E-zine Advertising For Affiliate Marketers

E-zine Advertising For Affiliate Marketers

Affiliate marketing is becoming a very popular form of earning money from the internet. It has amazing potential for earnings.

Most people who have tried affiliate marketing have not considered e-zine advertising as a viable method of getting customers. Many new marketers have not even thought of e-zine advertising as a marketing vehicle. This leaves an open door to new customers for you and your products.

Look at e-zines in your niche. Have they been saturated with advertising for your type of products or is there an opportunity for you to find an untapped source of potential customers. If you are in the internet-marketing niche, you will probably find the market saturated and too expensive to break into but there are many niches where marketing techniques are not commonly known and you may have a goldmine at your fingertips. When advertising in e-zines, you need a very distinctive ad or it will be lost in with the rest. It may be worth paying extra for a single ad. Make sure you have a thoroughly tested, high converting ad, before you pay for advertising.

There are free methods of advertising, for example, free classified ads, where you can test the effectiveness of your ad before you start to pay to have it advertised. You will be throwing away your money if you don’t test first.

Some e-zines will publish articles or letters if you have something relevant to their subject. You can usually ad an author’s by-line with your link to your submission. This is a form of free advertising you may find effective. Keep your eyes open for less than obvious opportunities and you will have an edge on your competitors.

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