Easy and Inexpensive CR System Solutions

Easy and Inexpensive CR System Solutions

A CR, or computed radiography, system provides you the flexibility needed to retrofit your current radiology equipment at the speed and price that is right for your small or medium-sized medical facility. There are several names in CR equipment that are very popular today, and they include Kodak, Fuji and Agfa. Each of these offers several unique benefits, as well as the ease and customization that you have come to expect from a quality CR system.

Computed radiography, which has been available to the medical profession for many years, creates medical digital images through the use of a imaging cassette and scanner. CR processes also allow you to take digital images of patients in a lying or sitting position, as well as the usual standing position, allowing for ease of use and more flexibility for the physician and patient. Once images are in a digital format, they are ready to be viewed, archived and distributed with the speed and cost effectiveness that is only possible in an electronic environment.

Emergency as well as intensive care physicians, orthopedic doctors and pediatricians will find value in the Kodak CR systems that are available, because they can be used as in-room digital medical imaging devices. Kodak CR units are available in three models, including the Kodak CR 120, the Kodak CR 140, and the Kodak CR 260. The Kodak CR systems come with the PC-based workstation and software that you will need, along with a single-plate reader for image acquisition.

Fuji CR solutions offer superior digital imaging in a space-efficient unit. Digital images can be produced in as little as three steps with a Fuji CR unit, and that, plus the ease of customization over the user interface, is a big reason why the Fuji CR is one of the most popular systems on the market today.

If you need a system that can grow with you at a speed that you determine, then you will want to consider the AGFA CR systems available.

Many medical offices choose an AGFA CR unit because it is easy to use as well as easy to maintain, and the AGFA CR hardware and software is perfect for retrofitting the radiography equipment you already have in your medical facility.

You will be pleased with how much work the AGFA, Fuji and Kodak CR systems can help you achieve. You will be able to view and enhance your digital medical images, send and receive those images, and then archive them according to HIPPA standards, all the while making on- and off-site backups of all the many medical digital images produced by your medical facility each day.

In this article Jonathon Blocker writes about Inexpensive CR system Solutions.

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