Shopping has become an everyday activity for each one of us. Buying and selling is a day-to-day activity nowadays and this is one part of outflow of money that can never come to a halt. None of us can survive without shopping. No one has time to go to the stores and take time to choose and then purchase. In order to make this ordeal easier, the concept of E-Commerce has become a boon to the human race.

E-commerce in a layman’s language is online shopping or shopping over the Internet. This has made easier for us to shop from home or office or from any part of the world. This saves up the time of driving to the store, parking your car, choosing the things and finally paying for the shopping and driving back home. Nowadays everything is sold online and delivered at your address. One can easily choose the size and from the different variety and this also saves up the trouble of coming back again if the product is not available since whatever is available will be right there on your screen.

This type of trade has become exceptionally popular due to an everyday use of Internet and laptops. There are two types of E-commerce, one of that takes place between businesses, which is referred, as business-to-business or B2B and the other one is that takes place between businesses and consumers, which is referred as business to consumer, or B2C. Companies like Flipkart and snapdeal conduct this type of trade and have led to introduction of few more in this competitive world. The growing market of E-commerce has affected few other industries like travel agencies where one can book their travel itinerary while sitting at home and the bookshops since one can buy books online and read them online.

Companies dealing with E commerce need to be aware of the expectations of the consumers in the countries where they are interested in expanding.

One of the advantages to customers is that they can review the shopping history in the same website.

With the wide range of online shopping websites, one can compare prices and choose the best option out of too many.

A very known Indian online website called flipkart started off really well but has been receiving a lot of complaints recently due to its poor service. Many people have complaints regarding delayed shipment, damaged goods, goods not delivered neither is the money returned. This kind of service can harm the brand name. Poor service like this can just lead to angry and dissatisfied customers, which will soon lead to an end to the company.

Snapdeal- one of the similar shopping forum has made many of its customers angry and dissatisfied. Many complain that the products are not delivered after making the payment by the debit or the credit card. And no body responds to the complaints and makes false promises.

A company stays in the competition only if it keeps its customers happy and that solely depends on the service.

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