Classic Timepieces Par Excellence From Cartier

Classic Timepieces Par Excellence From Cartier


Cartier is a pioneering company in the market for wristwatches. Patek Phillippe developed the first wristwatches in the year of 1868 and later in 1904 Louis Cartier made his entry into the field developing the first Cartier watches. These watches instantly became a craze among men and slowly but surely replaced the trend for pocket watches. Legend has it that a Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont first solicited Louis Cartier to develop a suitable watch for pilots on airplanes. Pocket watches were extremely inconvenient because Pilots usually had both their hands engaged in operating the airplane controls and also because they had a tendency to drop out of pockets. Cartier created the first wristwatch and called it Santos and it went into production by the year 1911.

One of the primary reasons behind the wild craze for Cartier watches is due to the quality, elegance, and durability of the watches they produce. Beginning in the early 1900s till date the company’s dignity lies in the fact that they have never compromised on quality and has reputation as the forerunner in the field of production and commercialisation of wristwatches. The most exclusive range of Cartier watches include the Cartier Ballon Bleu watches, the Pasha de Cartier line, Santos de Cartier, and the Ligne 21 de Cartier. The watches come studded with a variety of precious stones and are made of platinum, gold or steel & titanium. The watches are also made of precise Swiss movement technology from companies, like Movado and Vacheron Constantin, and are a class in themselves.

The Calibre watch from Cartier is a reflection of the ultimate in boldness, brilliance, and innovativeness. This exquisite timepiece features a mechanical self-winding movement developed by the company and bears testimony to the effort the company puts in to develop first-rate movement technology based on their rich knowledge amassed over years of persistent and exhaustive research. The Cartier Calibre is an idiosyncratic watch that combines durability with finesse and challenges the best designs in round watches ever made in the world.

Cartier also manufactures a collection of women’s watches par excellence. These watches are studded with diamonds and decked with gold to make them some of the most exquisite and sought after fashion items available in the world. A lot of people go for the counterfeit Cartier watches and it’s a really pity, because fakes can never come anywhere near these brilliant masterpieces. The Cartier Tank American ladies eighteen carat gold watch is a stunner and is called the golden wonder not for nothing. With an elongated face carved out of eighteen carat gold and a bracelet of the same material the watch is really for those who like to stand out of the crowd. The white dial and black Roman numeral marks add to the subtle beauty of the watch. It is one of the more expensive watches manufactured by the company and comes for an approximate thirteen thousand dollars. The Cartier Tank Francaise Two Toned Steel/18 Carat Watch on the other hand features a surface with interplay of the finest stainless steel and eighteen carat gold to create a stunning beauty that classic and inimitable. The watch has a white dial, black roman numerals on the dial, and a blue sapphire crystal on top of the crown.



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