Body Stocking – Fishnet Stockings – Wholesale Body Stockings

Body Stocking – Fishnet Stockings – Wholesale Body Stockings
This multi -use garment hugs the body, and is usually crafted of a sheer material. Many people think that a body stocking is just another term used to describe a leotard. Though body stockings are made in a similar manner, this is where the resemblance ends. A body stocking is thought of as a type of lingerie, while a leotard is most commonly used at a dance or exercise class. The classic body stocking is generally worn during the winter, and can take the place of stockings, underwear, and a sweater for those who seek warmth in cold weather.

Some will call a body stocking a unitard. This is a better explanation for what this garment really is. A unitard is similar to a body stocking in that it is a one-piece garment that has and long legs. A body stocking can have short or long sleeves, while a unitard usually is styled with long sleeves. The difference in the two garments is basically that a body stocking is generally worn underneath the clothing, while a unitard is worn as the sole item of clothing. Catsuits are similar to the body stocking and unitard. The only difference is the type of material that the garment is made from. Catsuits are generally constructed of leather, PVC, or latex.

Sheer body stockings and opaque body stockings fabrics are probably the most popular for making the body stocking, with fishnet body stockings fabric a close second. This type of fabric has an open weave shaped like small diamonds. A variation of the fishnet fabric that is commonly used in these body stocking styles is known as fence net and industrial net. As with other types of erotic lingerie, the plus size ladies have not been left out. Plus size body stockings are available for these lovelies in every description. While the availability of plus size body stockings variety may be lacking in your local brick and mortar lingerie shop, you will discover a wealth of them at erotic lingerie shops online.

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