Employment Equity

Employment Equity
In todays South Africa, every employer is taxed with the duty of developing, presenting and implementing an Employment Equity plan. This dawns a new era for South African employment, and rather than turning a blind eye to this inevitable process, employers need to address this important aspect of their business head on and purposefully. In theory, this plan will assist in the elimination of unfair workplace discrimination, and will provide a practical way of achieving a fair representation of employees by making use of the appropriate affirmative action measures.

The South African Department of Labour does not expect companies and employers to achieve success blindly with no support, and has therefore released a Code of Good Practice on the Preparation, Implementation and Monitoring of Employment Equity Plans in an effort to offer support to businesses and employers. South African employers should therefore ensure that they are in possession of two of the following documents the User Guide and the Code of Good Practice.

As already stated, there really is no set out format for how the employer sets out to implement his or her plan, and the Act allows free reign for the employers to customize their plans to suit their own unique situation. It is important to remember that this Equity and affirmative action applies to all designated employers, along with their employees and in particular employees of designated groups.

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