Copywriting Collaborations

Copywriting Collaborations

How can you increase the likelihood of smooth copywriting collaboration? Your experience can be rocky. Or it can be smooth. How things turn out will depend on dual effort. Your preparation plays a role and the copywriters organization and flexibility plays the other role. Ease collaborations by doing the following:

First, know what you want. Knowing what you want involves considering what you want your copy to do or achieve, such as:
• Create leads
• Get new orders
• Build product awareness, or
• Deliver product information
Knowing this will help the copywriter structure the copy according to certain guidelines.

Second, provide background. Giving the writer sufficient background will cut the research effort in half. It will make writing your copy with pure skill a dead on target. Having this information will make it easier for him or her to highlight to your products key benefits and features. Without emphasizing key features and benefits your ad will be weak.

Old and current product information to give your copywriter includes, but is not limited to:
• Brochures
• Demos
• Flyers
• Catalogs
• Sales letters
• Reports
• Product specifications
• Sell sheets
• Web pages, and
• White papers

Next, prepare in advance. Advanced preparation is privy to timely success. Preparation will cut down on copywriting expenses. When you prepare you save time and increase the quality of your copy jobs.

Next, ask questions. Be ready to ask questions about samples. What you want matters the most. So ask questions to get your copy needs met.

Next, answer questions.

Copywriting is an involved process. Be open to asking questions. A copywriter may need to ask questions to clarify your goals and other information. To get good work be cooperative.

Finally, give your input. Your opinion and ideas play a central role. Get in the habit of studying competitors and non-competitors copy. This will give you the tools you need to converse on copy ideas and concepts. You will learn to distinguish between good copy and bad copy, tight copy and loose copy, dry copy and exciting copy, copy that sells and copy that bores.

Collaborating with copywriters shouldn’t be a chore. It should be exciting. Make your ride exhilarating and insightful by knowing your copy goals and preparing in advance.

Leigh Goodwin, MBA
Writing & Publishing Consultant

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