Dugi’s Professions Guide

Dugi’s Professions Guide

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Dugi’s In-Game 1 – 450 Profession Guides

In-Game Guides For ALL Professions

Again Dugi’s Guide™ brings you the most innovative guides to save your time and gold, our In-Game Profession Guide is 100% unique because you can access it directly inside your Game!

The First In-Game 1-450 Profession Guide
Alchemy 1 – 450  
First Aid 1 – 450
Leatherworking 1 – 450
Blacksmithing 1 – 450
Fishing 1 – 450
Lockpicking 1 – 375
Cooking 1 – 450
Herbalism 1 – 450
Mining 1 – 450
Enchanting 1 – 450
Inscription 1 – 450
Tailoring 1 – 450
Engineering 1 – 450
Jewelcrafting 1 – 450
Skinning 1 – 450
No More Alt Tabbing

Profession Guide Instantly Available In-Game

No more procrastination, with an in-game profession guide you will be more motivated to finally level all your professions including Cooking and Fishing
Automatic Profession Skill Level Detection

We have added a unique feature in our to detect your character’s profession level and the guide will instantly sync with your character and automatically progress as you level up your profession.

Best Gathering Route

Follow our gathering route to level your Herbalism or Mining profession is easier to than ever with our Ant Trail feature.

Ant Trail Gathering Route Includes Updates For Cataclysm

Free Cataclysm updates for Achievement & Profession guide, will be included for every purchase.

The Achievement & Profession guides are designed as an expansion for our Dailies & Events  guide. The Achievement guides cover reputation guide for older Classic and Burning Crusade content, while the Dailies & Events guide only focused on WOTLK pre-quests and and Dailies, The reputation guides will also cover extra quest will provide reputation for that faction, but for some repeatable and daily questing will be required for you to complete to get to up to Exalted status.

Cataclysm Updates for the Achievement & Profession guides will be included for free as soon as we can.

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