Book Review: ICEWINE by R.R. Bruno

Book Review: ICEWINE by R.R. Bruno

Prepare for a thrill as ICEWINE, by R.R. Bruno, takes you on an adventure that includes elements of history & world travel, mystery, exotic cuisine & wine, and Europe, which is Bruno’s native country. ICEWINE, with a ride-of-your-life pace, proceeds from one adventure to the next as the unrelenting plot unfolds, Dan Brown style-providing a similar electric atmosphere, with a distinctive historical backdrop. More than anything else, readers will become as instantly enamored with the main character, Alex James, as they were with Robert Langdon in The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and The Lost Symbol.

R.R. Bruno’s use of detail and descriptions ignite the senses as the setting moves readers seamlessly from WWII Nazi Germany, where Hermann Goring, second in command under Adolf Hitler, describes his 1939 Felinger ICEWINE as “drinking sunlight,” forward to London’s Bailey’s Auction House in the year 2009.

The plot revolves around a rare ICEWINE, defined as a unique wine that can only be produced when grapes freeze on the vine. Initially, the story depicts Goring’s love for ICEWINE. Unfortunately, Hermann Goring commits suicide in his quest for freedom, and with his death, the location of the ICEWINE also perishes, until the story fast forwards to Bailey’s Auction House. The main character, Alex James, is the owner of a boutique hotel, mere blocks from the auction house. He has an affinity for the auction house because “it reminded him of what London once was and of his uncle who loved everything old. The auction house pointed to a time that no longer existed, a time that seemed better and less frantic.”

James is also a reputed freelance writer and has been published in major publications throughout Europe.

Ahmed, a wealthy Egyptian philanthropist-with a towering 6’4″ frame-and the stunning Angelica, James’ girlfriend, round out the main characters and are a part of James’ adventurous journey.

When James places the winning bid on the 1939 ICEWINE, he and his cohorts acquire more than a rare bottle of wine. It seems that they have inadvertently discovered a microfilm containing a code leading to a clue to Goring’s fortune. The group is able to crack the code, setting off a cross-country search for hidden treasure in Europe. What James and friends do not know is that there is a group of Nazi-killers who are after the ICEWINE-and they will not rest until they have it.

Overall, this is an absolute must read, with a climactic confrontation comparable to that of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code and Michael Crichton’s Timeline. The energy and cinematic feel of ICEWINE will have readers casting characters as they eagerly devour this relentless tale to the very end. For all those interested, Alex James’ adventures continue, this time in R.R. Bruno’s upcoming FRENCH WINE.

To learn more about this author, visit ICEWINE.

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