Being one of the newest forms of marketing, E-marketing provides many chances to keep in touch with your existing customers and find new potential ones. It is also opens a new channel for improving sales through the internet. So what is e-marketing? E-marketing can be defined as the use of internet technology to build close relationships with customers, suppliers and staff, improving productivity and finding new ways to add value to those you do business with.



Not only can you communicate and interact with your customers but you can send specific messages that target their issues. This more personalised method of communicating what you are offering and the benefits of doing business with you helps to increase customer retention and customer satisfaction.



By the use of opt in lists you can target specific offers to groups of prospects. By tightly focusing specific messages to these groups a more cost effective campaign can bring significant savings and improved return.



Online suppliers can be significantly cheaper than their offline rivals. It is usually simpler to deal with these suppliers and more information on products, services and process and delivery is available at the touch of a button. This exemplary level of service ensures quality customer relationships.


Staff and Partners

Many companies have third party sales and distribution channels.

Communication between these parties has always been difficult but e-marketing allows them to become a key part of the business. These channels receive more information about you, your business and what you want of them. This in turn improves morale and performances of both staff and channels are significantly improved.


Many SMEs think that e-marketing is only about having a website and possibly having some form of shopping cart enabled. However while this is part of e-marketing it is certainly not the whole picture. As with all marketing it is the balance of the different elements of the marketing mix that any campaign needs. So using emailed newsletters to drive visitors to the site to purchase, that site having been optimised for the right keywords is a much better approach. None of this is expensive and the results can be extremely good.


Typical e-marketing programmes are designed to do the following


Manage your e-marketing campaign
Improve marketing response rates
Capture website visitors email details for inclusion on your database
Develop tailored offers to your customers
Design and write newsletters or e-zines
Build opt-in lists
Integrate email with other marketing
Monitor and report on performance including click throughs
Keep you abreast of the latest data protection and anti-spam legislation and trends
Drive traffic to your website.
Supply lists of contacts for your target markets.

Using the latest techniques highly practical, cost effective and relevant campaigns which could include a series of newsletters and announcements designed to get your customers doing business with you can be achieved increasing your sales and profitability.


Having started working life as an engineer, I quickly moved into sales (yes the car and expense account persuaded me!) I specialised in sales of technical control products and moved through the ranks to become sales and marketing director of a large overseas company. During that period we inplemented a unique and advanced sales strategy which allowed us to measure the effectiveness of the quality of our commercial relationships with different types of customers. This led on to implementing some KPI’s which were highly effective in deliverying the results needed. For the last few years I have been helping a range of SMEs to grow and develop their businesses. In addition to helping them develop their business strategies and their marketing plans I also implement the action plans that result. I am currently engaged in developing new areas of emarketing that can be applied to small businesses. On the personal front I enjoy watching Rugby and am a keen supporter of Leicester Tigers. I also enjoy good wine and dining out with our friends. I have also just become a JP (Magistrate) and therefore do not have time for much else!

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