Commodity Tips,

Commodity Tips,

Commodity market s is markets where raw & primary product is exchanged.These raw commodities are traded on regulated commodities exchanges in which
They are bought & sold in standardized contracts.

This article focus on the history and current debates regarding global commodity Markets. It covers physical product market but not the way of this service, including.
Those of governments, nor investment, nor debt, can be seen as commodity.Article on reinsurance market, stock market, bond market and currency market
Cover those concerns separately and in more depth .One focus on this article is The relationship between simple commodity money and the more complex instruments
Offered in the commodity markets.A commodity is a good for which there is demand, but which is supplied without qualitative Differentiation a across a market .
A commodity has full or partial fungibilty that, is the market Treats it is equivalent or nearly so no matter who produces it .Example are petroleum, gas and copper.
As you know the price of silver is universal, and fluctuatesdaily based on global supply and demand.Stereo systems, on the other hand, have a many aspect of product
differentiation, such as the brand,The user interface, the perceived quality etc. And the more stereo is perceived to be, the more it will Cost.

In contrast, one of the characteristics of a commodity good is that its price is determined as a function of its market as whole. Commodity market is part of stock market
or share market .under the stock market We take whole market like equity tips, share tips and other. Mainly Share market or stock market focus Bombay stock exchange and national
stock exchange both are have excellent role of share market.

Share market well-established physical commodity has active trade spot and derivative market.Generally these basic resources and agriculture product such as iron ore, crude oil coal,
salt sugar coffee, Soybeans, aluminum, copper rice, wheat gold silver etc.The trading of commodities consists of direct physical trading and derivatives trading.

Exchange traded.
Commodities have seen an upturn in the volume of trading since the start of the decade. This was largely a result of the growing attraction of commodities as an asset class and a Proliferation of
commodities an as asset class and a proliferation of investment options .

Which has made it easier to access this market?

Commodity trader s have enjoyed s favorable tax treatment since 1981.Commodities Futures contracts are taxed as short-term gains and 40 percent of the gain are taxed
As short –term gains. This may change as new tax proposal may eliminate this favorable Tax treatment for 2010.The initial 2010 revenue proposal from U.S. Treasury seeks to eliminate the long standing
Tax breaks that many commodity trader enjoy. However, this proposal only targets future dealers And not the retail traders. This may be considered good news for normal commodity traders,But it may only be
a matter of time before the Obama administration also comes for the retail trader.

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