Creating a Dynamic Resume-CV

Creating a Dynamic Resume-CV
Almost people who are looing for a job know about the imporatance of a resume, however, not many of they maybe know the exact definition of a sample resume.


A sample resume is nothing but an exact replica of the original document an the same gives an overall idea to a resume writer about the various set of things to be added and avoided in his/her original resume format.


Here, we will lay out the exact replica of a computer consultant resume.


The following sample resume shall help you build your own resume find you a suitable job for the post of a computer consultant, comprehensively.


Prakash Narang
405, Radiant Hill View,
NIBM Road, Kondhwa (BK),
Pune- 411 048, Maharashtra, India.



I have more than 30 years experience of designing, developing, writing and installing computer software, spread over different companies in the tenure for their educational, vocational and financial liabilities of programs, databases, toolkits. I am fluent and believe in the sincerity of the work assigned and more importantly trust being a team player than an individual performer.


Experience Track

Computer consultant and programmer (2008-Present)


New technology limited


Responsibilities- to develop various set of programs for the companies in the diverse attributes of various packages like project management, HTML, SQL, JAVASCRIPT, C AND C++, etc.


Programmer consultant (2006-2008)
Innovative software Inc
Responsibilities- Developing programs for financial products.
Consultant (2002-2006)
HDFC Bank, Pune


Responsibilities- Programming and designing for d-base and r-base programs for B-LAN to personalize and computerize the process of data entry, making reports of various dimensions and also print the letter of commitment for mortgage applied to within the HDFC bank premises.

My work decreased a turnaround time for producing mortgage commitment letters and removal of the higher quoted pricing for the pre-printed document.



OS: Windows 98/2000/NT, Unix (, BSD, Solaris, Linux)

Lang: PHP, Perl, SQL (Sybase, MySQL, SQL Server), DHTML, CSS, XML, SSI, JavaScript, MS Visual C++, Java, MFC and Win32 API

Applications: Apache Web server, PVCS, Netscape Enterprise Server, Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, Microsoft Word, Excel.



• MCA from Pune University in first class with distinction

• B.SC Computer Science from Bangalore University in first class

• Diploma in Music from Allahabad University



The above mentioned sample resume for a computer consultant resume is a traditional one and is looked upon mostly for most of the occasions. There are various sample computer consultant resume available over the internet a perspective job seeker may look forward to explore areas of resume for computer consultant diversely.


The above sample of computer consultant resume is an accepted mode of resume writing in the subjective field. One cam also has a look around the numerous books of resume where example of computer consultant resume is curved out and these computer consultant resume example will surely give you an overall idea of going around effectively for the same.


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