this mean we will see a drastic increase in the number of start-ups? No, the studies show this is not the case. Since the 1970’s the number of start-ups has fluctuated very little. This fact brings up many important questions (are entrepreneurs born or made? etc.) that we will not get into here. However, there are many positives to taking courses in entrepreneurship. The Harvard Graduate School of Education found that students who have taken a 50+ hour course in entrepreneurship are more interested in furthering education and career aspirations, feel more control over their lives, and display an increase in leadership behavior.

If you already have a business, you can also study basic entrepreneurship to help you operate your business venture in an efficient and profitable manner. After a basic course in entrepreneurship, you may opt to touch up on entrepreneurial marketing courses. Marketing and advertising are two significant aspects that would enable your business to run smoothly. Marketing courses such as that offered by the University of California-Los Angeles (UCLA) presents an overview of the most pressing marketing challenges that entrepreneurs face today. Throughout the course, you learn how to solve these problems by acquainting yourself with the important elements that make up effective marketing plans.

In an interview in trainingzone.co.uk, education author George Siemens highlights that even before the term « Web 2.0 » (meaning web tools such as social networking sites and blogs etc) there was already a ‘changing relationship between our faculty members and the learners…we found that once the students had access to resources online the framework we (the teachers) had created for them to learn in was less critical.’ It seems that growing incorporation of Web 2.0 technology is seeing a power shift between lecturer and student, where the student now has more governance over their own education – a benefit that has been fully realized by the increasing numbers of learners studying online when and where they want to.

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