AdClickXpress New System To Win Money Easily

AdclickXpress is a case in Multilingual and Multi exploding on the net right now and it is Important to take place quickly.

What AdclickXpress  ?
It is a new generation system easy to earn money online.
Added to a system of promotion for your personal deals or affiliations.

You can even, if you want to start free because the site gives you your first pack Advertising to test the site.

As stated above, your first advertising Pack (value = $ 10) you are offered with 200 Clicks Unique visitors to your site.
Promotion of sites is available for 3 business you offer and all must be in English.

After your Free acquisition or purchase of packs, you must watch every day a number of sites on the viewer in relation to the number of your assets to earn commissions packs.

The explanation for details on viewing sites is lower.

The remuneration is 2% for weekdays and 1% for the weekend days.

small example : If you 10 advertising packages, you Earn $ 2 day of the week and $ 1 day of the weekend and of course after winning $ 10, you can buy a new pack that swells to turn your winnings Daily and the more quickly with each new batch added to your advertising packs pack.

Your plans have rates capped at 150% for the viability of the concept and its sustainability and go up to $ 15 each, but do not stop there as long as they then go into what is called a panel allowing your pack advertising to bring you $ 60 once the panel is filled.

These panels are not yet active for the moment because the company is still too recent but will be in due time. Later probably we will add additional information to the above help.

Talk Now Sponsorship
The sponsorship is not required at all, but recommended to make more money and it can be very interesting.

Henceforth you are sponsoring a godchild, it is placed on your first level.

  • Then you earn 10% on new investments advertising packages below those in actual purchase.
  • you earn 5% on reinvested earnings obtained by Grace Paid before their real purchasing packs.
    And if Your Referrals (note motivate) Find of them as referrals, you earn:

    • 5% on new investments (purchase advertising packs) of their downline with them.
    • and 2.5% reinvestment by gains through their packs paid actual purchase.
      The first pack is free advertising, this one gives no gain unlike any other, were then paid directly or paid by your own earnings
      All those out there so you relate a commission.

Important Information
$ 10 Offered are a gift to understand and get started at no cost in the system but will be resumed soon your 1st gains of $ 10.

This advertising package will work just like any other but that earn you $ 5 of that fact.

It has helped you understand the system you decide whether or not to invest in promotional packs.


Payment Processor Site






What once Joined Everyday?
You log on to the course website, go your Dashboard click My Traffic Exchange , and go on View Ads in the middle of the page.

The viewer is set to 10 seconds added to by member sites, you can decide whether to continue or stop the sight of sites, but it is necessary to see the number of sites in relation to the number of packs you active advertising which have the following table and scale.

Ad Pack (s) active

Number of sites to visit:

1 to 3


4 to 20


21 to 100


101 to 500


From 501 to 1000


From 1001 and more



Now to add your own sites and use your advertising packs, it’s simple.

In your Dashboard on the left, click My traffic exchange then simply click on Add Url .

To do what we know and do the same business, you will find many nice tools to discover.

Pour marque-pages : Permaliens.

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