Employment Rate

Employment Rate

Since the Global Crisis hits United States and elswhere, profoundly the biggest Economic turning point as a country that depend by other nations trading, seems bleak.As for Third World Country, this crisis really hits the bottom rocks.

Lucky some Third World Country since 1997 crisis has learnt many things how to survive, only political issues becomes obstacle to move forward.

Job seekers around the world with different discipline seriously suffer the impact.You can see the statistic if you browse , even in Middle East Job for Energy sector dropped drastically.The domino effect according to World Bank, is likely can not be predict.

Employer’s  sold their company or acquisition in surviving, and cutting cost edge to downsize structurisations in almost Multi National Company can be found.

Starting from Manufacturing Company, Trading Company, Real Estate Industries,or Advertising Company,when I was in my MBA school 6 years back, we never thought that this crisis will happen.

With assumption Capitalism flourish eleswhere around Globe, Energy Sector according to Department of Energy of each country indicates strong point of increment needs.

We were so abused to it’s condition, never we expect that times fly, globalization rapidly moving in with internet informations, is like there is no boundary betwen country to trade off.

This trigger the opennes market, specially from low price manufacture country to penetrate every market.While slowly people get used the idea of cutting cost.This is snow ball reacting to depressions, where dumping prices is a priority.

Lots of manufacture had to relocate their spot in third world country to stop this influence.Yet the results still unknown, only trial and error internal strategic management.


With this case of study, I am not saying that Sales and Marketing are indispensables, what I am trying to point out if you have skills to sales, you can survive



I believe  other professional background has the same weight.

Like a programmer, web developer, Online Marketing, Celebrities, teachers, fitness trainer, motivational speaker, etc.

But what if you are not among them? this is a question you have to asked to yourselves, how will I survive without working 9-5 job in a company?

I can gave you the solutions right here! But if you don’t like it you have to find a way that you can still worth for something with your skill, as mention earlier

Thank you for reading.And best of luck

writer of marketing strategic

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