Crucial Job Search Steps

Crucial Job Search Steps

The job search process is a series of actions that has one goal which is to find employment. Through every step of your search you must keep in mind how am I being perceived, and am I being positive. It begins with your resume format and content. Then there the all important in person interview, which can make a difference! Job searching is no time to cut corners because this is when you are under a microscope by employers and there hiring management. There are four times in the job search process that I feel are areas where you need to spend the most time. I have listed these areas in the order in which they occur.

1. Your Resume- The purpose of the resume is to showcases your skills, experience and achievements. View your resume as a door opener, which is a marketing document designed to get you a in person interview. Dont think the resume is not important, because if you cant get past this step the hiring process will stop here for you! With so many people unemployed can you imagine how many resumes are received for each job opening?
2. The Introduction- When you are introduced to the person(s) interviewing start with solid eye contact and firm hand shakes that demonstrate confidence. Show the interviewer a letter of introduction if you have one that speaks to your past performance or personal character.
3. The Interview- Treat each person you meet, not just the interviewer, professionally and friendly. Show courteous behavior in each thing that you do. Do your research on the company and the position your applying for, so that you speak to the value you bring to an organization, while conveying a image of your ability, confidence, and professionalism. Your body language is very important to interviewers so be mindful of what your doing. Remember all questions the interview asks are there to discover something about you. Be prepared with thoughtful questions of your own that convey interest in the company. You want to demonstrate that your abilities will have a positive influence on the company.
Utilize these points when discussing prior successes.
Challenge you faced
Actions you took
Results you achieved

4. The Follow-Up- Make sure you get the names of the people you talk with so that all attempts to send follow up emails or cards are accurate. Following up and tell people your interested in the job and for what reason.
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David Claeys is the author of this article and author of « A Job Seeker’s Guide’ that can be found at David has been providing advice, assistance and encouragment to candidates in their job search efforts for more than two decades. Currently he is the CEO of a staffing firm in Southern California.

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